Baby Pigeon: How I saved an Injured Pigeon

Baby Pigeon Care

Real Story of saving and caring for a injured pigeon: (Our Family Member)


I rescued a pigeon at the beginning of January 2019 who was stuck in a kite string. We found the baby pigeon in the office premises. I and my colleagues took that pigeon to the nearest veterinarian and got his wounds cleaned.

The doctor said it is now very difficult for the baby bird to fly as his wing is now broken, this baby pigeon will be handicapped for life. We kept this bird in the office for one week but I noticed that due to the professional environment I am not able to take care of him. The bird was in a box most of the time.


I decided to adopt this baby bird and care for him for the rest of his life and will be his caretaker. I will be using “him” instead of “it” as I feel he is family.

Many times, his broken wounds started bleeding so I had to rush to the nearest Vet to get the wound cleaned. The doctor prescribed some medicine and antibiotics to heal the bird completely.

We prayed for his speedy recovery and day by day baby pigeon’s health improved and he got out of fear from us and started considering us as a family. Check this video for full journey till now.

 At first, he went to all the rooms to familiarize every place and then became habitual to the homely environment, then after a few months, he gained the confidence to interact with us.

Then he started saying in pigeon voice “coo” “coo”. That was the best moment for all of us.

As he was recovering at a fast pace, new beautiful feathers started to grow from the broken wound (which was healed in all these months).

We have tried him to fly high but unfortunately, because of the broken wing, he can only take high burst jump from one place to another.

We as a family took care of him and tried different bird food for him. Proper hygiene was maintained around him. My mom named him “Chunnu”.

I have blurred the wounds in the pic – Injured bird care

We get him checked on a regular basis. I also watch many other videos based on birds and pigeons to understand him better.

He started taking bath in the small tub we prepared for him with adequate water temperature. After a few months, this cute little bird grew up and started using his bird skills like moving fast, running like flash, powerful defensive reflexes, high jumping, etc.

Now he moves around the house freely and we don’t stop him from going anywhere because now he feels homely.

Pigeon care

Most of the time my chunnu (pigeon bird) sits with me and doesn’t go anywhere else and keep playing with me. I make sure that his day went with entertainment. I also try new things to keep him active and energetic.

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You can check the video I made from the very first incident I got this baby pigeon till the present time living like a family member. There will be times where you will see him in a cage for a short period of time that is just for his protection from the stray cats and eagles as he cannot fly or protect himself quickly. I put him in a cage after he takes bath for some sun soaking and fresh air so that he doesn’t feel traped in the house all the time and otherwise he moves freely inside. I will be making more videos of his activities in the future.

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