How to Prepare for an Earthquake?

Earthquake Safety Tips and Preparedness

 How to Prepare for an Earthquake?

Earthquake is a natural calamity caused due to the unexpected release of energy from the core of Earth. This energy creates seismic waves due to which the surface of Earth starts shaking. These waves range from weak to strong. Sometimes these waves are extremely low that it cannot be felt at the crust of Earth but some other waves are extremely powerful that is strong enough to cause heavy destruction on Earth’s surface. The seismic activity of an area describes the frequency and type of earthquake.

How to prepare for an earthquake?
How to prepare for an earthquake?

An earthquake can be caused by any frequency (from low to high) depending on the seismic activities but the important thing is to prepare for it. You can prepare for earthquake-like natural calamity by doing simple homework. In this article, we will discuss the preparations that we can follow to handle an earthquake.

How to Prepare For an Earthquake?

An earthquake happens without any prior notification. It is quite tough to predict when a severe earthquake is going to happen. However, we can do some preparations in advance to face the earthquake. With proper planning, we can minimize the impact of the earthquake to some extent. Usually, the preparation for earthquake means designing the constructions in such a way that it can resist during this natural calamity but in an individual’s perspective the preparation for earthquake means preparations for the family and closed ones to survive in an earthquake. Here are some of the important preparation tips that you can follow to protect you and your family during an earthquake.

How to Prepare Before an Earthquake?

Earthquake hits all of a sudden and affects thousands of people. With advanced preparations, you can reduce the risk involved with the earthquake. You can follow the local seismic building standards to minimize the effects of an earthquake. However, you can also go through the important tips given below to prepare for an earthquake in advance.

Identify the Hazards to Secure Your Home

  1. You can fix the shelves securely to the walls of your home.
  2. Make sure you put the weighty things on lower shelves.
  3. You can keep the breakable things in lower cabinets and make sure the cabinets are properly latched.
  4. Try not to hang breakable objects such as mirrors near your bed or couch.
  5. Repair all the defective electric settings and leakage in gas connections (if any). This can increase the risk of fire during an earthquake.
  6. You can store the pesticides and flammable products (if any) carefully in closed cabinets with properly latched.

Check for the Safe Places

  1. One of the best options is a heavy furniture item such as a table.
  2. Find a safe place away from the window where window glass may smash and also try to find a place away from walls where mirrors or pictures are hanged or any other heavy furniture can fall.
  3. If you are outside your home then settle away from buildings, trees, heavy electric lines, etc.

Teach Your Family about How to Prepare for an Earthquake?

  1. You can go through a general information manual about how to protect your family and property from the earthquake.
  2. You can teach your kids and even the older persons of your family that what are the emergency contact numbers (such as fire department, police, etc.) and when to contact these numbers in case of emergency.

Check for Emergency Supply

  1. First-aid kit
  2. Necessary medicines
  3. Flashlight & spare batteries
  4. Food and water for emergency
  5. Cash & credit cards for emergency usage etc.

Store the important documents & contacts properly

  1. You should keep your important documents and contact carefully.
  2. You can also make the copies of your important documents and contracts or can also scan these documents and save them online. Scanning documents is a very good option to protect your documents during an earthquake.

Take proper care for your pets

  1. If you have to move to a safer place during the earthquake then you can carry your pets with you.
  2. Also, carry the necessary medicines for your pet.
  3. Be ready with the contact details of veterinarians to contact in case of any assistance.

Get ready with an emergency plan to reunite after the earthquake

  1. Be ready with a plan to communicate with your family members in case separated during the natural calamity of the earthquake. For example- if you are at the office.
  2. Always be ready with the contact number and address of a relative living out-of-station and make sure that every member of your family knows the details of this relative.

How to Survive During an Earthquake?

Do not panic during the earthquake

The very first and important thing during an earthquake is “do not panic”. Be calm during the earthquake and try to move on to a safer place. Try to be at a safer place until the shaking stops. You can also listen to the radio to get the necessary updates.

Drop, Cover & hold until the shaking stops

It is very important that you try to stay safe during an earthquake. You can follow this rule to stay safe- Drop, over & Hold. You need to drop the ground, find heavy furniture to cover yourself and hold on until the earthquake ends up.

How to Recover After an earthquake?

After the earthquake stops, you should move to a safe place. Check for any injuries and do not forget to carry your emergency supply kit with you. Once you have assured your safety, follow the emergency plan to communicate & reunite with your family members (if separated during an earthquake). It is very important that you be calm and think peacefully after the earthquake ends up.

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