Rainy Season Essay for Kids From Class 3 to 6

This article is for children from class 3 to class 6 on Rainy Season Essay with important points.

The rainy season is an interesting topic and it is for the kids who are looking to write an essay on the rainy season. It is in simple English within the understanding level of kids from age 6 to 15 years.

Best Rainy Season Essay for Kids

This rainy season essay will also help kids to write important points in their exams or essay writing competitions. It is recommended for students of class 3 to class 6 respectively.

rainy season essay for kids and students

Introduction to Rainy Season Essay

The rainy season is a favorite season for most people, especially kids. Everyone has a story to tell when it comes to the rainy season. It brings happiness and joy to it.

Rainy season is also known as monsoon season. It starts after the harsh weather of the summer season. Everyone eagerly waits for the rainy season to enjoy the rainfall; This season lasts for a few months usually from June to September every year. It must be noted that time varies from country to country.

The intensity of rainfall also varies from one region to another depending on the locations and climatic conditions. Some regions on the Earth receive less annual rainfall like a desert and some regions receive heavy rainfall.

Highest Rainfall Region on the Earth

Do you know that which is the highest rainfall region on the Earth? Well, Mawsynram is known to have the highest average rainfall in the world. It receives average rainfall up to 11,871 mm annually. It is located in Meghalaya, India. The local people of Mawsynram village use grass to soundproof their huts during the rainy season.

After Mawsynram, Cherrapunji is the second-highest region of the planet in terms of average annual rainfall. It receives up to 11,777 mm annual rainfall. Cherrapunji is also located in Meghalaya, India.

Formation of Rain

Wondering What Causes Rain?

The water droplets that fall from clouds known as rain. It is an interesting story to know about the formation of rain. The rain formation is a water cycle that starts from the Earth’s surface to the atmosphere and then back to the surface.

The sun vaporizes the water from various water bodies (like oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.) into the atmosphere. Once this water vapor cools down it changes into water droplets forming clouds. These water droplets combine in the clouds to form bigger droplets. When the water droplets become too heavy then they fall on the ground in the form of rain.

You must have seen the rain falls when there are dark clouds. Well, the cloud that causes rain appears dark because they are full of heavy water droplets. These heavy droplets block the sunlight to fall on the ground and hence the day appears darker.

Rainy Season and Rainbow

Rainbow is an amazing view that appears in the rainy season. Rainbow is a formation of seven colors- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. These seven colors are known as VIBGYOR.

However, it is difficult to see all the colors of a rainbow with open eyes. We can see only three primary colors i.e. red, yellow and blue in a rainbow. The rest four colors i.e. violet, indigo, green, orange, and red are secondary colors and thus we cannot see these colors with open eyes.

essay on rainy season from class 3 to class 6

The concept of the rainbow was discovered by Issac Newton in 1666. This concept says that when sunlight passes through a triangular glass or prism, it splits into seven colors i.e. VIBGYOR. The formation of a rainbow is based on Newton’s concept.

After rainfall, the atmosphere is filled with water droplets. When sunlight passes through these droplets, it splits into seven colors i.e. VIBGYOR. As a result, we see a stunning colorful ring in the sky known as the rainbow.

Sometimes it appears two rainbows in the sky after it rains. The one is a primary rainbow and the other is a secondary rainbow. This happens due to the double reflection of sunlight through water droplets. However, this phenomenon is very rare to happen in the sky.

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Importance of Rainy Season

Rainfall is a natural source of water and water is the basic need for our life including plants, animals and all the living organisms. Rainy season or monsoon season plays an important role in the environment.

Students and kids can write these points in the exam or in their essay writing competition to grab extra marks. Some of the benefits of rainy season are as follows –

  • Rainwater penetrates the ground increasing the level of groundwater. Groundwater is one of the main sources of water used for irrigation purposes.
  • The small ponds and rivers get plenty of water that was dried up due to the harsh climate in the summer season.
  • Rain helps to maintain the balance of moisture in the atmosphere to keep the Earth’s temperature in a balanced equation.
  • Rain is a natural source of drinking water. It fulfills almost 90% of the world’s demand for drinking water.
  • Balanced rain allows you to plant more trees and to reduce pollution as a whole.
  • Monsoon season is important for the farmers. Monsoon directly affects the production of crops.
  • The agriculture enhancement due to monsoon increases the progress of a country’s economy.
  • Monsoon season minimizes the chances of drought situations.
  • Rain gives you a healthy environment to breathe fresh.
Good knowledge about rainy season essay for class 4 and class 5 kids too
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Drawbacks of Rainy Season

Though monsoon is related to many advantages to humankind and the environment sometimes it creates unwanted troubles; This season has some drawbacks that affects our daily life.

Students and kids can write these points in their rainy season essays to show their understanding and logical level of thinking. Few drawbacks of monsoon are –

  • When we think about the drawback of the rainy season, the flood comes first in our mind. Heavy rainfall creates flood situations that affect many people.
  • Flood hampers communication and electricity patterns for affecting our daily life.
  • Flood also affects the agricultural field by destroying the crops.
  • Poor monsoon leads to weaker crop production. On the other hand, excessive rainfall recorded in a particular year may also affect crop production adversely. Hence, it is very important that rainfall occurs on a balanced level.
  • Excess rainfall increases the chances of overflow from river banks. As a result, many people living close to the river banks have to migrate to other places as a preventive measure.
  • Soil erosion is also connected to rainfall. Soil erosion through rainfall is observed maximum in those areas where the plants and trees are very less in numbers.
  • Rainwater affects the drainage system, especially during heavy rainfall. If the drainage system is poor, the rainwater may cause huge trouble to the surroundings.
  • After rainfall, the water may fill in the low land areas such as pits. This stagnant water in pits increases the chances of mosquitoes and other insects.
  • These insects may cause various diseases to us. For example – malaria, dengue, dysentery, etc.
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Rainy Season Essay Conclusion

The rainy season is the most joyful season of the year. This season brings lush green landscapes to the environment. It turns the plants and trees into the green that enhances the beauty of the planet. The environment gets many advantages from rain but sometimes it leads to some hazardous incidents. For example – flood.

We need to manage the rainwater properly to control floods to save the environment from the bad effects of rains. As preventive measures, we can build more dams and plant more trees, etc. to manage rainwater properly.

Share this rainy day season essay with friends and let them understand in detail about the rainfall.

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