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Earth Day 2020 – Theme, Date, and Environmental Events

Here we will discuss about Earth day 2020, its theme, events, and how to take part in this global event.

Earth Day 2020 – Theme, History, and motivation to fight climate change

Earth Day 2020, another year to take an oath for environmental protection and to make a pollution-free clean atmosphere to breathe in. On Earth Day 2020, go outside for morning walk to experience fresh air, plant trees, and spend some time in the lap of nature, No matter what is the weather outside?

Earth Day is a worldwide movement started with an objective to spread awareness about environmental protection. The movement begins in 1970 to save nature. There are many environmental issues that we are facing right now such as air pollution, climate change, global warming, improper disposal, etc.


These environmental issues have not come into the picture from the past few years but these issues have started emerging long back. That time most of the people were not even aware of these environmental issues, this is the reason now the situation has become so drastic. Now, these issues have affected the environment at an alarming rate.

The major role has been played by the “awareness” that woke up people around the world to think seriously about environmental issues. Now, this is the high time we all need to work together to protect the environment to make it a healthier place to live.

Earth Day Celebrated on Which Date?

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on 22nd April every year globally. It is celebrated to support the protection of the environment. Earth Day celebration was started in 1970. In 1970, Earth Day was celebrated on 21st March 1970 which was proposed by peace activist John McConnell at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco.

Later on, a separate Earth Day was celebrated on 22nd April 1970 proposed by the United States Senator Gaylord Nelson to engage the global public.

In 1990, Denis Hayes who was the original national coordinator in 1970 took Earth Day 22nd April event on international ground and organized it in 141 nations. Now, we have completed the 50th year of Earth Day celebration in 2020 on the same day as every year on 22nd April 2020.

“Latest Updated News and Earth Day Events of 2020”

Let’s understand the depth of the topic. Remember, Every day is an Earth Day.

Digital Illustration of Earth Day 2020

We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference 2020” presented Earth Day week for Earth Day celebration starting from 20th – 25th April. “We Don’t Have Time” were inviting people to join this celebration in coordination with Earth Day Network and Exponential Roadmap.

The celebrations that week consisted of live talks and many other daily shows. The shows were broadcasted from Washington DC, Stockholm where speakers, thinkers, and activists had joined the celebrations worldwide.

Even if people were staying home and maintaining social distancing due to COVID-19 still they took part in Earth day 2020. Here are some tips that people followed to participate in the digital Earth day 2020 celebration –

  • People hosted or attend a virtual teach-in online program on environmental issues such as plastic pollution, food security, water quality, biodiversity loss, etc. After attending the online teach-in program, people shared knowledge with your family or friends to raise awareness.
  • Took the initiative to raise awareness about plastic pollution effects and preventive measures.
  • Become an Earth artist by registering their artwork in support of Earth day 2020. They initiated their artwork online to communicate people inspiring for environmental conservation.
  • Grab the opportunity to learn about the impacts of your food choices and our food system when you plan to cook a plant-based appetizing recipe. Make a difference with a diet change to fight against climate change.
  • You can still work online for the protection of endangered species. You can collect information and do some research on the conservation of endangered species, their habitat, pollination, etc. Based on your research, you can share your ideas online, raising awareness worldwide.


More earlier news of earth day 2020 around the globe

  • The world is facing a crisis of COVID-19. Every day there is countless news coming from different parts of the planet. Many opinion writers are connecting COVID-19 to climate change which is another crisis in front of the world to treat. It requires cooperation from the whole world to deal with these two crises.
  • Due to Covid-19 The Great Global Cleanup is now postponed to the fall. It is a flagship volunteer program. You can still clean it by doing social distance clean-ups and being safe and healthy. Check here for complete details. We all should support earth day.


  • Mother Earth needs cooperation from us more than ever. Earth Day 2020 goes digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. This year the world is going to celebrate Earth Day digitally as per the demand of social distancing needed to break the transmission of the virus.
  • Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers said that Earth Day 2020 will be the biggest Earth Day event because it is going to be digital for the first time. She also added that many groups have already created their campaign for protecting our Earth from environmental issues.
  • These digital efforts will help to protect the planet from the outbreak crisis of COVID-19.
  • “Due to ongoing corona virus concern, the earth day Aiken 2020 festival has been canceled. Keeping the health safety of people, it will act as a precaution to the corona virus spread. They are planning to bring the festival back on April 17, 2021″.
  • Santa Barbara Festivities (Earth Day Festival) has been postponed until July in response to COVID-19 health advisories to avoid social gatherings.

