What are the Major Environmental Problems?

Understanding major kinds of environmental problems

Environmental Problems cause unexpected results and can create difficulties for living creatures to survive. The limit of the problem should be monitored, and a particular measure to avoid them must be accepted to encounter a proper living atmosphere on the earth. Environmental issues are the result of continuous contamination of resources over a more extended period. An appropriate and healthy environment is a must to have a healthy living lifestyle.


Below are some of the significant environmental problems that occurred and needed to be addressed as early as possible:

World’s Major Environmental Problems:

This will help people to understand the current situation of the planet earth along with various factors and reasons that are contributing to environmental problems:

Air pollution and changes in the atmosphere:  

Air pollution is one of the major problems existing on earth. With growing technology and industrial development, the world is moving towards an advanced system. These systems consider machines and fuels as the way to achieve the outputs. The extensive burning of fuel in factories and the use of vehicles are the significant sources of air pollution.

During the factory process, the smoke and other airy chemical residues of the product are emitted directly into the environment. On the other hand, the proportion of four-wheelers and bikes users in the world is increasing day by day. The burning of fuels and radiation emitted, increases the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is not a friendly gas for the living creatures. Plants inhale atmospheric CO2, but the growing deforestation has made the inhale rate much lower. In such circumstances, nature takes its call to react over growing air pollution.

Depletion of Ozone layer:

Ozone layer depletion is the problem aroused due to air pollution. The ozone layer is the protecting layer of the earth. The Layer filters the harmful sun rays and protects the earth’s atmosphere from intense UV radiation of the sun. Due to increasing CO2, the Layer gets damaged and allows the entry of harmful radiation.

Global Warming – Increase In the temperature of the earth:

Due to the higher content of Co2, the rays entering the earth’s atmosphere don’t revert. The CO2 accumulation doesn’t allow the penetration of reflected rays. That makes the temperature on land to increase beyond the expected limits.

Earth comprises of north and south poles that are entirely covered with glaciers. With the increase in temperature, the ice can melt and can give rise to floods.

The floods further could damage and spread over the massive proportion of the earth. The result of Global warming is not acceptable; therefore, it is mandatory to ensure specific steps to avoid the same.

Global warming in environmental problems

The rate of the problem can be decreased by implementing a few of the below-mentioned habits:

  1. Strictly prohibit deforestation.
  2. Plant more and more trees.
  3. Avoid using vehicles running on fossil fuels. Do Prefer CNG and bio-fuel.
  4. Use public transport whenever possible.
  5. Filter the industrial release before releasing it in an open atmosphere.

Extinction of species and their variety: 

Well, the earth doesn’t belong to humans entirely. The world is the land space for plants, animals, insects, and many other living creatures. For the balanced ecosystem, the survival of all types of creatures is mandatory. Every living organism is dependent on the other for one or the other need.

However, due to some rare interests and hobbies like hunting, the survival of wildlife and other creatures has been in danger for a long time. In ancient days humans used to hunt animals for their safety and food supplies. On the contrary, these days, despite the availability of enormous replacement, many of us still aspire to kill the animals.

The articles and items created using the skin of tigers and ornaments by elephant’s teeth do ruin their independent living. Furthermore, many are in the attraction of leather made, and other animal made items.

As dinosaurs have become extinct many other species like polar bears and tigers are on the verge of extinction. The species should be protected and preserved. The government has made the law of the respective nation that the one harming the species would be subjected to imprisonment.

  • To tackle this issue, we should follow the laws strictly.
  • We should take the utmost concern while visiting any zoo or sanctuaries that we don’t harm anyone there.
  • Let us try relying more on vegan supplements of proteins and vitamins.


The increase in the number of human beings on earth is another major issue in concern. More the people more are the needs, and more resources are required. The supply of food, water, and shelter increases, and that creates the difficulty.

Every individual is also responsible for waste generation and does contribute to one or the other pollution. Therefore, it is expected that every family should undertake the issue n concern and think for family planning. Limiting the number of children is the only option to undertake overpopulation. Also, one could think of adopting the kid from orphanages or other social organizations.

Depletion of resources:

The availability of fossil fuels is limited on the planet earth. Fuels are made by the decomposition of remains for many years. Therefore, it is not an easy way to generate fuels before the time they become extinct. Petrol, diesel, and other fluids used in vehicles are examples of Fuels. Replacing them with renewable sources of energy is only a method to cure the lack of fuel.

Solar energy can be a source for light generation rather than using extensive machinery. The CNG (Compressed Natural gas) is a better alternative to the fuels used in vehicles. Bio-fuel can also be generated without a large investment only by decomposing the remains of plants and animal excreta. These accessible resources can be developed again and again. Furthermore, they also don’t encourage any pollution.

Well, with the five problems, there are other problems too, like land pollution, deforestation, and water pollution that counts in problems caused in the environment. We humans can contribute at least one habit to nurture nature and experience its beauty ever and forever.


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