World Rainforest Day 2022: Themes, History, and Events

World Rainforest Day Introduction:


The water and carbon processes of the Earth and climate regulation depend on rain forests. The loss of rainforests generates more CO2 than the whole world’s range of vehicles. More than a fifth of the world’s freshwater resources are located in rainforests.

Imagine what if 28,000 species would become extinct by the year 2050 if deforestation continues at its current pace? This is a disturbing thought, isn’t it? The annual celebration of World Rainforest Day acts as a warning to protect and conserve this precious natural resource.

World Rainforest Day History

On the 22nd of June 2017, World Rainforest Day was marked for the first time. The Rainforest Partnership came together to form it. The Austin, Texas-based worldwide non-profit is dedicated to preserving and restoring tropical rainforests. Amazon based community programmes accomplish this goal.

  • Tropical rain forests and temperate rain forests are two types of rainforests. While temperate is brought near the north or south poles, the equatorial region, where the terrain is colder, tropical forests are the opposite.
  • Rain forests provide us with freshwater, collect more carbon dioxide or other harmful gases, and release oxygen to preserve the climate’s equilibrium. We might locate more important trees in these woods, but individuals chop them down for money.
  • You can visit official website of World Rainforest Day – www.worldrainforestday.org

When is World Rainforest Day? 

The 22nd of June is chosen as World Rainforest Day, a day to honor and promote the world’s rainforests.

On the other hand, deforestation is responsible for 15 per cent of world carbon dioxide emissions and climate change is the result. To raise awareness about the dangers of deforestation, World Rainforest Day is established. It’s estimated that 20 per cent of the oxygen we breathe comes from rainforests in the Amazon basin.

50% of the world’s plants and animals live in rainforests, which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help regulate climate patterns. According to the planners of the yearly event, the length of 40 football fields are being destroyed every minute every day. Thus, World Rainforest Day is marked to honor and promote the preservation of this valuable natural resource.

World Rainforest Day Themes

World rainforest day 2022 theme is “The Time is Now”. Rainforests need numerous initiatives to create a positive impact; the Summit will explore strategies currently being developed and implemented.

The year 2021 theme was “Protected Together. Now. Forever.” As long as all voices are heard, our world’s rainforests will be protected and restored. Achieving real results on the ground. Making a long-term difference.

Latest News and Events

Several environmental NGOs and groups arrange various physical activities to celebrate World Environment Day. There will be no offline activities this year because of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

Let’s know about some of the involvements by different countries in rainforest conservation:

  • A large portion of Madagascar’s territory has been impacted by environmental degradation. Throughout 2008, the Malagasy government has extended its strategies to protect the environment due to excessive deforestation. Critically endangered species benefit from these conservation programs because of reduced community access to natural forests. These initiatives also worsen existing economic problems and put numerous individuals vulnerable to losing their primary source of income. Tsitola’s nursery had planned 19 planting activities in 2020 alone, planting approximately 33,000 trees in the ground.
  • During the late 2000s, Brazil started establishing rules in the world’s biggest rainforest to deal with illegal deforestation. They also encouraged less environmentally destructive farming and forestry. During 2004 and 2012, the yearly deforestation rate fell by about 80%. This reduction indicated that the measures were successful and effective. At the same time, other causes have had a role in reducing deforestation. But straight government intervention is believed to be responsible for at least the majority of it.
  • France is firmly and straightforwardly responsible for protecting these biodiversity areas as an Amazonian nation. In Biarritz in August 2019, at the G7 Summit global, efficient, and coordinated action to safeguard rainforests was declared. President Emmanuel Macron and his Chilean colleague Sebastian Pinera have created an emergency financial plan to prevent Amazon Forest fires. He also made material resources accessible to the region’s governments.
  • Costa Rica’s rainforest conservation strategy is the most effective among several tropical rainforest nations. The vast majority of the rainforest is currently incorporated or is under government ownership. Preservation programmes are state-funded, granting forest protection certificates to homeowners who commit to forest conservation. Many innovative initiatives assist in preserving the rainforests. There are programs that help in improving forest management.

How to Celebrate World Rainforest Day 2022?

People throughout the globe may contribute to the preservation of rainforests. The following are typical examples of how to achieve so:


Support Your Local Market and Buy Eco-friendly Items

Reduce garbage and use less hazardous materials by purchasing locally sourced, organic, and environmentally friendly items. Try to avoid a component known as palm oil at all costs. If you’ve ever used cleaning goods, food, or sunscreen, you’ve probably come across palm oil. Rainforests have to be cut down and destroyed to prepare and make palm oil. Choose items without palm oil to help the rainforests and support the people living there.

Olive oil is an excellent substitute for palm oil. Olive oil also has a lot of health benefits and is also used in cooking. We can save threatened rainforests and populations with our daily routines by supporting local companies who care about the environment with a few simple changes.

Several local and environmentally concerned firms put aside a portion of their profits to support efforts to preserve and safeguard the Amazon rainforest and other areas where we can improve our quality of life. The closer you shop near home, the less time and money it takes for your purchases to reach you. It also reduces your carbon use while also protecting our priceless rainforests.

Rainforest Vacations

Vacation in the jungle is an excellent opportunity to learn about the rainforest’s importance to the ecosystem while also having fun. The globe is full of places you may go to and be inspired by, no matter how distant or near you are. The most excellent way to become excited about something is to experience it for yourself and be attracted by its natural beauty. Various rainforests locations provide some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. These vacations play a significant role in preservation as well. People start to respect the same and then protect the rainforests themselves.

Assist Indigenous Communities and Individuals

“The lung of the world” is a well-known name for the Amazon. Indigenous communities do so much to safeguard their lands. If it weren’t for them, Amazon wouldn’t be enjoyable at all. More than a million individuals of indigenous descent live in the jungle. It’s critical to build trust with the people in these areas to protect the rainforest.

Defend their rights, defend their land, and protect their homes. Create an environment in which individuals and organizations work to control the destruction of these areas and towns. Also, they can prevent the displacement of thousands of people living in these rainforests.


We are on the edge of a severe environmental and demographic crisis. It’s crucial to remember that rain forests are an integral aspect of our planet’s ecosystem. They are the reason for the oxygen we breathe and the shelter they give for many species. Without their help, the Earth might face serious consequences. It’s time to put yourself in the driver’s seat of this critical concern and take action.

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