The countdown has begun for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day Network is organizing campaigns to connect with billions of people across the globe to make Earth Day 2020 a successful event.

  • Earth-rise

It is a global movement to activate millions of people worldwide to take the theme of Earth Day 2020 i.e. climate action on serious notes.

  • Footprints for the future

It is a movement to collaborate with individuals and communities together from all fields to mark one of the biggest contributors to climate change facing us today; our food system.

  • Artists for the Earth

Art is an amazing way to express our common humanity. This campaign is a platform for global artists to show their talent to raise awareness about climate action.

Update One 2020 – Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) of Pittsburg is now welcoming vendors and exhibitors to join their earth day celebration. It will be held on April 18, 2020 (Saturday) from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm inside Pritchett at immigrant park. This is to promote healthy life style and sustainable development in respect to environment. There is no fee to participate.”

Earlier Earth update/news of 2020:

  • The University of South Carolina Upstate is once again going to host SEDF (Spartanburg Earth Day Festival) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 18th April 2020 in support of Earth Day 2020.
  • The three countdown events leading to SEDF will make this festival more interesting. These events are –
  1. On 31st March 2020 from 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., an information session will be organized with Kelly Thorvalson at S.C. Aquarium about plastic pollution & sea turtle conservation.
  2. On 7th April 2020 from 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. another information session will be organized with Dr. Jack Turner at the Spartanburg Headquarter Library about the value of the aquatic environment, vital watershed & taking care of our resources.
  3. On 16th April 2020 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. No Man’s Land Film Festival will be organized at the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business & Economics, 160 E. St. John St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29306.
  • The former president of Finland Tajra Halonen (also a member of Earth Day Network’s Global Advisory Committee) has released a video addressing people across the world to act in 2020, especially on Earth Day 2020 to work together to bring down the emissions by next 10 years.
  • According to a press release, Earth Day Network has announced that Television for the Environment (tve) will be the partner for the global event this year i.e. Earth Day 2020.
  • Earth Day Network has announced a partnership with the CORP Network for Earth Day 2020 to make it a successful global event.
  • As per another press release, Earth Day Network has launched an initiative for Earth Day 2020 event known as Earth Day India Star Village. The motive of this initiative is to award the villages that work to maintain their village environmental-friendly.
  • On 20th January 2020 in Nairobi UNEP has announced the opening of the nominations for the championship of Earth award 2020. The nominations will be opened until 20th March 2020. This championship is one of the biggest environmental honor to be given to passionate environmental leaders.


Earth Day is a global event organized every year and the organizers select a particular theme to attract the attention of the global public. Now we have celebrated Earth Day 2020 and the theme was the most challenging environmental issue i.e. Climate Action. Next year it will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Climate change is one of the biggest global issues for humanity and the entire environment. Unless we start implementing the preventive measures for climate change, our future generations will be in danger. In general sense, theme of earth day 2020 is the responsibility of each and every individual across the world that they should contribute to taking the necessary step for climate change control.

Earth Day is not a one-day event rather the requirement is to take this movement forward for the sake of the environment. Our small contributions can make a big difference and we will be able to provide a carbon-free atmosphere for our future generations.

Earth Day 2020 – How Can We Celebrate?

What can we do to support earth day?
  • Take the initiative to plant a tree

Planting a tree is a very good approach to save the environment. Planting trees also helps to teach our kids about the importance of trees for the environment. As we all know that plants generate oxygen which is the basic need for our life.

Apart from this, plants also play an important role in protecting soil from erosion, bringing rain, etc. Every year thousands of trees are cutting down for the sake of development. We are not giving back enough trees to the environment, the numbers of it we are cutting down.
Make a resolution to plant a tree on Earth day 2020 to restore the balance of natural treasure that we have damaged.

  • Collect the Trash

This Earth Day why don’t you plan with your friends or family to clean a particular area such as a park or your colony itself?. You can make a group with your friends and volunteer to clean an area.
You can pick the trash and dispose of it properly. Take your children also to make them aware of the protection of nature. It is a very good idea to spread awareness among people to understand their responsibilities towards environmental protection.

