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Forest Essay for Kids from Class 4 to 8

This essay on forest for kids of class 4 to 8 will help them to understand the importance of forest and its conservation.

Forest Essay for Kids

The importance of forest and its protection is a popular topic that students have to prepare for their examinations. This article is primarily for students from class 4 to 8 with an age group 7 to 16. The essay is in natural English language to prepare for the exam and even for any competition.

Forest Essay For Kids


Forest conservation is an integral part of environmental protection and even our academics these days. People are raising awareness about forest conservation using all the platforms, and the students’ academics is one among those.

Introduction to Forest essay

Forests covered almost a third of the entire planet. When we heard the word “forest”, it seems a large area covered with trees. Well, a forest is not restricted to trees only rather plants, shrubs, bushes, grass, etc. are also the vital parts of a forest. Various animal species also dominate it.

Forest protection and conservation have become a major environmental issue in the past few decades. Forest conservation is not an individual problem; instead, the entire world needs to cooperate in fighting against this global issue. “No life without trees”! it is the time to take action to protect forest resources for our upcoming generations to live healthily. 

Importance of Forest

Forests are the precious natural resources gifted by mother Earth. Many factors influence life in the forest, such as air, water, sunlight, etc.

The students looking for importance of forest essay can take reference from these points to write the importance of forest –

  • Forest helps us to breathe. We get oxygen from the tree, which is the basic need of every organism to survive.
  • Forest support approximately half of Earth’s known species that live here, especially in the tropical rainforest.
  • Forest plays a vital role in the food chain and helps to maintain balance in the species that live in this ecosystem.
  • Insects and worms that live in forests help in maintaining nutrient balance in the soil.
  • Birds and bees help to grow new plants and trees through pollination by spreading pollen and seeds.  
  • Forest also provides shelter to some of the tribes such as Huli, Mbuti, and Baka Pygmies, etc. 
  • Forest help to regulate the temperature around the planet. No matter how far these forests are it influence the climate of the Earth big time.
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere reducing environmental issues such as global warming, pollution effects, climate change, etc.
  • Forest help to make it rain influencing the regional weather patterns.
  • Forest help to replenish groundwater by refilling the aquifers that are used for various human activities such as drinking, sanitation, irrigation, etc.
  • It prevents soil erosion by holding it tightly with tree roots.
  • Forests provide us with many fruits, nuts, medicines, timber, resin, paper, etc.
Save forest essay for kids – Class 4 and 5 students can take note of these facts.

Save The Forest and Save The Environment

Forests are an important part of the environment. Being an excellent member of the environment, it is our responsibility to protect forests from destruction. World Forestry Day is an excellent opportunity to remind the world about the importance of forests and its conservation. We celebrate world forest day every year on 21st March to raise awareness about forest conservation.

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Forest does not mean an area covered with trees, but it is a community that includes all the biotic and abiotic components. Many living organisms share habitat under the forest canopy. Many bacteria and fungi play an essential role in the nutrient cycle in the soil. Forests also provide multiple benefits in our daily life.  

Unfortunately, cutting trees is affecting the environment adversely. It is causing many severe effects such as an imbalance in carbon dioxide & oxygen in the atmosphere, increasing flood-like situations, polluting the air, etc.

Forest resources exploitation is resulting in the many problems for the survival of flora and fauna of this region. Eventually, the overall ecology of the planet gets disturbed. Therefore “Save forest & save the Earth”.    

Forest Fire – A Disaster For The Environment

It is a beautiful creation of nature to benefit life on the Earth, but sometimes it has to pay a lot (including flora and fauna) due to a disaster known as a forest fire. Forest fire also termed as a wildfire, is a big disaster to the environment. 

For example – the Australian bushfire that started since September 2019 was one of the worst experiences of wildfire in its history. This bush-fire was a significant loss for the vast biodiversity of this region.

As far as the causes of forest fire are concerned, it is caused due to both natural and human-made reasons. The natural causes are responsible for approximately 10% of all wildfires, and human-made causes cause the rest 90%.

The primary natural causes of forest fire include lightning and volcanic eruption. When a lightning strike, it can produce a spark that may lead to the forest fire. Similarly, when hot magma inside Earth’s crust expelled out through volcanic eruption in the form of lava, it can also cause a forest fire.

On the other hand, human-made causes of forest fire include smoking, unattended campfires, burning of debris, fireworks, machinery accidents, arson, etc.

The effects of forest fire are observed quite destructive. It may lead to loss of biodiversity, forest degradation, air pollution, soil degradation, destruction of watersheds, health implications on humans, etc.   

Conservation of Forest

The students can write down these ideas for the conservation of forests to score good marks in the exam. These points are quite satisfactory to explain the ways to conserve the forest essay. 

Reforestation and afforestation are the two essential methods to conserve forests for the benefit of the environment. Planting of new trees helps to increase forest area to maintain ecological balance in the environment.

We can implement a regulated and planned cutting of trees to avoid forest degradation. Cutting of trees can be done by implementing useful methods such as clear-cutting, selective cutting and shelterwood cutting, etc.  

  1. The clear-cutting method can be used in an area where there are the same types of trees over a large area. In this case, we can cut the trees of the same age group in a selected area and then marked for replantation.
  2. Selective cutting is used to cut only mature trees. This method can be used in rotation to avoid unnecessary destruction.
  3. Shelter-wood cutting is preferred to cut useless trees at first. After this, medium and then best quality timber trees are followed by useless trees.

Wildfire is one of the major reasons for the loss of forest area. Forest fire once started may transform into an uncontrolled situation. Hence, it is crucial to control the forest fire at the initial stage before it exaggerates to unstoppable. Trained fire-fighters and the latest techniques can be adapted to control a forest fire.   

A massive amount of trees are cutting down to fulfill the demand of paper needed for various purposes like books, newspapers, bills, etc. If we can minimize the use of paper, we can save trees from conserving the forest. To reduce paper usage, we can follow these practices –

  • Try to print less
  • Use double-sided paper
  • Use digital bills
  • Switch to bamboo papers
  • Prefer to use digital books and library
  • Make a habit of reading online magazine and newspaper
  • Avoid using paper towels
  • Switch to cloth napkin instead of paper napkin

More importantly, raise awareness among people sharing possible ways to contribute to forest conservation.

Forest essay for kids – Conclusion

Forest acts as the “lungs” of the environment to maintain the health of the atmosphere of the Earth. We depend majorly on forest resources to survive. The demands of these resources are increasing day by day with the increase of population. 

The increasing population is degrading the forest ecosystem and its resources like wood, oxygen, etc. and thus affects the environment. Hence, forest conservation must be practiced to save nature and life on the planet.

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