Different Types of Forest Trees

Trees that grow in the forest

Trees in forest: It is a known fact that our planet Earth is 71% water, and the rest is covered in green. These small patches of green consist of mountains and valleys, and flat surfaces. From this, 31% belongs to forests.


These forests have different types of trees, various species, and animals attracted to this wildlife. Forest trees are one of the great sources of producing raw materials.

The wood from these trees is used to make different wood products and processing wood pulp into paper products. Different types of trees grow in different forest zones. These forests exist in dry, cold, and hot climates. There are three major types in which trees grow:

  1. Tropical Forests
  2. Temperate Forests
  3. Boreal Forests

What Are the Main Types of Forest Trees?

So, Let’s look at various kinds of trees in a forest and their impact on the environment and economy-


Indian Mahogany

The scientific name for Mahogany is Swietenia mahagoniThis tree species is commonly found in the United States, Cuban and southwest part of the Asian Continent.

These small-leaved trees can grow up to 30-35 meters tall.

This tree’s bark is smooth and grey when it is younger and then turn darker as they age. Same as the bark, its leaves also show signs of changes when they grow.

The leaves can be pinkish at the start and then turn light green and darker as they mature. Mahogany trees can grow in temperate forests, but this tree prefers to grow in a tropical climate.

Uses of Indian Mahogany Tree

These types of forest trees can be beneficial for multiple purposes, and one of them is for medicinal use. The bark of this tree extracts fluid used as an astringent, which is beneficial in healing wounds.

Its fluid is also used to cure illnesses like malaria, anemia, diarrhea, and fever. Not only its bark has medicinal value, but its leaves also contain several limonoids and different types of 2-hydroxy-3-O-tigloylswietenolide and deacetylsecomahoganin.

Wood Purposes

The wood acquired from this tree helps make furniture, fixtures, boat, caskets, etc. The wood of these type of trees are popular for making musical instruments—for example, Drums, Guitar, Veena, etc.

The Black Walnut Forest Tree


The Black Walnut is also botanically known as Juglans Nigra. As the name denotes, it belongs to the Walnut family.

As per the census, this tree is very important for commercial purposes. Its fruit and walnut are cultivated for food. Due to its attractiveness and strength of the woods, this is a type of forest tree that is highly used for wood working.

Nutritional purposes

The Black Walnut tree produces nutritious and delicious walnuts. These walnuts are harvested in America, mostly from Missouri.

These nuts can be used in ice-creams, bakery goods, etc. Its high levels of proteins can be used as a garnishing element in your food.

Wood Uses

Its bark is diamond-shaped in grey-black color. Wood from this tree is used for ornamental purposes because of its attractive pattern and deep color.

It is also used for building furniture, flooring, paddles, and other wood products.

Banyan Tree


The banyan tree is known to be the national tree of India. This tree has large canopy and Ariel roots. Its botanical name is Ficus Benghalensis. 

Hindus and Buddhists traditionally worship this tree as it represents life and fertility. Banyan tree prefers to grow in a tropical climate and can grow up to 20 meters.

An interesting fact about Banyan Trees is that the oldest tree is still alive and located in Kolkata (City in India). The crown of this tree is so vast that it can provide shade to almost half of the Villagers.

Health Benefits

This tree provides various health benefits. Its leaves soaked in water, and consuming it can treat diarrhoea or chewing it can prevent from decaying your teeth.

Banyan Tree anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can treat fungal infections. Its roots can help in treating sugar levels in your blood. It is proven to lower cholesterol and can boost immunity.

Wood Uses

Its wood can be used for creating a paper. The wood of the Banyan Tree is traditionally used as firewood.

The English Oak


The English Oak is native to West Europe and grows in well-watered soil. These types of forest trees are known to be long-lived and spreading their crown and roots.

The English Oak is scientifically known as Quercus roburIt is also widely known as Common oak, truffle oak, etc. This tree also belongs as a species of a flower plantation.

Uses of English Oak

Its leaves and flower are used for ornamental purposes. Its leaves can vary from dark green to blue-green.

English Oak leaves are used as medicines as well. It can be used as an ailment for treating diarrhoea, reducing inflammation, and kidney stones.

Apart from its uses, it also poses some threats to human life. Oak processionary moths are found in this tree. Its moth hair can be toxic to humans. It can cause itching and respiratory problems.

Wood Uses

The wood from this oak tree is used to make furniture, construct houses, and various other products.

Gulmohar Forest Trees


Gulmohar trees are one of the most beautiful trees found in India. It is also known as the flame tree because of its flowers, which have an orange texture.

This tree grows in tropical and sub-tropical forest zones. The flowers from this tree have been traditionally used for ornamental purposes.

Gulmohar trees prefer to grow in the open area since it spreads their crown, which might not be suitable for patios or individual lots. Its Botanical name is Delonix Regia.

Uses of Gulmohar trees

Wood from this type of forest tree is used as fuel and the flowers to produce bee forage.

It also produces soluble-gum from its bark, which is used as the binder in the manufacturing of tablets and textile industries.

One of the beautiful trees also has its medicinal uses. Its Anti-diabetic and anti-microbial properties can be helpful for mankind.

Baobob Forest Tree


As funny as the name sounds, it is known as Monkey bread or Dead Rat Tree. These trees are native to Madagascar, Africa, and Australia.

Baobob Tree is known to be a live tree because it completes every need in your life. It provides shelter, food, water in African regions. Its botanical name is Adansonia.

Uses Baobob Tree

The roots of this tree are used to make red dye and its bark in making the ropes and various other products.

Baobob Tree leaves contain high medicinal properties; It helps to reduce fever and boost immunity. This tree also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in digestion, and its anti-oxidant properties can treat illnesses like anemia and asthma.

Mountain Ash Eucalyptus


This medium-sized species is known for its swamp gum or gooey gum. It is mainly found in Tasmania, Australia. This tree can range from 1-2 meters in height. It is scientifically known as Eucalyptus regnans.

Uses of Mountain Ash Eucalyptus

There are various benefits of using Mountain Ash. It can help treat kidney problems, diarrhoea, inflammation, and people with vitamin C deficiency. It also helps in reducing swelling from different parts of the body.

Wood Uses

Mountain Ashwood is claimed to be easy to work with. It has a blonde texture, which is used in making furniture, flooring, paneling, etc.

If you like this article, share it with your friends and raise awareness of these trees that grow in the forest. Do proper research and studies before applying any benefits of a tree to your personal life.

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