Animal Welfare Organizations Around the World

Animal Welfare Organizations in the World: In a world where reports of animal cruelty abound, it can get daunting sometimes to even imagine that not everything is dark and twisted. That is indeed both – the beauty and the curse of humankind. We have both good and bad people.


In a world where baby rabbits are tortured, there are other kinds of people too who have built a community worldwide to protect animals and look out for their welfare. Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing organizations worldwide doing phenomenal work for the cause of Animals.

Animal Welfare Organizations in the World

Here is the list of animal welfare organizations with a brief explanation:

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

Formerly called as the – Office International des Epizooties (OIE), The World Organization for Animal Health is an intergovernmental organization of 182 countries dedicated to improving animal health worldwide. Its motto is – Protecting Animals, preserving our future.

OIE’s strategy is to develop international standards for the welfare of animals through consulting its members and other stakeholders. It also aims to do capacity building of veterinary services and improve communications worldwide while raising awareness about the cause of animals.

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Humane Society International

Humane Society International is an arm of Humane Society United States. Being founded in 1954, it’s a leading force for the cause of animals.

A non-profit charitable organization, Humane society international has a membership of more than 10 million people. They work around the globe to strengthen the human-animal bond. They rescue and protect cats and dogs and work towards the improvement of farm animal welfare. Not just this, they also respond to natural disasters and rescue animals during such situations.

They address animal issues across borders. HIS works with multiple stakeholders to find solutions to animal issues that are long-term and culturally sound.

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International Fund for Animal Welfare

Starting in 1969, IFAW was founded by Brian Davies to stop the commercial hunting of seals. They fought this battle in the US, and over time this organization spread its wings and today has a worldwide presence.

Today, it works towards stopping the commercial exploitation of wild animals by protecting their habitats and assisting animals in distress. It seeks to motivate people to work towards animal welfare and stop animal cruelty.

The four guiding pillars of IFAW’s approach towards animal welfare is:

  1. Protecting Marine Mammals
  2. Safeguarding Wildlife
  3. Caring for Cats and Dogs
  4. Emergency hands-on help

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Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was found in 1824 and is the oldest animal charity in the UK.

Based in England, works towards ending the suffering of all animals by promoting kindness towards them and is trying to prevent cruelty towards all animals. Its website has an enormous collection of statistics on the subject matter.

It also has inspectors that play a big role in enforcing legislation related to animal welfare. It is based in Central Europe primarily but also has operations in more than 50 countries worldwide.

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

Also known as World Animal Protection, it was founded in 1984 in New York, United States. Its Vision is: A world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended. It’s a non-profit organization that exists to work with peoples, organizations, and animals themselves to tackle cruelty against animals across the globe.

Their core areas of focus are:

  1. Farm animals;
  2. Animals in disaster zones;
  3. Companion animals and working equines;
  4. Wildlife.

They also campaign and try and bring the most pressing animal issues to light. Having a consultative status at the Council of Europe, they work in partnership with national governments, the United Nations, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Organization for Animal Health.

Compassion In World Farming

Founded by a dairy farmer – Mr. Peter Roberts, in 1967, The Compassion in world farming is a Non- Governmental Organization. It has peaceful campaigns for the humane treatment of farm animals.

It works against certain methods of slaughter and is a strong voice against the live export of animals. It has received accolades from various celebrities and BBC Radio for its work.

Having a solid record in research, education, and lobbying, it has played a key role in achieving the phasing out of damaging livestock production systems, e.g., the keeping of calves in narrow crates for veal.

(“To know more, check their website here.”)

Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU)

This is an Indian Ngo that runs a hospital for injured street animals and also provides an emergency rescue service. Founded in 2002 by Erika, Jim, and Claire Abrams Myers from the USA, this NGO has a whopping 4.9 million YouTube followers.

They have used social media proactively to raise people’s consciousness towards the cause of Animal welfare.

Activists for Animals Africa

Founded in 2011, this is a South Africa-based organization of people immensely passionate about animal welfare. They cover a variety of issues in their campaigns ranging from poaching of wild animals to factory farming and trading in fur.

They follow a tactic inculcating three pillars:

  1. Bring stringent legislative prohibiting cruelty to animals through lobbying
  2. Using the tools of protests and boycotts to bring the attention of the public and media towards their cause.
  3. Instill kindness towards animals as a way of life by including it as part of the academic curriculum.

(“Their website is –”)

Centre for Animals and Social Justice

It is a British think tank dedicated to producing research within the domain of Politics to understand the legal and social position of animals. They aim to dismantle some of our inherent obstacles to understanding the cause of Animals.

It was founded by Dr. Dan Lyons and Angela Roberts in 2011 – Two of Britain’s leading animal advocates. They aim to produce literature that allows us to better understand the politics of animal protection. Since the primary role in ensuring animal welfare is of governments, this understanding becomes crucial.

(Check their website here.)

People for Animals (PFA)

Founded by the environmentalist and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi, PFA works with organizations around the world to build a strong narrative towards animal welfare.

It has a network of 26 hospitals, 165 units, 60 mobile units, and 2.5 Lakh members.

They run shelters, hospitals, and rescue animals in need of care and protection. They believe that Compassion without action is EVIL, and that strikes a chord with anybody who feels for the cause of Animals.

(Their website –


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Our present world is a cacophony of issues that need immediate attention. Animal Welfare is one such cause, and it can’t be left entirely for governments to work upon.

Organizations like these helps fill the void and aid their country as well as the world in making the reality of an animal cruelty-free world a little less far-fetched. Let us keep learning more about the work they do and also contribute to their mission in whichever way we can.

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