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Green Electrical Energy: Uses of Electrical Energy

The energy derived from the kinetic energy of the charged particles is known as electrical energy. Electric power is very convenient for us that we use in different fields. It is effortless to use and can quickly move from one place to another, such as lightning during thunderstorms.


Further, electrical energy is not the primary energy source; it is an energy currency. When primary energy like wind, water, solar heat, etc. goes into an electric generator, it converts the energy into electricity.

Thus, electrical energy is an integral part of our life. We start our day with the use of electric power and end up the day utilizing electric energy. However, we should switch to renewable energy sources to generate electric energy instead of non-renewable energy sources for the conservation of the environment.

What is Green Electricity?

The electricity produced from renewable energy sources like solar, wind, hydro, etc. is known as green electricity. It can also be termed as renewable electricity as it is generated from renewable energy sources. It has much lower environmental impacts, unlike fossil fuels.

Furthermore, these are the cleanest energy sources used to produce electricity that causes less harm to the environment. When energy is created through the natural energy flow of the planet by utilizing the renewables, it is green electricity. Green electricity benefits the environment as an Eco-friendly approach to conserve nature. Using renewable energy benefits the environment in various ways.

  • Green electricity protects the environment from harmful emissions.
  • It supports new green-energy projects.
  • Further, it helps to create an Eco-friendly environment.
  • It also helps to minimize reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Green electricity promotes the use of cleaner energy sources.
  • It helps to fight against climate change, global warming, air pollution, etc.
  • It spread awareness about the importance of renewable or green electricity for the protection of the environment.

Sources of Green Electricity

The renewable energy sources that are used to generate green electricity majorly includes:

Wind energy

The massive structures of wind turbines are used to generate electricity without causing any serious harm to the environment.

Solar Energy

Many countries have started using solar energy from the past few years. It is the most significant renewable energy source. Solar photovoltaic panels installed in the roofs utilize solar energy to convert sunlight directly into electricity. These panels work on semiconductor technology to make our life easy.


We have used hydropower to generate electricity for many decades. Hydroelectric energy is eco-friendly and causes minimal impacts on the local environment.

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is another form of hydropower that converts kinetic energy obtained from tides into electrical energy. The tidal generators are similar to wind turbines, but the only difference is it lies below the water surface, unlike wind power.

Geothermal Power

Geothermal power is a heat that comes from the Earth’s core. It is found in the rocks & fluids below Earth’s crust. To generate electricity from geothermal energy, we need to dig underground reservoirs for accessing the hot water to drive turbines.

Biomass Energy

Biomass is a renewable energy source that comes from the organic material of plants and animals. Biomasses produce such energy through a direct combustion system. When we burn biomass, it generates hot gas that is fed into a boiler to generate steam. This steam is expanded through a steam turbine engine to produce electrical energy.

Major Uses of Electrical Energy

We apply electrical energy in all the fields to power various devices, appliances, transportation, etc. Electrical energy is needed to operate an object. Today, we have multiple pieces of equipment, whether we are at home or in the office. All the equipment needs electrical energy to function.


Electrical Power in Our Daily Life at Homes

This is one of the effective uses of electrical energy. Several powerhouses globally also use electrical energy. We use electrical power many times in a day without even noticing it.

We also connect wiring within the structure of the house to provide energy to different appliances in our homes as they need the energy to function. These are some examples of how we use energy in our daily life-

  • Electrical energy operates lighting to glow indoor and outdoor surroundings.
  • We use a washing machine and dishwasher to make our life easy, runs of electricity.
  • We use air conditioners or blowers to cool or warm our homes and also run-on electric energy.
  • Refrigerators help to keep our food fresh and function when plugged into an outlet.
  • Television for enjoyment uses electricity to function.
  • The furnaces or exhaust fans usually release the heat outside and also use energy to function.
  • Cell phones and laptops are an essential part of our daily life. We use them every day and need electrical energy to recharge.
  • Further, microwave, vacuum cleaner, induction stove, etc. require electric power to operate to make our life easy and maintained.

Electrical Power in Healthcare

The Healthcare field also utilizes electrical energy. There are many types of equipment technicians use to examine patients like MRIs, CT Scanners, X-Ray machines, Ultrasound machines, etc. All the healthcare equipment can only function when connected to power supply outlets. Even in the operation theatre, the doctors need powerful lighting to operate a patient with care.

Electric Energy in Transportation

We also operate energy-efficient vehicles like cars through electricity. We just have to plug these vehicles into a unique outlet device to charge the battery. After a full charge, we can drive it smoothly on the road like fuel-efficient vehicles.

We also need electricity to run trains on railway tracks that help you to reach from one part of the country to another comfortably. Airlines also depend on electric power.

Electricity In the Engineering Field

Construction of massive structures like multi-storeyed apartments, hotels, buildings, etc. needs electric energy at every stage. Also, various activities like welding, installing, construction, etc. require electric power to operate multiple machines.

For Commercial Functioning

Many factories are running across the world that majorly depend on electric power to operate their machinery. The use of electric energy starts when you enter your office to reach your floor using the lift or escalator. The lighting, air conditioner, biometric readers, etc. everything runs on electric power.

To Power the Entire City

We use electrical energy everywhere from our homes to the vehicles. Further, we are utilizing electricity to provide energy to the entire city to power street lights, street signs, traffic lights, etc.

The power lines provide electric power to streetlights, stoplights, etc. for the city’s proper functioning. These power lines get energy from power plants, hydroelectric plants, wind turbines, etc.

Moreover, green electricity or renewable electricity is an efficient way to use electric power to protect the environment. However, green electricity is not affecting the environment much seriously, but the appliances and equipment that run on electrical energy emit a considerable amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Ultimately, the environment has to suffer. Hence, we must focus on saving energy to make a healthier planet.


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