Also Check – Earth day 2020 tips to save earth
  • Say “Yes” to Recycle

As we all know the importance of recycling and Earth Day is the perfect time to teach our new generations about it. We should teach our children how we can recycle the object like papers, plastics, etc. to save the environment. Involve your kids also in small activities to make them understand the importance of environmental protection.

Take part in 2020 earth day events like “Earthrise”, “Foodprints for the future”, “Earth challenge 2020”, “The Great global cleanup”,  “artists of the Earth”,  “End Plastic Pollution”, “Environmental Literacy” and reforestation.
You can – go to the website  – and there you can join many campaigns over there and can take necessary steps to save environment.

Has the Environment Changed Since Earth Day Begins?

History of The Global Event

Earth Day was celebrated first in 1970 when there were no environmental acts for the protection of the environment. However, the environment has started polluting since then.

It was very important that we come together to take some necessary steps to save the nature. Earth day celebration started as a grassroots movement at that time and slowly transformed into an international day. United Nations recognizes 22nd April as International Earth Day every year to combine the whole world into one movement.

  • Earth Day in the beginning

In 1970 Earth Day came into existence as an environmental event. In 1962 Rachel Carson has published a book named “Silent Spring”. Rachel Carson has raised a serious issue in her book i.e. use of DDT (a pesticide) which was polluting water bodies and also was destroying the eggs of birds. This book left an impression on the readers which push them to think about the environmental issues.

Later in 1969, a huge oil spill struck the coast of Santa Barbara, California. It was one of the biggest environmental issues that affect the marine ecosystem quite badly. After this incident, people started thinking about environmental pollution on high notes.
As a result of which Earth Day celebration begins in 1970 as an environmental protection event. In support of the Earth Day movement, President Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency to save Mother Earth.

Now the Earth Day celebration has completed 49 years of successful journey and we have won almost 48 major environmental issues. Still, there are many environmental issues that need to be treated as early as possible such as climate change, global warming, air pollution, etc. We all need to cooperate to get control over these environmental issues.

  • Earth Day Now in 2020

Earth Day 2018 was about raising awareness on “Plastics”. Plastic is everywhere from polythene bags to our dinner plates. Plastics have entered very deep in our daily life that it has become one of the biggest challenges for us to eradicate from our life. There are many environmental groups that are working tremendously to cut back the use of plastic, especially single-use plastic.

Well, plastic usage is not the only environmental problem today. Apart from this, there are two major environmental problems- climate change and habitat loss. These two environmental problems are related to each other and are caused by us only. Climate change is affecting the biodiversity of our planet.

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In 2019, earth day focused on “protect our species” because they are in danger. This is the time to work together to protect endangered species: coral reefs, bees, giraffes, elephants’ insects, whales, etc.

Update two 2020 – As per a press release, Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rodger said that climate change is one of the major environmental challenges for the future generation. On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (Earth Day 2020), the Earth Day Network is expecting transformative changes by encouraging people through different initiatives such as Vote Earth, Earth Challenge 2020, Billion Acts of Green, Great Global Cleanup, etc.

Vote Earth is an important initiative will be taken by Earth Day Network on Earth Day 2020 celebration. Vote Earth will encourage people worldwide about climate and vote for the would-be leaders along with good environmental policies.

Earth Challenge 2020 is the largest initiative that will be taken by Earth Day Network this year to report on environmental health. To organize this initiative, an Earth Challenge 2020 app will be launched at the beginning of this year.

Great Global Cleanup is a global campaign. The main motive of this campaign is to deal with plastic pollution and to reduce billions of waste on Earth Day 2020. The participants under this campaign will work to remove a huge amount of trash from the neighborhood, beaches, riverbanks, lakes, parks, etc.

A billion Acts of Green will also be conducted by the Earth Day Network as a landmark with an aim of 3.5 billion Eco-friendly tasks to be completed and logged in 2020.”

“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know the sense of wonder and humility.” — Rachel Carson, 1962.

Unlike Earth Day 1970, now we have a stricter rules and regulations to save the environment. Now it is our responsibility to follow these rules and regulations to support environment and save every species because everyone has equal rights to live on this planet.
Earth reminder hopes earth day 2020 will not be just one day event it will continue in the heart of people forever by following it properly.

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  1. 220 in 2020 – Suggested event for 2020: congregate at intersections of major roadways and the 220-foot (60m) elevation above sea level to show where the shoreline will be upon melting all ice in Greenland and Antarctica.

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