How to Save the Earth From Pollution?

Introduction: How to save earth from pollution?


Earth is the third planet from the sun, and till the time, it is the only planet to consider having life on it. Mother Earth is significant for living beings. It provides food, water, and means to create shelter. We should be thank-full to this beautiful and green land to provide all our survival requirements. Our earth has various ecosystems, including plants, animals, insects, reptiles, and human beings. All of these deserve the right to be on earth and live their independent life.

If considered, human beings are the most vulnerable creatures on earth because humans have exploited the things and further created the inventions that are beneficial for humankind but at the same time harming their land—excess use of fuels, cutting of plants, and killing animals results in disturbing the ecosystem. We are less prone to take care of earth and more subjected to face the consequences. Human habits have been ruining the beauty of the world for a long time. Throwing the garbage in rivers and oceans and leaving the factory residue has made the natural and pure water ruin. Furthermore, the high bass sounds of vehicles and artificial music systems have made excellent pleasure vanish.

Here, we will think about the different routes, how can we correct our habits and reduce pollution.

What is pollution?

The contamination of air, water, and sound by adding them with artificial contents which are not desirable and non-degradable is called pollution. Pollution is the main problem on earth, and it is required to end. It can cause problems for all the creatures on the land and can take their life too. The beauty gets ruined. Human beings, animals, and plants need to suffer from the experience of taking diseases and increase pandemic rates.

Pollution is an alarming sign of activities going wrong and should be undertaken as early as possible.

The different types of pollution include:

  • Noise Pollution: The release of irrelevant vibrations in the air beyond the sound limit threshold is called noise pollution. The uneasy feeling to the ears greater than the tolerable rate is the reason for the same.
  • Air Pollution: Excess gases like CO2, smoke, and dust in the air creates the contamination of the same.
  • Water Pollution: Chemicals released due to factory outlets and the garbage suspended in rivers and oceans is the reason for water contamination.
  • Land pollution: Dumping of non-degradable elements like plastic makes the land full of garbage and results in a decrease in its quality. That further leads to irregularities and increase erosion rates.
  • Radioactive Pollution: Radioactive elements are chemicals that are hazardous for living creatures. Excess use of them is not an expectable move.
  • And many more like industrial pollution, thermal pollution etc.

The release of harmful chemicals and unsuitable ingredients from the respective medium leading to the decrease of their purity and quality is the main reason behind pollution. Polluting the resources by our deeds can harm to our deeds only.

How to Save the Earth From Pollution?

Different Ways to Solve the Pollution problem and reduce the same are as follows:

Understand and prevent the cause:

Well, the fundamental way of saving mother earth is to stop the activities causing pollution. The reasons are mentioned above, using the alternatives for them is the smart move to reduce pollution. Other options include:

  • Preventing the release of factory wastes in rivers and oceans. (Else purify them before releasing into water bodies).
  • Stop creating unnecessary noise, including continuous vehicle horns.
  • Stop playing offbeat music, nearby hospitals, schools, and societies.
  • Reduce the use of plastic.

Reuse and Recycle: Don’t throw everything that is not required at the moment and buy new. Try recycling and using the available material again and again. Especially stop purchasing plastic and throwing it.

Use sustainable, eco-friendly articles: Try using wood, cotton clothes, and other eco-friendly material. Plastic bags should be strictly excluded. Use paper bags and cloth bags for shopping purposes.

Save water and electricity:

  1. Don’t use excess water than your required amount.
  2. Turn off the continuously flowing taps when not in use.
  3. Don’t throw the water in canals. If it is chemically free, give it to plants.
  4. Turn off the room lights when you aren’t there.
  5. Don’t keep your phones, laptops, and other charging gadgets on charging when full.

Use less fuel:

  1. Use bicycles and walk a mile if the distance is coverable.
  2. Do bike if you are alone else drive sharing the seats.
  3. Don’t keep your vehicles on while you stop somewhere talking or for any other reasons.

Depend on renewable resources: Use solar power for hot water than geezer or gas. Try using solar electrical panels over the roof of monumental buildings and houses. Prepare the setup of rain-water harvesting on your terrace. Make more use of bio-fuels than LPG, Petrol, and diesel. Renewable sources are the best way to handle pollution.

Spread Awareness:

  1. If you are working to save the mother earth from pollution, share the same message with your friends, family, and relatives.
  2. Educate others to learn the need for pollution control.
  3. Make them understand the ozone layer depletion and other facts. If everyone joins this revolution, it will make an evolution.

Make sure you buy correct: Buy the right articles and food ingredients, keeping in mind the nature factor.

Stay aware when you are out: When you are on a picnic or family tour to some destination, don’t throw the rappers and other garbage at those places. Carry them with you and through in proper disposal vents. In a train, bus or car, don’t through the tissues, papers, or snack packets out of the window. Make sure every time you use the proper disposal method.

Stay Consistent: Learning terrible habits is much comfortable than making good habits. It isn’t easy to stay on the principles. Heroism suggests behaving without rules. But this attitude is entirely wrong with protecting the earth. Stay polite and consistent. Your little contribution will help to rescue the world from the devil named pollution.

Let us make a promise to abide by some protocols to contribute out little efforts to save the mother earth from pollution.


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