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How to Reduce Air Pollution Essay

Young readers need to come across articles such as “how to reduce air pollution essay” for them to understand the importance they play in reducing air pollution. Knowledge is the greatest power; thus, reading about the cause and spreading awareness is the first stage in bringing a change.


Introduction to Essay

Air pollution is the contamination of the atmospheric air by the presence of an unwanted substance; This is equally harmful to all living beings, be it humans or animals. The effects of air pollution are grim on society and cause numerous diseases in animals, plants, and humans.

Reduction of air pollution is not an easy task, but it is not impossible if kids take in more interest and understand that working for the environment is the biggest way to give back to the world.

Prevention of Air Pollution for Kids

The world needs little leaders to take up the path towards healthier air quality. Some of the ways to achieve this goal are listed below, making prevention of air pollution essay easy to grasp –

Identifying the Source

To eradicate any problem, the recognition of the cause is the prime step. Air pollution has several causes, and the realization of each of them is important to reduce them. The basic causes of air pollution are: –

  • Particulate matter
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Lead
  • Ground-level ozone
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Nitrogen Oxide

Maximum air pollution is caused when Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs mix with the elements mentioned above, resulting in a chemical reaction catalyzed by gasoline vapors, fumes, waste emissions from factories, and other pollutants; This has helped you recognize the very first step towards your goal. Now, as you know the causes, you will find a way to reduce them proactively.

Carpooling: An Act of Greater Good

As we already know that gases emitted from cars are one of the most evident reasons for air contamination. Automobiles contribute to ground-level ozone and increase the content of sulfur dioxide in the air as the gasoline made requires the burning of coal and oil. This, when it occurs on a large scale, around the world through millions of vehicles and automobiles, gives rise to enormous amounts of toxic fumes that degrade the air we breathe in. This air filled with smoke and chemicals is extremely dangerous for our health, and thus we need to rethink our locomotion methods.

As human beings cannot entirely do away with transportation and automobiles, Carpooling is the best sustainable alternative.

A single-vehicle for people with the same route or destination is always recommended instead of individual cars. Public transport is also an excellent alternative.

In this prevention of air pollution essay, we have discussed things that are in our hands that can be changed.

  • So, hop out of your cars and avail the carpool or the bus to save our nature.
  • Use your legs to travel shorter distances or use the cycle for a little longer distance.
  • Always think about sustainable alternatives that do not cause any sort of pollution.


As we have already learned in science, plants absorb the carbon dioxide we emit while breathing to produce the fresh oxygen we need to be alive. Trees are the basis of our existence, and they keep the environment pure.

Some plants like Gerbera Daisy, Peace Lily, and English Ivy are also known to purify the air by removing carbon monoxide. The tiny pores in plants act as a sieve and filter dangerous chemical and harmful compounds from the air. The pores absorb the toxins and clean the atmospheric air.

Planting a plant is not even a difficult process, rather a fun activity for kids and adults alike, which can save the environment.

According to a NASA study, some varieties such as bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, and Dracaena plants refine the air, giving us fresher oxygen to breathe; This, in turn, can save us from deadly diseases such as asthma, COPD, recurring cold, etc. Thus, the more the number of plants, the better. Build a garden of your very own.

Acknowledging the Power of The Sun

(In this How to reduce air pollution essay point, Kids will focus on the ultimate power i.e. Sun. They can write this point in the exam to gain extra marks.)


Our main goal is not just to reduce the existent pollution but also to see that there are substitute ways that do not cause pollution at all.

The burning and excessive use of fossil fuels give rise to toxic fumes and take away from the reserve of these non-renewable sources of energy.

Sun or solar power is an eternal source of energy that is non-polluting and very safe. Solar panels are a technological boon to society which are unique in design and easy to install. They absorb solar energy and store them to power different electronics and machines.

This, in turn, saves electricity, which is created by burning coal, which increases nitrogen and sulfur fumes in the environment. Thus, acknowledging the sun’s power and using it instead of electricity or coal or petroleum is a sustainable option that reduces air pollution.

Leading a Greener Life

Conservation is the key to a healthier and more sustainable life. The three Rs are the primary rules to live the green life, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. This is the mantra towards an environment free of pollution and wastage. Greener life is all about managing your resources and how organic you are in your daily lives. Planting more trees is the first step you take towards this journey, which is all about living to enhance the environmental conditions. Minimalistic living is not only a trendy millennial lifestyle, but it has major benefits to society at large, and thus the environment.

  • Reduce your wastage and unnecessary use of resources, reuse your existing belongings before trying to get new and choose renewable energy over exhaustive ones, and finally recycle whenever you can. There are many things in your home that can serve more than one purpose, more than a single time.
  • Be creative and come up with newer ways to use a single product. Prevention of air pollution for kids must not be educative but also fun.

Once you have begun with an environment-friendly life journey, you must be learning to be grateful to Mother Nature. Reduction of air pollution is not an easy job in this fast-moving life, but it is necessary for all living beings’ healthy existence.

The alarming Air Quality Index (AQI) in cities and towns should be the wake-up call for all citizens to take measures in whichever form to prevent the atmosphere from pollution and find sustainable ways to live their lives.

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