Animals Essay for Kids from Classes 3 to 6

Best Essay on Animals for Children

Animals essay for kids is an excellent opportunity for the students of classes 3rd to 6th. Children who are looking for an in-depth essay can take help from this article. This animal essay has been written, keeping in mind the understanding level of kids, so it will be easy to understand and read.


So, if you’re reading this article, you might want to learn about animals, or your teacher might ask you to write an essay about animals. And you’re anxious about how to write that. Don’t worry! We got your back. By the end of this article, you will be ready to write an incredible essay about animals.

Essay on Animals – Introduction

Animals are the unavoidable living in the world. But we human beings are not caring about animals or birds. We are not caring about its goodness, are we? The answer is a big NO. Rather than caring and protecting its grace and beauty, we are always busy planning on how to destroy the animals and earn dollars using their body parts.

In this essay, you will learn about:

  1. How are animals crucial in the food chain?
  2. How animals help in lessening the mental pressure of human beings?
  3. What are the commodities animals providing to human society?
  4. How animals are getting impacted by people’s negligence?
  5. How we can preserve the animals from getting implicated?
  6. Conclusion of the essay.

How Are Animals Important in The Food Chain?

(Kids can focus and highlights important points from the food chain in the essay competition or examination to gain extra marks)

The food chain relates to the transfer of energy and matter from one organism to the other. Animals are a major part of the food chain. In the chain of food, if one animal got demolished, it will influence not only animals but also the entire living organism, including human beings.

The beginning of the food chain always starts with plants and verges with animals. We human beings need food for survival right, likewise, animals too require the same.

The food chain encompasses primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, Quaternary consumers, decomposers.

  • In the primary producer, the plants and algae generate their food from the assistance of decomposers along with sunlight and water.
  • In secondary consumers, animals like herbivores i.e. Cow, deer, elephants, etc., take food from primary consumers, i.e., plants and algae.
  • Tertiary consumers like snakes, foxes, raccoons eat primary consumers, i.e., rabbit and deer.
  • Quaternary consumers like sharks, polar bears, etc., eat animals in the tertiary consumer.
  • Decomposers are the extinct animals and birds that play a meaningful part in producing energy for plant expansion.

So, animals play a critical and necessary role in the food chain. If one animal in the food chain gets eradicated, the entire food chain gets slumped.

How Animals Helps in Reducing the Mental Stress of Human Beings?

(Students will write the below points in the essay to connect emotionally with the animals and also help the teacher to understand the importance of animals)

Essay on Animals for kids

You may think about how animals assist in the mental health of humans? 30 years ago, Purdue University’s Psychologist “Alan Beck” and the University of Pennsylvania’s Psychiatrist “Aaron catcher” executed exploration. They experimented with ‘how dogs aid or contribute to human health’ and they found out that it soothed the tensed muscles and helps in breathing regularly.

For people who are undergoing anxiety and stress, petting will help them in such a way that their stress hormones [cortisol] will get curtailed. The happiness hormones of humans will boost while playing and laughing at the cute tantrums of pets. Science said that dogs help in quieting the disturbed child.

Our pets make us feel pleased, vital and reduce our self-doubt. Many pet keepers treat pets like their family members because it gives them their craved love and attention.

Dr. Ann Berger, a physician, based in Maryland, said that dogs could make people adored. So, the science itself substantiated that animals and pets help in facilitating good integrity in humans as well as build great mental health.

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How Are Animals Getting Affected by People’s Carelessness?

(The below points will help students and kids to go in-depth of the animal essay by writing facts and figures of past incidents)

We could see how animals are giving us pure love and care. Are we giving back at least a single percent of goodness? No. we are not. Instead of alleviating it, we are confining it. We are making their lives too prohibited.

Due to drunken driving, people are slaying the poor animals wandering on the road. Due to smoking, people are contaminating the air; And that air will change into animals and birds Yama. We are killing the home of animals by deforestation. We are killing animals to save treasures.

Some animals are caged under the name of the exhibition and zoo. People are earning millions by caging the poor animals.

Dereck Joubert, a wildlife researcher, said that 50 years ago, Africa was composed of more than 4,50,000 lions. But now Africa comprises only 20,000 lions. 4 to 5 lions are getting slain every day. Africans are killing about 5000 leopards each year. Five decades back, Africa had 5,00,000 leopards, but now only 50,000 are remaining.

Not only lions and leopards are in trouble but also elephants, rhinos, sharks, lemurs, orangutans are also in trouble. People are eradicating those animals for their good.

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What are the commodities animals providing to human society?

Animals are giving us more without taking anything from us:

  • Domestic animals like cows, sheep, etc., provide us with meat, milk, etc. Birds like a hen, giving us meat, eggs.
  • Animals are a greater source of food. In the olden days, tribes used to forage wild animals and eat them.
  • Not only food, but it also gives us clothes. We are taking the fur of sheep to make a dress for winter.
  • Elephant’s trunk costs millions. So, people are killing the elephant and taking the trunk to become a millionaire. We need to stop that.
  • Animals help in alleviating/reducing health issues. It helps us in making medicine.

How Can We Protect Animals?

There are many ways we can protect beautiful and advantageous animals and pets.

  1. Don’t give any animal like dog and cat as a gift to your loved ones. It encompasses the autonomy of those animals.
  2. Report the vitriol (abuse) of animals in your local police station. If someone is causing pain to an animal in the name of gratification (pleasure), report them.
  3. Slow down while driving and avoid the intemperate drive. Make sure no animals are slumbering or wandering the roads.
  4. If someone is organizing any awareness program about wildlife, participate in that. Give your part.
  5. Post awareness messages on social media.
  6. Make your home and garden wildlife-friendly. Don’t shove birds and animals from your house.
  7. Protect endangered species by nurturing people and make awareness among them.
  8. Stop corrupting the environment.
  9. Help in defending the animal canopies near your home.
  10. Help the birds and animals by furnishing milk, or rice, if it sits on your patio or near your main gate.

Conclusion of Animals Essay

You read about how animals are helping us, but how we are disturbing them by our dereliction and greed. It is our responsibility to safeguard and help the animals and endangered ancestry. So, you can infer the above ways to conserve the animals and birds.

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