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Save Water Essay for Kids and Students

An essay on save water save life that will help students and kids to prepare for the exams

Save water is an essential topic for the students to prepare for the examination and even to be taken on serious notes in real life. Save water essay is common for the children of age group 7 to 15 years.


We have written ‘Save Water Essay for Kids’ in English. The students of class 3 to 8 can take help from this article to prepare for the exam. We have included important points in this essay that will help the students to score well in their examination and competition.

Save Water Essay

Introduction to Save Water Essay

Mother Earth has given many gifts to us, and water is one of those precious gifts. It is quite hard to imagine our life without water. Water is needed for all the plants and organisms to survive on this planet. 

Earth is known as a blue planet due to a tremendous amount of water content. Almost 70% of Earth’s surface contains water, but we can use only about 3.5% of water. This 3.5% usable water is known as freshwater that we get from rivers, ponds, groundwater, reservoirs, etc.

The unfortunate thing is that the freshwater sources are ending up slowly. This is a big reason to worry that may lead to a water crisis in the future generations. It has been assumed by the experts that by 2050, the increased population will result in a 19% increase in agricultural water consumption.  

The consumption of water is increasing day by day with an increase in population. Simultaneously we need to save the water to avoid scarcity of water that may be caused due to unlimited use of water. Save water does not only mean to fill our reservoirs but also save water from pollution.

Why is it important to save water?

‘Save Water Save Life’! It is not just a slogan. It has a dire message for the whole world to understand the seriousness of water conservation. The students can write these points in the examination to brief the importance of saving water.

  • Water is one of the main constituents of life as it is our basic need to alive.
  • We use water in different ways from the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night. For example- drinking, washing, bathing, cooking, etc. 
  • Water is not only important to humans, but it is a blessing for wildlife as well. Every individual species on the planet need water to survive.
  • The agricultural activities majorly depend on the water supply to fulfill our food requirements.
  • Controlling water pollution also comes with underwater conservation. Polluted water may lead to various diseases to humans and animals too. 
  • Many lands used to be fertile, but due to scarcity of water, these lands are losing their fertility and transforming into barren lands. 
  • From a biological point of view, water is vital for our body as it helps in regulating our body temperature. 
  • Water helps to boost our immune system and keep our body hydrated.
  • Water also performs a vital role in detoxifying our body. It helps to get rid of toxins from our body through sweating and in the form of urine as well.
  • Water helps the plants and trees to grow, which is very important for a healthy environment. 
  • Water is also needed for power generation, which is an integral part of human life. 
  • Indeed water is a priceless natural resource given by Mother Earth. Do not just waste it. Every single drop is precious, save it and save a life.

As per a report by the United Kingdom-based Ellen MacArthur Foundation – If the water pollution continues at the current rate then by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fishes. Hence, we should save water for sure. Still, simultaneously we need to control water pollution (especially plastic pollution in water resources).


How can we save water?

Sometimes students have to write “save water save life essay” in the examination. they can add these points to make their essay informative. 

Ideas to save water in our daily life-

  1. Turn off the water taps properly after use.
  2. If there is leakage in any pipe, make sure to mend it properly.
  3. We can shut off the sprinkler system when it is raining.
  4. Watering the plants should be done in the evening, it minimizes the evaporation process.
  5. Try to reuse the water already used (if possible). For example- hand wash water can be used for watering plants in the garden. 
  6. We can also install canals on our rooftops so that rainwater can be used for household purposes like watering plants, toilet flushing, etc.  
  7. Make sure to wash your vehicle in a water-efficient way to avoid unnecessary wastage of water.
  8. We should use “water can” instead of “hosepipe” for the watering of plants as it will save more water.
  9. Use the full capacity of the washing machine and dishwasher to minimize water consumption.
  10. Believe it or not but the use of shower wastes more water than the traditional way of bathing with a bucket full of water.
  11. We can save water through rainwater harvesting.
  12. Running water can also be stored by making dams.
  13. Stop water pollution to save water from contaminants, toxins, and chemicals, etc.
  14. Spreading awareness is an excellent idea to save water. You can raise awareness about the importance of water, water pollution, conservation of water, etc. in your friends, family, locality, etc.
  15. Educating children about water conservation is also crucial as they are our next generations. They also need to be aware of one of the biggest environmental issues we are going through.
  16. You can also be a part of the water conservation program and cooperate in ‘save water movement’.

We celebrate “World Water Day” on 22nd March every year. It is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about water conservation. You can make a group with your friends organize your own events like raising awareness about this global issue, cleaning up the river banks or beaches, etc.

Celebrate world water day by contributing little effort from you. Your small step will surely make a big difference in the mission of saving water save life.

Save Water Essay Conclusion

‘No life without water’. Conservation of water is needed to save a life, to protect the environment and eventually to save the planet. We need to make efforts to conserve water to secure our present and more importantly, our future also.

Mother Earth has done a lot for us so far. Now, this is our turn to protect mother earth from destruction. Still, we have some hope. We can safeguard what remains we have for the betterment of mankind and the environment as a whole.

Remember Save Water Save Life!

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