Essay on Elephant For Classes 1 to 5 in English

There is no doubt that elephants are one of the most faithful mammals on earth. With this in mind, here is a unique essay on elephant. This is excellent for kids in classes 1,2,3,4, and 5 who want to learn about elephants in the English language.


It provides some great information on elephants for students, including their physical features, eating habits, and social behavior. It can be used as a guide when writing an essay on elephant. So, let’s dive in.

Essay on Elephant Introduction

Elephants are one of the biggest land animals that exist in the dense forests of Africa and Asia. However, one can find white elephants in Thailand. Elephants are known to be the most intelligent and socially evolved terrestrial animals. Their bodies are huge, and their legs are wide like columns. They are grey have large floppy ears, white eyes and a long trunk, and a small tail. With their trunk, they grab food and absorb water.

Elephants have two tusks which we see in the front are the two teeth. It has 26 sharp teeth in total. It is one of the valuable parts of the elephant.

Elephants like to eat shrubs, fruits, leaves, etc. Among terrestrial animals, they have the most giant brain, which measures 4 times the size of a human brain.

These social creatures live in herds, and they are the largest mammal in the world. They tend to run quite fast and swim too. It’s believed that elephants have a sharp memory; if they are trained well, they tend to obey all our orders. An alpha female leads both the variant species of elephants in Asia and Africa. These herds tend to form a bond between females and calves, while males live in isolation.

Evolution of Elephants

The evolution of elephants over the years is just remarkable, as the first existing mammal originated from the contents of Africa. It was known as Proboscidean which had no trunks. Going forward with today’s modern elephants with trunks, Gomphotherium was a prehistoric elephant species that gave rise to these majestic creatures.

Proboscideans were the closest living relatives of these modern-day elephants. Elephants are revered as the “Engineers of the ecosystem. They are mostly found in grasslands, savannas, and forest areas in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Elephants Facts for Kids

  • Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals in the world because they can produce low and high-frequency sounds for signals, calls in distress and warnings, etc. In addition, they have the special ability to produce very low-frequency sounds that humans cannot hear.
  • An elephant uses its trunk for many purposes like filling water for drinking, clearing grasses for food, and smelling the wind for enemies.
  • It takes twenty minutes for elephant calves to stand, and one hour for them to walk after they are born.
  • The trunk of an elephant contains approximately 150,000 muscle units.
  • Elephants are calm by nature, but if they are threatened, they become aggressive. They have a distinctive social ability where they display feelings of compassion, care, and love for their family members.
  • Elephants like to swim and bathe in the rivers and streams.
  • Elephants need huge land masses to live on and can feed up to 18 hours a day. They often pay attention to the well-being and protection of vulnerable members of their herd.

Importance of Elephants

Elephants play a vital role in the biodiversity of ecosystems. They are a significant part of wildlife because they create gaps in the vegetation while eating. As a result, this helps the growth of newer plants as well as provides pathways for animals that are smaller.

  • Since elephant dung contains seeds from the plants they ate, it’s also helpful for the environment. This results in the growth of new bushes, plants, and trees.
  • Trained elephants often obey their masters and help them by carrying wood logs from the forest. They tend to understand every sign of the keeper after training and obey their keeper till death.
  • An elephant plays a vital role in the food chain and is essential to the ecosystem.
  • They are also used for riding in wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Ecotourism based on elephants can help fund conservation efforts and make communities more aware of the importance of conserving elephants.
  • Many cultures value elephants as part of their cultural traditions.
  • Even after its death, an elephant is costly enough, as its tusks are used to produce ivory. Their strong bones are used to form luxury goods and accessories.

Since the last century, the population of elephants has reduced drastically, due to the illegal trade of ivory. The species continues to be threatened by humankind and deforestation.

Endangerment of Elephants

Elephants are one of the species who has found their way into the list of endangered species. Because of humankind’s illegal activities. Moreover, elephants are becoming extinct due to global warming and deforestation which results in a lack of survival. So, we must educate humans and take necessary conservation steps to protect these species. They play a crucial role in flourishing the ecosystem, so if they suddenly disappear, everything will collapse. Thus, an elephant is a boon for humankind and the ecosystem.

Elephant Essay In English 10 Lines

If children only want short and crisp 10 lines on elephants, they can find them below;


  1. An elephant uses its trunk as a hand for eating and working.
  2. The trunk is found to be a delicate organ of the elephant.
  3. A newborn elephant weighs around 120 kilos.
  4. Family is very important to elephants. As they prefer to protect and take care of their members in the herd.
  5. An adult male elephant can be 10 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh between 6000 to 6500 kg.
  6. The favorite food of elephants is sugarcane and bananas.
  7. There are two varieties of elephants in the world namely the Asian elephant and the African elephant.
  8. Elephants are royal animals and hold great significance in India.
  9. One of the reasons for their extinction is the illegal poaching of their tusks by poachers.
  10. In the past centuries, Elephants were used on battlefields.

Conclusion of Elephant Essay

Elephants are magnificent land mammals on the planet. They maintain the biodiversity of the forest ecosystem and provide a sense of security for other animals. So, it’s necessary for us to preserve this creature as this animal is held in our land as a symbol of love and peace. Therefore, we must take steps to stop elephants from getting endangered by hunters and poachers, so that they can be protected from becoming extinct.

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