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Why Should You Own a Dog?

Despite thousands of years of evolution, the human race has kept one particular animal closer to itself than any other creature in existence: dogs. People have owned dogs for ages. So, why should you own a dog? Human’s best friend has been an important part of society since ancient times and provided love and devotion to countless generations.


Why Everyone Should Own a Dog?

Dogs are excellent pets. Why do people love dogs so much? Let’s look at the reasons why everyone should own a dog:

Dogs Help People Recover from Illnesses:

A very important reason why you should own a dog is that they protect you from disease. A study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco proved that owning a dog reduces the chances of getting the cold. Dogs also protect you from getting Asthma or infections. Surprisingly, it is the dust in houses with dogs that somehow do not allow the respiratory virus to function properly.

Also, having a dog around increases levels of “happiness hormones” in the body (dopamine and serotonin). Staying positive is a crucial factor in getting well fast, and dogs ensure that you do so! Even people with mental illnesses such as depression make a speedy recovery if they own a dog. As you might well have guessed, dog-owners make fewer visits to the doctor’s cabin than non-dog owners.

Dogs Turn You into A More Social Person:

Having a dog is an excellent excuse to walk up to another dog owner and strike up a conversation! Everybody feels lonely or left out once in a while, and dogs make sure that you (and them) make some new friends.

Also, studies have shown that people are more comfortable approaching someone who is with a dog. People with dogs appear safe and kind in comparison to someone alone. There is a huge community of dog lovers in the world and you can become a part of it if you own a dog.

You Instantly Appear More Attractive with A Dog:

Who knew dogs could be good wingmen too! As mentioned earlier, having a dog makes you seem more approachable- but it also makes you more appealing and attractive. Furthermore, having a puppy in your profile picture makes you look friendly and even happier.

Maybe it’s their cute faces or their happy barks – but whatever it is, the next time you’re looking for a date, bring a dog! Who knew dogs could be good wingmen too!

You Are Safer When with A Dog:

One of the reasons why everyone should own a dog is that they protect us. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, dogs have a better sense of smell and sound- 100,000 times stronger than humans. Luckily for us, dogs use this superpower to keep us safe from any potential damage.

Burglars and any potential unwanted people (and animals) are kept away thanks to our canine friends. Rottweilers and German Shepherds are known to be the best watchdog breeds out there. But to be fair, any dog will try their best to keep you safe. After all, their reputation of being loyal isn’t an understatement.

Dogs Can Detect Cancer:

Perhaps the most surprising on this list, dogs are known to sense cancerous growth in your body. They might lick a certain spot in your body- such as a mole- repeatedly. People should not ignore such behavior, there might be cancerous cell growth in that spot.

This fascinating discovery was put to much use when medical facilities began to adopt dogs. They were given special training and could detect cancer in under hours!

Having A Dog Keeps You Fit:

Being the active creatures they are, dogs require constant attention and regular exercise. They don’t like being shut-in, and if you like to stay home all the time – you have the perfect companion! Your dog will make sure that you take them for regular walks, hence getting you some fresh air too.

Simple activities like a stroll in the park, or a game of fetch daily will keep you fit. These activities also make you tired, which in turn contributes to good sleep. A good sleep, in turn, keeps you even more fit!

Dogs Teach Responsibility:

Having a dog early in life teaches kids about responsibility and taking care of another living creature. Sadly, many adults can’t take care of even themselves and are completely clueless when it comes to others. Thus, having a dog ensures that we all learn how to do basic things like feeding and walking it.


When there’s another living thing depending on someone, they are bound to take care of it. This is a very important reason why everyone should own a dog.

Dogs Help with The Speech Development of Kids:

Quite a lot of children have development issues, and not speaking is one of them. Parents worried about their kid’s speech development should consider having a dog, as they’re known to make kids speak out. Simple things like calling out the dog’s name or teaching it tricks will make children more verbal.

They Act as A Companion:

Dogs are indeed everybody’s companion and their presence is most beneficial in lonely times. In today’s fast-paced world it is not always possible to have someone’s presence. Therefore, Dogs will be your good companion or friend.

Just imagine having someone waiting for you every day as you come home from work. And, with those googly-loving eyes. Who will not feel loved at that moment? Why everyone should own a dog is this love that dogs give us.

Dogs Make Us Laugh:

All of us have seen online videos of dogs being silly and funny. Imagine if seeing that virtually can make you so happy, then how will having it happen in front of your eyes will? Dogs are a big source of laughter and happiness. No other pet will make you laugh as much as a dog can.

Own a Dog – Because They Are DOGS!

Dogs are so amazing they don’t even need reasons for adopting. So, if you are looking for one more reason why you should own a dog – stop looking! Just go and get one already! Having a dog as a pet will dramatically alter the happiness quotient of your life.

You will have a loyal and funny companion for as long as the dog is alive. Which other living being on other shows this kind of promise?  Almost no other.

Dogs love to play and have fun. They can also help in keeping a watch on your house. So go ahead and own a fluffy new ball of love. Think of a name by which you will call your new friend. Then do your research about where to buy/adopt. Thank us later!


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