World Animal Day – Date, History, Themes, and Celebration

Some days are indeed special for the entire world. Because they give the message about our ultimate existence – humanity. And a day like the “world animal day” creates a good reminder of our responsibility towards the animals around us.


Thus, in this article, we’ll explain the importance of observing this day. Further, you’ll know more about the date, history, themes, and how to celebrate it. So, let’s dig deeper.

What is World Animal Day?

First, we have a basic question. What is world animal day? We can guess it’s a day for the animals, but there’s some motive behind observing a day worldwide. And what’s that?

Several animal welfare organizations, youth and children’s clubs, community groups, businesses, and individuals organize and celebrate this occasion every year; This international day will observe each year until it reaches its motto to create a fair place for all the living creatures in the world.

According to, the mission to celebrate this day is “to raise the status of an animal to improve animal standards around the globe.”

With this awareness and education, we get to know the effects of individuals, businesses, and other human behaviors on these speechless organisms.

Through this celebration, all the human beings gather to provide the rights to our innocent animals and force the world to change.

The type of celebration might differ for separate countries, religions, political ideologies, and faith. But the inner feelings, why we’re trying to give them equal love and compassion, has never changed.

World Animal Day Date

For the first time, the authority group had an intention to observe this day on 4th October. But they observe it on the 24th march in the sports palace, Berlin, Germany.

The venue was not available on the intended date for the mass gathering of 5,000 people. Thus, they observe it on a separate date.

From 1929, it has been observing on 4th October.


Furthermore, there is a reason behind choosing 4th October as the date of world animal day. This date is the feast day of Francis of Assisi. He was a patron saint of ecology and well-known for his kindness to animals.

In his respect, 4th October was proposed as the international day for animals. Yet, it was accepted as a universal event in 1931.

With the rising population, it’s important to understand our limitations and their rights. It will help us to make the world a better place to live for everyone.

On this special date, several organizations worldwide honor the movement against cruelty. Further, they teach the children, youth, and elder people to treat animals more compassionately and humanely.

For supplying such education and awareness, people arrange several workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Brief History of International World Animal Day

In 1925, Heinrich Zimmermann – a German writer and publisher of the magazine Mensch und Hund/Man and Dog – first gave the proposal of observing the animal day as a special occasion for animals.

Thus, it was celebrated on 24th March in Berlin for the first time.

In 1929, the authority groups had observed this day on 4th October for the first time. Only a few countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia accepted this day.

In 1931, world animal day was globalized at a world animal protection organization conference, Florence, Italy. This resulted from Heinrich’s hard work and dedication to providing animals with the care and safety they deserve.

In 2002, an organization – The Finnish Association of Animal Protection Associations (SEY), celebrated this date by organizing events and distributing materials among school children.

In the year 2003, the Naturewatch Foundation raised its voice by developing a website and started fundraising to provide ultimate care and protection to all the wild and domestic animals. At that time, it was limited to the United Kingdom only.

In 2007, this organization launched the ambassadors’ program and started getting help from the global ambassadors to continue the movement for animal rights. And now it’s spread to more than 76 countries worldwide.

On 4th October 2019, #worldanimalday was on-trend in 56 countries globally.

In 2020, several countries from all the continents took part in this by organizing events such as taking shelter dogs out for a walk, creating awareness of the endangered species, organizing Facebook campaigns, creating different vaccination camps, providing support to several animal welfare organizations, cage-free campaigns, organizing several contests among kids, and much more.

World Animal Day Themes

The theme for world animal day 2020 was “man and dog.”

The theme for world animal day 2019 was “Life below water bodies: for the people and the planet,” with a special focus on life below water.

The world animal day 2018 theme was “Celebrating human relationship with the bigger and better animal kingdom” to protect animals and create a safe environment for them.

Even if there are different themes in different years, the main mission of world animal day remains the same.

World Animal Day 2021

World animal day 2021 is going to be held on the same 4th October. But it’s not about celebrating animal care and protection for just one day; it’s about the lifelong pledge to be careful at them and to stop the cruelty.

The theme for world animal day 2021 is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.”

Several countries celebrate this day differently by organizing contests, campaigns, events, workshops, etc.

However, this is no such a day to which we can celebrate in one day. Several animal rescues, care, and support event are happening every day. This is the real celebration of this international day for animals.

Some examples are;

  • ‘I CARE’ – a special project by an Italian school for raising awareness of endangered species among kids.
  • 72 Animals spayed by the ambassador of Costa Rica through the establishment of the first spaying clinic after the pandemic.
  • Rescue and care of street dogs by the ambassador organization and people for animals (PFA) at Siliguri, India, during the lockdown.

There are lots of other events happening now and will happen further. And this makes us feel proud as animal lovers.

How to Celebrate World Animal Day?

As this is a special day for animals, we need to explore creative ways to celebrate it with pride.

Some of the cool and good celebration ideas include;

  1. Donating something for their welfare.
  2. Volunteering with community groups, youth groups, running clubs, animal welfare organizations, etc.
  3. Do something on purpose and spread the images with the hashtag #worldanimalday on social media. This helps to raise awareness among the population.
  4. Further, grooming and taking care of your pets.
  5. Educating the world through online or offline workshops, seminars, or campaigns.
  6. Also, try to replace products that need animals with products that don’t harm them.
  7. Enjoy and spend time with your pets daily, go to the vet for their regular check-up at least twice a year.
  8. Adopt pets, or feed stray animals near you daily.

Well, there are lots of other ways through which you can respect this day. However, the simplest way is to take a pledge to care for and protect animals. This can help others to understand their responsibilities.

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