The Pollution is when something is added to our environment which is poisonous or harmful to all living things. Earth reminder focuses on all these aspects of pollution to bring out best articles in a simplified form.

Causes of Water Pollution

Causes of Water Pollution We all know that water is an essential element of our life. We cannot live without…

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Marine Pollution: Types, Causes, Effects & Prevention | Earth Reminder

Marine Pollution – A Big Threat to the Environment The Earth is covered with almost 2/3rd of its portion with…

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Climate Change Effects, Causes and Solutions

MEANING AND DEFINITION Climate change effects are one of the greatest crises the mankind is facing. Let’s just understand what…

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What are the causes of the earthquake and its impact on Earth?

Earthquake if one of the disastrous natural calamities that have a great impact on the earth and its living beings.…

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Water Treatment Plant and Its Importance to Earth

Water is one of the important natural resources on Earth. Water is the second necessary substance after air which is…

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What are the Causes and Effects of Soil Pollution? – Prevention of Soil Pollution

Today pollution has become a very thoughtful topic to think. As we all have heard this word β€œpollution” many times…

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Pollution – Causes and Effects | How to Control Pollution

WHAT IS POLLUTION? Anything in excess is dangerous such as medicines, alcohol or even food and water itself. Pollution also…

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