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Sound Pollution Essay For Kids

This article is for kids for all classes on noise or sound pollution essay and how they can prevent it.

Sound pollution is an important topic to be taken on priorities for the protection of the environment. This essay on sound pollution in English will help kids and students to understand the sound pollution in detail.

Best Sound Pollution Essay for Kids

Sound pollution essay for kids and children

We have written the essay, having in mind the knowledge level of children from ages 6 to 15. It is helpful for kids of all classes (ranging from class 3, class 4 to class 8) who want to achieve good marks on noise or sound pollution essay.

Introduction to Sound Pollution Essay

Sound Pollution or Noise Pollution is an environmental issue. It has increased a lot over the past few years, with an increasing rate of industrialization and urbanization. Day to day increasing rate of sound pollution is affecting the normal lifestyle of humans as well as wildlife.

Various sources of sound pollution disturb and imbalance the environment adversely. It is not only affecting the land but also causing harmful effects underwater in seas and oceans through submarines, ships, oil drills, seismic tests, etc. The marine life is equally getting disturbs by noise pollution.

What is Sound Pollution?

The high pitched and unpleasant sound that can cause adverse effects on living organisms is known as sound pollution. Decibel is the measuring unit of sound. 

As per the guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization), the sound levels below 70 dB is bearable and do not cause harmful effects on living organisms. However, exposure to high-level sounds causes hazardous effects on living beings. 

If a living organism is exposed to high pitched sound (maybe more than 85 dB) for more than 8 hours, it may cause harmful effects. 

If you work in an environment where the sound level is more than 85 dB, and you have spent more than 8 hours there, then chances are you will become a victim of sound pollution very soon. 

Causes of Sound Pollution

Students who are writing an essay on noise or sound pollution can write below points to grab the attention of teachers and get high marks –

  • Various industries are playing a major role in causing sound pollution. The sound coming from heavy machines and equipment like generators, grinding mills, compressors, exhaust fans, etc. contributes a lot to causing noise pollution.
  • Public transportation is majorly responsible for causing environmental pollution, whether it is air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, or noise pollution.
  • Social events are also responsible for causing sound pollution. For example – parties, pubs, disco, marriage, places of worship, market place, etc. are different sources of sound pollution.  
  • Certain agricultural activities that involve the usage of machinery cause noise pollution.
  • Construction activities generate a huge level of sound that enhances noise pollution. Construction activities related to buildings, apartments, flyovers, etc. are increasing every day across the world, affecting the environment.
  • Noise pollution sources are not only restricted to industries, construction works, social events, etc. but are also getting caused through household activities through different equipment and appliances inside our houses. It might affect pet animals or birds.
  • We use various home appliances such as mixer grinders, vacuum cleaners, dryers, coolers, televisions, etc. that all ultimately contribute to sound pollution.
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Harmful Effects of Sound Pollution

Below are the points that will add more weightage to the sound or noise pollution essay. All are in points for easy understanding –

Essay on sound and noise pollution for kids and students
  • Continuous exposure of loud sounds for a long time can damage our eardrums. In some severe cases, it may cause loss of hearing power permanently.
  • Sometimes people may suffer from Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a hearing problem in which a person feels ringing or buzzing sound in his ear. Tinnitus may last for a few hours, or it may affect a person causing the permanent issue.
  • Noise pollution also affects our physiological health; This is why behavioral changes are quite common in people these days. For example – Excessive stress, hypertension, aggressiveness, fatigue, etc.
  • It may also cause sleeping disorders to those people who work in a loud and noisy workplace such as industries.
  • The sleeping disorder may lead to a high irritation level and uncomfortable feeling in any situation.
  • Long term exposure to sound pollution can cause some serious health issues like cardiovascular disease, imbalance in blood pressure level, etc.
  • The high-level sound may also interrupt people while communicating with each other. 
  • It also leads to headaches and may even cause emotional imbalance.
  • Wildlife also has to face a lot of problems due to sound pollution.
  • The animals depend on sounds and hearing sensation for their survival. Still, high decibel sounds disrupt their hearing sensation causing unwanted threats of predators.
  • Behavioral changes are also observed in animals as an effect of sound pollution.
  • It affects the reproduction of animals quite severely. Due to noise pollution, the animals usually unable to hear mating calls, and eventually, it affects their population rate.
  • It also creates problems in the communication of wild animals, etc.
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What are the Preventive Measures for Sound Pollution?

Kids of all classes can write control measures in their sound pollution essay, as it will show that children understand about the topic and know how to prevent it –

  • At first, we should start controlling sound pollution from our home. We should minimize the use of home appliances. If using, then the door should be appropriately locked to reduce the adverse effects of noise pollution.
  • Try to minimize the sound pollution in your workplace. If it is not possible, then try to mitigate its effects. For example – if you are working on a construction site, then you can use earplugs to reduce the heavy sound impact.
  • Electronic equipment and appliances should also be used at a minimal rate. It will not only help in controlling noise pollution but also help in saving energy.
  • While listening to music, radio, or television makes sure the volume is not too loud. You can also use headphones to minimize sound pollution.
  • You can minimize the effects of sound pollution (loud noise that comes from outside near your surroundings) by simply closing your windows. 
  • As sound pollution is related to various health issues (especially in the case of senior citizens), hence you can move into a peaceful area to avoid its effects.
  • We all know that trees play an essential role in environmental protection. Similarly, trees also help in reducing sound pollution as it acts as a natural sound barrier. Hence, we should plant more and more trees to control sound pollution.
  • You can choose electric cars or motorbikes to reduce sound pollution.
  • Make sure to lubricate and maintain your equipment or machinery so that it can work in good condition without causing any unpleasant sound.
  • Old automobiles are also responsible for causing too much noise. You can replace your old automobiles with a new one to prevent sound pollution.
  • Avoid using horns of your vehicles unnecessary to help the community staying peacefully.
  • You can practice meditation at home to deal with the harmful effects.
  • Controlling events and activities with loud sounds will help a lot to treat sound pollution.
  • There should be strict rules and regulations to mitigate noise pollution. Everyone should strictly follow the govt—regulations to make a peaceful world.
  • Educate kids and other people about it. Raise awareness about the harmful effects and causes of high sound. Also, share the preventive measures to control such a big environmental issue.
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Noise or Sound Pollution Essay Conclusion

With the growing trends of development, the risk factors of sound pollution are also increasing at higher rates. Sound pollution has become one of the biggest problems in our society these days.

Since human-made reasons majorly cause sound pollution, hence we need to take the initiative to implement preventive measures to control sound pollution. We should work at individual levels to deal with sound pollution to help the environment.    

We have written sound or noise pollution essay close to 1000 words. If you like it, do share it with other students and children. Also, reply in the comment section for adding more points.

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