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Essay on environmental pollution In 150, 250, and 500 Words

Not to worry, if you are stuck with your essay writing, environmental pollution can be a very tricky topic to address. So, we will now provide you with environmental pollution easy essay that will create awareness and impress your teachers.


This essay has been written keeping in mind the understanding level of kids and school-going students. You will find the below essay in 150, 250, and 500 words respectively.

Introduction to Environmental Pollution Essay

Nature is called mother, but we have harmed it to a greater extent under the name of development and industrialization and the environment is not going to spare us.

When we all were on our journey towards a comfortable and stress-free lifestyle, there was the release of harmful gases and wastes in various environmental components such as air, water, soil, and surroundings. Though we can tackle every environmental pollution, the real problem lies in our actions. It impacts our lifestyle, physical health, and mental health largely in a very slow and subtle manner.

Only when laymen are aware of the far-reaching effects of environmental pollution by making them see these subtle effects in a more specific way can we combat environmental pollution.

Do you now know that even writing environmental pollution easy essay leads you to some awareness? So, let’s start:

Environmental Pollution Essay – 150 Words

This paragraph will give you the most complete information on environmental pollution.

The definition of environmental pollution conveys the contamination of environmental components so much that the environment’s entire processes are harmed. Some examples are global warming and changes in the water cycle, causing fluctuations in rainfall and acid rains.

It is very important to check the dangerous side effects of our insatiable wish for development by killing the environment. Some of the effects include: –

  • The saline soil,
  • Landscapes,
  • Death of animals and plants. It majorly affects humans by causing harmful diseases such as lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

Systematic sewage release and increased tree plantation will decrease the environmental pollution. Making the segregation of dry and wet waste and using eco-friendly products compulsory will bring about a healthy change in society. Which ones will you try to implement in your life?

Essay on Environmental Pollution For Kids – 250 Words

(No one should skip writing an environmental pollution essay as it will be an eye-opener for everyone.)

Environmental pollution is a very wide topic, but it rarely includes any practical things to save the environment. Very few educational institutions tend to include: –

Environmental pollution occurs when the components of development, such as industrial waste and urban light, make living beings uncomfortable and severely affect nature. These substances can be light, heat, poisonous water, noise, artificial energies, and elements. It is dangerous and serious as one action of yours can lead to severe consequences for thousands of years

It impacts us and the future generation since the harmful substances can be transmitted through genes and the environment.

  • Water pollution can be caused due to the release of heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides in the water.
  • In contrast, soil pollution occurs due to excessive use of fossil fuels, dumping plastic in soil, and chemicals. Land pollution takes place due to increased salinity of soil and excessive mining.
  • Air pollution happens due to the high use of private vehicles, the use of ACs, and the release of harmful gases by factories.

Realization in every individual that “what we give comes back” is only going to save humankind. Education right from the primary level is what will lead to awareness about environmental issues since childhood. Have you thought of nurturing the environment?

Essay on Environmental Pollution – In 500 Words

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Overview and Introduction

Environmental pollution: The release of pollutants in the environment is so quick that they cannot be dispersed, leading to adverse effects. There are seven types of environmental pollution which include:

  • Air Pollution.
  • Water Pollution.
  • Soil Pollution.
  • Radioactive Pollution.
  • Thermal Pollution.
  • Noise Pollution.
  • Light pollution.

These types make us understand how deep root and widely spread it has been. Humans have felt very much developed and advanced, but environmental pollution’s harmful effects make it questionable.

Causes of Environmental Pollution:

  • Due to the increased flow of modernization and urbanization, there has been more focus on the higher materialistic comforts than an enriched lifestyle. Philosophies such as – viewing nature and the environment as a mother who replenishes us were understood as orthodox. Love, respect, and nurturing nature at a global level was only a past, and even agriculture, gardening, floriculture was a part of commercialization.
  • Harmful activities such as mining, using pesticides, releasing poisonous water, and smoke in an unorganized manner, building factories in residential areas are some of the causes of environmental pollution.
  • Excess heat in the environment and deforestation causes thermal pollution, while light pollution occurs due to increased amounts of light that are not required. Radioactive pollution happens due to haphazard handling of nuclear waste, testing radiation, and mining of uranium.

Effects of Environmental Pollution:

The environmental pollution essay will help bring awareness to the nation’s future only when it leads them to some positive action towards safeguarding the environment and reducing the damage done.

Some harmful effects that cannot be reversed include the extinction of animals due to the predators’ intake of poisonous chemicals. Its effects on humans include the adverse impact on DNA and interference with hormones.

These pollutants continue to exist in the environment, causing harm daily. Additionally, some chemicals are such that they tend to remain in the bodies of plants and animals. Since humans consume them, it indirectly harms our healthy functioning.

  • The effects of radioactive pollution include tissue damage, cells becoming cancerous, heart diseases, increased risk of cancer, skin burns, and sickness due to radiation.
  • Thermal pollution effects are ecological, the health risk to marine life, death of marine plants, issues in marine life reproduction leading to extinction, decreased diversity, and reduced oxygen absorption.
  • Light pollution harms the environment in ways such as sleeping problems, wastage of energy, changes in reptiles’ breeding, affecting the life cycles of plants, and other animals.

Solutions of Environmental Pollution:

Awareness at the international level, national level, regional, and state level will only bring about changes in an individual’s mentality.

Making certain actions mandatory at a national level, such as traveling on public transport, limiting noise, heat, and light, strict action towards those who build factories in residential areas, and cut trees will be very helpful.

Everyone needs to unite and save the environment for themselves. Shouldn’t you too do something?

Conclusion of Essay:

There can be various ways to reduce environmental pollution now that we are aware of its harmful effects. Not using plastic bags and ACs, recycling and reusing, saving energy, using biodegradable products are some of the ways that can be implemented at an individual level. Using fewer pesticides, restricting deforestation and illegal waste dumping, strict government regulation are some of the solutions that need to be implemented at a national and international level.

Though some of the harm done is irreversible, it is never too late to improve the upcoming generations’ environment. Did you do something to save the environment?

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