Essay on Birds in English for Students

The birds are interesting and wonderful creatures of nature. There are many reasons why you need to know about birds. There is so much to learn about what they do and how they live. Writing an essay on birds in English is not hard. Kids and school-going students can easily understand it.


This bird’s essay is one of the best ones you’ll ever see! It’s well researched, has strong topics that students are interested in, and fits well on any exam and writing project.

1000+ Words Essay on Birds

Students can begin writing their essays by following the below points;

What Are Birds?

Birds are a type of vertebrate, meaning they have a backbone and are the only vertebrates with feathers. They are actually warm-blooded, meaning they can maintain a constant body temperature regardless of the temperature of their surroundings.

Birds have beaks and they use them to eat insects or other small animals. Some birds, such as parrots, can also use their beaks to grab fruit or nuts. Most birds live in flocks (in a group) and build nests where they lay their eggs.

Birds are fascinating creatures with so much to teach us about the natural world. By studying them, we can learn about the ecology of our mother earth and the importance of conserving our environment.

How Many Types of Birds Are There?

The study of birds is called ornithology, and bird diversity is so immense that no one can even guess the exact number and variety of birds in the world.

There are approximately 10,000 different types of birds in the world. Scientists believe that there are even more that may not yet be discovered or classified.

Birds are found on every continent and in every type of habitat, from the Arctic to the tropical regions. Their colors are also diverse and awesome.

Some common kinds of birds include ducks, chickens, hawks, eagles, finches, sparrows, and crows. Every bird has its own unique characteristics, but all birds share some common features.

For example, all birds can fly (except for a few bird species that have lost the ability to do so), and all have feathers. Their wings give them the ability to fly, which is one of the things that sets them apart from other animals.


Amazing fact for you: did you know that owls can rotate their heads up to 270 degrees?

Importance of Birds

Birds are one of the most important species on our planet. Birds play a crucial role in the ecosystem and are responsible for pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, and controlling pests. They also provide us with food and feathers and are a source of inspiration and enjoyment.

Despite their importance, birds are declining worldwide due to various factors, including habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. It is up to us to take action to protect birds and their habitats.

You can help birds by doing simple things like reducing your use of pesticides, planting organic foods and plants in your garden, and providing water and nest boxes for birds in your terrace or backyard. You can also support bird conservation efforts by donating to bird charities or joining local bird-watching groups.

Threats to Birds

(In this part of the bird’s essay, you can highlight problems that birds face in their lives)

There are many dangers that birds face in the wild. One of the most common dangers is from predators. Birds are often hunted by other species, such as snakes, cats, and dogs. It can result in their injury or death.

Another danger that birds face is from the weather. Extreme weather conditions such as storms and floods can kill birds or damage their habitats. Additionally, birds can be harmed by pollution and other human activities. For example, they may be killed by power lines or may be poisoned by pesticides or other chemicals.

What Do Birds Eat?

A bird is typically an omnivore, which means that it eats both plants and animals. The type of food that a bird eats depends on the species of bird.

  • Some birds, like hummingbirds, eat mainly nectar from flowers.
  • Other birds, like vultures, eat mostly decaying flesh.
  • Some birds, like crows, will eat just about anything!

Where Do Birds Live?

There are many different places where birds live. Some birds live in the trees, some in the bushes, and some birds live near the water.

Each bird has its own specific habitat that it prefers. For example, let’s look at three different kinds of birds to understand them better: eagles, ducks, and hummingbirds.

  • Eagles live in areas where there are tall trees and plenty of space to spread their wings.
  • Ducks prefer to live near ponds or other bodies of water where they can swim and find food. Hummingbirds usually build their nests in trees or bushes near flowers so they can drink nectar.
  • Some birds migrate based on the season, moving to different locations to take advantage of different food sources.
  • Birds like sparrows, live in urban areas and can be found near humans.
  • Some birds live in forests, others in deserts, and even in the Arctic.

As you can see, it depends on the type of food the bird eats and the climate it can tolerate.


Interesting Fact: Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards?

How Long Do Birds Live?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. While some bird species have incredibly long lifespans, others only live for a year or two. The average lifespan of a bird ranges from about 4 to 100 years, but this varies widely depending on the species. The oldest bird on record was a cockatoo named Cookie, who lived more than 82 years!

My Favorite Bird Pigeon

(In this part of the birds essay, you can write about your pet or favorite bird)

Tip: You can express your emotions towards your favorite birds, and write an essay wholeheartedly. Let’s dive in:

I have always been fascinated by birds. I remember when I was younger, I would spend hours watching them fly and play in the park near my house. I even had a pet bird for a while. But out of all the birds, my favorite has always been the pigeon.

There is something about pigeons that just seems so peaceful and calming. Maybe it’s their soft cooing or the way they gently bob their heads when they walk. With full respect whatever it is, I just find them really fascinating to watch.

Pigeons are also really intelligent birds. They can be trained to do tricks and even deliver messages. I think it’s amazing that such a small bird can be so smart and have such an important job.

I love going to the park and feeding the pigeons. It’s always so enjoyable to watch them eat out of my hand and then fly away. I really hope that I can continue to appreciate these beautiful creatures for many years to come.

If you’ve never had the chance to watch a pigeon up close, I highly recommend it. They really are beautiful creatures.

Conclusion of the Essay on Birds

Birds are interesting creatures that come in stunning shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s no wonder they’ve been the subject of so many poems, songs, and stories throughout history. Though they might not be as cuddly as some other pet animals, they can make excellent companions. They are gentle souls that should be protected and respected.

We hope this essay on birds has given you a better understanding of birds and why they are so important to our ecosystem.

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