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Do you want to excel in an essay competition in your school? Or you just want to write a perfect piece of essay for your kids on the topic “Save Earth”? In each case, this essay will serve as ideal content for you. You can make changes according to your requirements.


Here, we are going to explain several critical problems of earth, recent natural crises, what are the possible causes, and ways to solve them; This will not only help your child to fly with shining hues but in understanding his or her responsibility as a human being.

This essay has been written as per the understanding level of children and school-going kids of all classes i.e. primary to secondary.

How to Save Earth Essay for Kids?


Introduction of Essay on Save Earth:

Our planet earth is the only planet in the solar system which has life on it. But day by day the conditions of earth are becoming unfavorable for living organisms.

We need to save our earth and turn it as before. As we don’t have another planet to move on, it has become a mandatory task for us to recover our earth. Our little efforts can bring a massive change.

Critical Problems of The Earth:

Due to high human activities, our earth is facing several critical issues which are eventually harming us. The primary reason for all the problems is a rapid increase in population.

To fulfill all of our fantasies, we are polluting nature. Every natural resource is getting polluted now. The basic needs, i.e. air, water, and soil, all are filled with harmful chemicals and toxins.

There is a lack of pure water and air, which is unnatural. The damage has reached an extreme point that we have to cure it. Many species have been extinct in recent years. So, the ecological imbalance is common.

As a result of these activities, other significant problems like global warming, glacier melting, ozone layer depletion, and an increase in the frequency of natural disasters are taking place.

Global warming is a result of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and in some cases halogen-containing compounds.

Due to the increase in temperature, there is a profound change in climate taking place. Increased heat melts the glacier, which ultimately results in the rise of sea level. This causes floods. High levels of heat put an impact on agriculture and plant lives as well.

To save this planet, first, we have to stabilize its shield. A UV protective ozone layer covers our earth which is depleting day by day. CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) is the main reason for the ozone layer depletion.

CFC is present in industrial cleaning fluid and refrigerators, which acts as an aerosol propellant. Depletion of the ozone layer allows UV to enter our planet and causes harm to each living being.

Recent Disasters Which Have Contributed to Earth’s Damage:

Besides the harmful human activities, many recent disasters have also contributed more damage to nature.

The Amazon rainforest fire was one of the biggest tragedies. This rainforest is considered as the lungs of the earth and approximately covers 8 million square kilometers. We lost many wild lives due to this fire, and many parts of Brazil were covered with smoke for a long time.

Bushfire in Australia also played a significant role in air pollution and loss of wild lives.

In the arctic regions of Russia, 20,000 tonnes of diesel was leaked in a river polluting the water and killing many aquatic animals.

Steps to Save This Planet:

Several minor and significant steps can be taken to save our planet.

  • The primitive step is to control the population. If the population is controlled, then the use of resources will be less.
  • We should try to alternate our energy sources into renewable sources like wind energy, solar energy, etc. This results in the conservation of resources.
  • As individuals, we can reduce the use of plastics which ultimately prevents plastic deposition in water and soil.
  • Encouraging reforestation can be a significant step to save the earth. Plants can clean our environment as before. In urban areas planting should be done on the roof of all buildings due to the lack of spaces, i.e. converting our buildings into green buildings.
  • We are getting most of the electricity either from water or coal, and only the coastal areas all over the world can use wind energy to produce electricity. If we can domestically implement solar panels for our daily use, then huge amounts of coal energy can be stored. Nuclear fusion is also an option, but it is still under development. More research is going on to use this energy.
  • We should use vehicles only in case of urgency, and public transport should be preferred more. By this step, we can reduce many toxic gases which are destroying our atmosphere.
  • We use cooling refrigerators and AC for our comfort. But reducing their usage can reduce the number of CFCs which will protect the ozone layer.
  • Industrial wastes should be released after the proper pretreatment, which is healthy for nature.
  • Every species has a role in ecological balance. So, any extinct species can imbalance the ecology to some extent. Thus, we should protect the wild lives and restore their habitat.
  • To prevent global warming and glacier melting, we have to reduce greenhouse gases. Those can be reduced by sufficient amounts of forestations as compared to industrialization. As a result, the sea level won’t rise.
  • In day-to-day life, small steps also can be taken. We can use cotton carry bags in place of plastics. When there is no need, we should switch off the electricity. We can use blue LEDs wherever possible as it is environment friendly.

Conclusion of Essay on Save Earth:

In this busy period, all of us are only focusing on our own affairs. We should keep in mind that we have to take care of our planet and environment; otherwise, we have to face the respective consequences.

Many awarenesses are spreading about the damage of nature and all become conscious but only for a while. Many people even ignore this awareness thinking of it as useless.

In recent years we have faced the most extended summers and irregular rainfalls, but these noticeable results have also been ignored.

If we can’t stabilize this drastic climate change within time, then we will miss our chance, and there will be no turning back.

Now, this is not the time for only spreading awareness; strict rules should be applied because taking care of nature is not an option anymore. It has become our responsibility to clean our habitat, i.e. earth.

So, this is all about an essay on the topic “save the earth” or “Save the planet” or even “How to save earth essay” for kids.

We hope this is enough for you to make your kid prepare for the exam or essay competition. If you want to ask any of your doubts, comment down below.

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