Vehicle Pollution Essay For Students

Air Pollution From Vehicles Essay

Vehicle pollution essay is the best way for students to show concern towards our earth. This essay has been written keeping in mind the understanding level of kids from classes 3 to 6.


Vehicle Pollution Essay Introduction

If you were somehow teleported to the early days of human civilization, you would observe a number of things. The sky would be as blue as the ocean, the ground beneath you would feel much cooler. But the most drastic change you would sense would be the quality of air; it would feel a lot cleaner. The reason is that there is no vehicle pollution.

You went from a world with over a billion vehicles to one with none. Despite being one of the most brilliant inventions made by man, vehicles have caused a lot of negative effects in our world. There has been a massive increase in air pollution ever since the 1950s when automobiles became increasingly common. Vehicle pollution is more prevalent in large cities than rural regions and can be proved by how common diseases like migraine, asthma, and bronchitis are here.

Below is the essay on vehicle pollution problems and solutions:

Effects of Air Pollution from Vehicles:

Global Warming:

Every minute, every second, the earth is heating up. The cause of this cannot be possibly pinpointed at anything specifically. But, the burning of fuels for cooking and automobiles are the leading cause. Vehicles traditionally use fossil fuels to run and produce carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur dioxide amongst other toxic gases. These gases are termed greenhouse gases. They get their name from the “greenhouse effect”- a phenomenon is seen in greenhouses (sunlight enters in, but heat cannot escape outside).

Similarly, these gases produce a greenhouse effect by depleting the ozone layer and then trapping the sun’s heat inside the atmosphere. Over time, the atmosphere accumulates hotter and hotter gases. This is global warming, and it is happening constantly.

The greenhouse effect has thousands of impacts, examples are melting of the polar ice caps and higher drought rates. Apart from the greenhouse gases, automobiles also produce smoke, dirty air, and other dust particles which cause severe respiratory diseases.

Another important effect is the depletion of the ozone layer which allows UV radiation to reach the earth’s surface. This causes deadly illnesses and even mutations in humans and animals which can be life-threatening.

Poor Health:

Apart from the above-mentioned illnesses, air pollution from vehicles leads to the poor quality of air which can lead to multiple problems. Vehicles produce many more lethal chemicals like carbon monoxide and even lead particles. It cannot be put into words how insanely dangerous both these substances are for a person.

Carbon monoxide is formed when there is not enough oxygen present in the air. Examples of such circumstances can be a closed driveway, wherein the absence of air the vehicle release carbon monoxide. Inhalation of even 0.1% of carbon monoxide will cause an immediate reduction in levels of oxygen in the body.

This gas tends to mix itself with the red pigment hemoglobin in the blood and form carboxyhemoglobin. This chemical is transported to organs like the heart and brain and reduces oxygen levels there too.

Eventually, a person will get dizzy, and an even higher concentration will fall unconscious and a step away from death. Lead particles from car exhausts cause a slow death. No symptoms will be seen until a high concentration is achieved in the body, and it is impossible to detect at lower concentrations.


The Presence of lead in the body will severely hamper development in children, cause vomiting and even seizures. In adults, it will lead to eventual brain damage and cause high blood pressure, mood disorders, and miscarriages.

The health factor is so critical in some places that people have to wear masks to avoid inhaling these gases. Air pollution in India is estimated to kill about 2 million people annually; it’s the fifth-largest killer in India. Air pollution has become a major issue in China and poses a threat to the public’s health.

In 2016, only 84 out of 338 cities attained the national standard for air quality. Tehran, the capital of Iran, is also rated as one of the most polluted cities on the globe. Parts of the city are often covered by smog especially in the winter time, causing widespread pulmonary illnesses. It is estimated that about 27 people die each day from pollution-related diseases Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, has the world’s cleanest air according to the latest World Air Quality Report.

Reduced Tourism Due to Air Pollution:

When planning a vacation or a foreign trip, most people choose to visit places that are scenic, safe, and clean. If given the choice between Beijing, which has a lot of air pollution, and Switzerland, a country with excellent air quality, more people will select Switzerland.

Tourists will prioritize their health and visit places that have good air conditions. Hence, places with bad air conditions will suffer from economical loss since tourism is a huge source of money for any nation.

Apart from this, all countries identify air pollution as a serious concern. A nation that does very little to clean up its cities and reduce vehicular/air pollution is looked down upon. This gives the country a bad reputation at the global level and also weakens its relations with other nations.

Solutions To Reduce the Vehicle Pollution:

To become a developed country, reducing air pollution is an essential step on the ladder to success.


Too many people are ignorant about the dangers of air pollution, despite millions losing their lives to it each year. The key step in stopping the atmosphere from getting worse is to be aware. Carrying out civic education by government departments and non-governmental organizations can play a great role in educating society. Teaching people how the world can be a much better place without dirty air is important.

An effective method in awareness is including these topics in children’s school curriculum so that the next generation of adults is much aware than the earlier. But the most important step is to have a sense of responsibility and to act upon it.

Stop Importing Old Vehicles:

The more a vehicle ages, the more harmful gases it produces increase. An old car produces much more gases than a new car, and therefore will cause more air pollution too. If the importation and selling of aged automobiles stop, the number of old vehicles on the road will decrease too.

Apart from that, old vehicles are more likely to have accidents than new ones. It is common for some people to have sentimental reasons for keeping an old car or vehicle. But even a non-running car has its environmental impacts!

Alternative Methods:

People who live close by and go to work close too can carpool. Doing so will decrease the number of vehicles on the road, produce less gas, and in the long term- help save the earth! Another option is to use public transport, such as a bus. Walking, or riding a cycle are other healthy choices that will also be a good form of exercise!


We have not discovered any other planet capable of sustaining life yet, except for our own. This means that until we do find another hospitable world, Earth is our only option. It is wise to protect it while we still can. Share this air pollution from vehicles essay with friends and other students and help them to understand earth importance.

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