6 - Impacts

How Do Wildfires Affect the Environment?

By Earth Reminder

Air Pollution

Wildfires are harmful to our environment. The burning of biomass emits a large amount of carbon dioxide.

Destruction of Habitats

The bushfires in Kangaroo Island from 2019–2020 removed about 70% off Glossy Black-Cockatoo’s habitat.

Water Runoff

As a result of wildfires, soil erosion increases and aquatic ecosystems get exposed to metallic accumulations.

Affects food chain

A study found that wildfire pollution can travel miles to reach agricultural fields and adversely affect crop growth.

Devastate the Agricultural Yield

Affect the Vegetation Communities

Wildfires affect vegetation communities. Boreal forests and Amazon rainforests have experienced a decrease in soil organic matter.

Effects of wildfires

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As global temperatures rise, wildfires are also becoming more frequent.

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