Top Famous NGOs in The World

Famous NGOs in The World:

Have you ever thought of becoming a part of an NGO? Do you know that anyone can join one NGO by volunteering? Yes, you can join one NGO, but first, you have to choose the field you want to contribute, like education, social issues, environment, etc.


Well, what do you mean by NGO? NGO or non-governmental organizations are the organizations of people who do not depend on the government for their activities, which are beneficial to society.

Are the top famous NGOs in the world also independent of the government? Of course, every NGO is free from the government.

Furthermore, NGOs play a major in driving global health goals and impacting Health. Different NGOs do many other activities like environmental, social, advocacy, and human rights works.

The name NGO was first given in 1945 in article 71 in the charter of the newly formed united nations. There are a considerable number of NGOs working for society.

Thus, here, we will discuss some of the top famous NGOs in the world. Those top NGOs are:

Top Famous NGOs in The World


BRAC is the abbreviation of the Bangladesh rural advancement committee. This developmental organization was started in 1972 by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed.

The primary activity of this organization is to empower poor people to earn their living, which will reduce poverty.

This organization also helps to recover after natural disasters and support during disasters to minimize the losses. It also spreads awareness about climate change and its impact.  

Besides these works, it also takes part in social developments like skill development, gender equality, universal access to healthcare, education, etc.

Their website:http://www.brac.net

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

This foundation was previously known as the William H. Gates Foundation. In 2000, this foundation was launched as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The primary purpose of this foundation is healthcare, education, and fighting poverty. This foundation is functional in Africa, China, Europe, India, and middle east countries.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a massive amount of funds of 46.8 billion dollars. This foundation takes care of global Health and development, such as vaccine development, maternal and child health care, family planning, neglected tropical diseases, malaria, AIDS, etc.

Apart from this, the Gates Foundation plays a role in financial help to the poor, agricultural development, gender equality, hygiene, tobacco control, and education.

Their Website:https://www.gatesfoundation.org

Mercy Corps:

The foundation of this organization is based on saving refugees in Cambodia. Mercy corp was started in 1979 by DanO’Neil. Now it has spread over 40 countries having approximately 6000+ team members.

This organization mainly focuses on agriculture, environment, emergency response, nutrition, gender equality, peace and conflicts, technology, and youth development.

In 2020, it has helped many communities to protect themselves by providing the correct information and proper precautions.

Cure violence global:

This organization was established against the violence spread in society. This is a community that is based on public safety solutions.

Gary Slatkin founded it in the year 2000. The mission of this organization is to vanish the violence globally by using disease control behavior change methods.

The basic working principles of this organization are:

  • Detecting and interrupting violence.
  • Identifying violent persons and treating them.
  • Changing social rules.

After the working of the cure violence organization, a reduction in crime rates has been observed. There is a reduction of 63% in shootings in New York City, and a 45% reduction in Trinidad’s violent crimes has been seen.


CERES coalition:

CERES is improving our economy and building a sustainable future both for people and the planet.

Otherwise, we can say that it is creating economical solutions that protect our economy and our planet. After the Exxon Valdez oil spill incident, few investors and environmentalists started this organization in 1989. Joan Bavaria led CERES.

CERES focuses on carbon asset risk, climate change, human rights, water, deforestation, etc. This organization influences different sectors like banking, electric power, agriculture, transportation, oil and gas, water infrastructure, etc.



The mission of APOPO is to provide innovative solutions with smell detection animals that will protect people and our planet. Bart Weekend had started APOPO in the year of 1997. He started this organization when he thought of an idea to train the rodents to find landmines.

APOPO uses the rats to detect the landmines, which are a barrier to development and clear them. These detection rates are also used by APOPO to test the human spirit for TB.

A detection rate can check 100 sputum samples in 20 minutes, which may require four days by a lab technician.

Wikimedia Foundation:

The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that hosts Wikipedia and other 13 free knowledge projects like Wikiquote, Wikiversity, etc.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia having articles in 285 languages. Jimmy Wales started the Wikimedia Foundation in 2003.

Moreover, the mission of this organization is to make Wikimedia sites more useful for people seeking knowledge across the globe.

Their website:https://wikimediafoundation.org

Hope uplift foundation:

Hope uplift (HUF) is a nonprofit charitable organization started by Lubna shako in 2000 in Pakistan.

The motto of HUF is that ” wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.” This organization has achieved a lot within the country.

This organization has been providing education, scholarship, and vocational training to almost 25,000 children. HUF empowers more than 150 women per month as directors and teachers.

Furthermore, fourteen thousand have been distributed with groceries, and this organization has given PKR 5 million interest-free loans.


No Kid Hungry:

“No Kid Hungry” is focused on “No Child Should Go Hungry”. It’s a non-profit organization that works to eliminate hunger and poverty throughout the world.

“Share Our Strength” runs the campaign. It was launched in the year 2010. It is the mission of No Kid Hungry to end childhood hunger through programs that are proven to work.

It will be very difficult to focus when people are hungry, therefore No Kid Hungry is also focusing on the food justice movement. Besides, they also provide school meals, grants, support for early childhood, research, updates to policies, awareness etc.


Partners in Health:

In 1987, Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl, Thomas J. White, Todd McCormack, and Jim Yong Kim established this nonprofit healthcare organization.

The goal of this organization is to provide preferential options for the people who are below the poverty line in health care. This organization has been performing around 1.5 million outpatient visits and 32,000 mental health visits globally.

Further, with the collaboration of national governments, this organization focuses on public health systems, which include cancer, chronic diseases, childbirth, emergency response, HIV, mental health, etc.


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Megan Mukuria founded this organization in 2007. She started this organization when she realized that 65% of girls in Kenya lack sanitary pads.

The mission of zanaAfrica is to empower the girls and to support them after puberty by providing safety equipment required for the menstrual cycle.

Moreover, to unite all the NGOs all over the world, an international organization has been established. This organization is known as WANGO (world association of non-governmental organizations).

Their Website:http://www.zanaafrica.org

So, this article covers a list of top famous NGOs all around the world. We hope this is helpful to you. If you have more queries, comment down below and follow us.

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