Ways to Stop Climate Change

Stop climate change before it changes you

Best ways to stop climate change

We must understand how can we stop climate change

Climate change is a global issue that we need to treat with the coordination of every single helping hand. Many people have a perception that global warming and climate change are a similar term. This is not correct as – climate change is caused due to global warming whereas global warming is the rise in the temperature of our planet more than the usual one. From the past few decades, global warming has increased to a high level due to various reasons.

Greenhouse emissions are mainly boosting the process of global warming. Our daily activities are increasing the temperature of the Earth day by day creating the worst climatic conditions on the planet. Greenhouse gases are not the only reason for global warming and climate change but some other reasons also contribute such as deforestation, population growth, spoiling the marine ecosystem, etc.

If we look at the effects of climate change, there are many of them. Climate changes are affecting every corner of our planet in various ways such as the melting of glaciers and increasing the sea levels, extinction of various species, acidifications of the seas, observation in the changing of the ecosystem & increase of desertification, violent weather phenomena, etc.

Best Ways to Stop Climate Change

We have discussed a lot about the causes and effects of climate change but now we need to find out the solutions to deal with it. Every small contribution will be counted, so be a part of the mission to stop climate change –

We must stop climate change
  • Need to Control the Use of Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuel is one of the main reasons for climate change. The fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas, etc.) when burn releases CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas mainly and many other greenhouse gases. Now the amount of carbon dioxide has been increased a lot in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide can hold the heat from the Sun and thus the Earth is becoming warm day by day. If we can minimize the use of fossil fuels, we can stop climate change somehow.

  • Stop Deforestation

We all are very well aware of the importance of plants and trees for the environment. We cannot deny the importance of trees in climate regulation on the planet. Trees help in balancing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to make our planet a healthy place to survive.

Unfortunately, we are losing our natural treasure just to fulfill our selfish demand such as industrialization, urbanization, agricultural needs, etc. We all should work together to plant more trees and by stopping the cutting down of trees. If we can grow more trees, it will help to balance the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment and thus helps to stop climate change.

  • Save Energy

We all are facing the problem of climate change across the world. Excessive pollution is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for climate change. We can control pollution somehow by saving energy. Everyone can contribute by accepting a few small changes in their daily lifestyle.

  1. You should switch to the energy-efficient light bulbs.
  2. Do not forget to unplug your PC, TV, Phone and other electronic items when they are not in use.
  3. Always check the energy star label while buying new appliances.
  4. You should install a heat pump to your home which will work quite efficiently by transferring energy from one place to another.
  5. In summer, try to keep your home cool as much as you can to avoid the use of ACs.
  6. Try to hang-dry your clothes whenever possible, use dryers only when it is required.
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  • Say ‘Yes’ to Renewable Energy

As per the present scenario of the environment, we all know how important is to save energy. Energy-saving will help to stop climate change. To tackle the energy-saving issue, the use of renewable energy is one of the best options. Renewable energy is helpful not only for the environment but for the economy as well. We all should accept the formula of renewable energy; we can make a big difference for our cities and especially at the rural locations.

  • Go Green Ways to Stop Climate Change

Most of the pollution occurs due to vehicles and transportation. The number of vehicles has increased a lot from the past few years and thus the amount of pollution has also increased equally. If we try to minimize vehicular pollution, we can change our environment to a much healthier one. You can contribute your share by adapting some simple activities.

  1. Prefer public transport whenever is possible.
  2. Prefer to ride a bike as an alternative to a car.
  3. Adapt the habit of car-pooling.
  4. Opting for an electric vehicle is a very good option to control pollution.

  • Recycle the Waste

Manufacturing industries release a much amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These manufacturing industries are engaged with the production of various goods of our daily uses; hence it is unavoidable. However, we can go for an alternative solution which is recycling. Recycling is a process that is eco-friendly and cost-effective as well. Recycling is a process that remakes the waste into another recyclable material by preventing the emission of greenhouse gases. Go to the recycling center available in your city and contribute to stop climate change.

  • Control the Population Growth

The world’s population is increasing at an alarming rate every year which is pressuring more loads on our planet. Population growth is a big challenge for us in terms of food, water, shelter, etc. It is not only becoming a big issue for the biodiversity of our planet but climate change as well. Population growth is affecting the climate in various means-

  1. It is polluting the planet with more use of vehicles.
  2. Emitting more greenhouse gases with the use of fossil fuels.
  3. More trees are cutting down to fulfill the needs of the growing population.
  4. Excessive energy is getting waste due to population growth.
  • Minimize the Wastage of Water

It requires a lot of energy to supply and heat water. We can minimize the amount of carbon pollution in the environment by saving water. Hence, try to take a relatively short bath, do not forget to turn off the tap when not in use (especially while brushing teeth), preferable buy water-sense labeled installations & appliances. These small changes can make big differences to stop climate change.

  • Push Yourself for The Conservation of Climate

Everyone speaks a lot about climate change as a big environmental problem but no one is keen to take the necessary steps to tackle this issue. Awareness about climate change plays an important role in the conservation of climate change. Discuss climate change and its conservation with your friends or family. Share your thoughts with them and also listen to their thinking about what they think about climate change & its conservation. This will help you to find out new solutions to stop climate change.

Stop climate change before it changes you…



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