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How to Save Birds from Radiation and Extinction?

Save birds from radiation and extinction

Wondering How To Save Birds?

Birds chirping are one of the soothing sounds in the world. Have you ever experience bird chirping in the early morning that breaks the silence of nature. It is a mesmerizing feeling that cannot be expressed; it can only be experienced.

Its our responsibility to save birds

Birds are a wonderful creation of God that enhances the beauty of the sky. Unfortunately, this beautiful creation is going in danger day by day. Once again, the credit goes to the most intelligent creature of the planet, i.e. human. Yes, we are indirectly killing the birds through electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

High tension wires and mobile phone towers are the main reason for electromagnetic radiation. Birds not only look beautiful, but they also play an essential role in the ecology.

As per the studies of Ornithologists, the birds may be killed over decades if radiation keeps on affecting them. In this article, you will get to know the possible preventive measures to save birds from radiation and extinction.

How Can We Save Birds from Radiation? 

Cell phone radiation is majorly affecting the health of birds. Many pieces of evidence have observed that birds are getting killed due to radiation from mobile phones and towers. 

We can save birds from radiation by doing little changes in our lifestyle. For example:

  • We should minimize the use of cell phones as much as we can.
  • Prefer to make only important calls or at least cut down your talking time over cell phones to minimal time. 
  • Try to communicate through text messages instead of making a call to cause less radiation.
  • Prefer not to use multiple SIM cards as more number of SIM card will release more radiation in the air.
  • Try to minimize the use of mobile internet to reduce the amount of radiation in the atmosphere.
  • Prefer not to use mobile phones when the signal is weak because, during weak signals, the radiation becomes very strong to connect with a nearby mobile tower. 
  • Govt. should also make rules to restrict the rate of electromagnetic radiation. Such as-
  • Observe the towers that emit extreme electromagnetic radiation beyond the set limit and take it down.
  • Limit the maximum number of the tower to be installed in a particular city. 
  • Raise awareness about the harmful effects of cell phone radiation in birds and what we can do to save the birds from radiation.
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How to Save Birds From Extinction? 

  1. You need to do little homework on the bird species that are at high risk of extinction.
  2. Spread awareness about the threats and preventive measures of bird species (especially at high risk endangered species).
  3. Certain human activities also disturb the bird quite severely, such as fishing lines, wind farms, heavy decorations, balloons, litter, etc. We should try to minimize these activities to protect birds from extinction.
  4. Radiation is also a big reason for bird extinction, as also mentioned in this article before. Use your cell phone properly to minimize the effects of radiation on birds. 
  5. Air pollution also affects the survival of the birds. We should reduce the carbon footprints to conserve birds.
  6. Minimize energy use to protect bird species from going extinct. 
  7. Avoid disposing of waste in an open area (mainly plastic wastes). Most of the time, birds consume these wastes that also become a big reason for bird extinction.  
  8. Loss of habitat is one of the major reasons for bird extinction. You can initiate in protecting bird habitat in several ways such as buying duck stamps, organize clean-up events to clean rivers, beaches, encouraging people, etc.  
  9. You can be a part of a bird conservation program that takes care of the breeding, rehabilitation, rescue of endangered bird species, etc.
  10.  By adding your contribution to these programs or conservation organization by making donations. 
Ways to save birds

How Can We Save Birds?

  • You can make arrangements for water and food in your backyard for birds.
  • Do not forget to clean bird feeders regularly.
  • You can build birdhouses. Birdhouses are quite useful for protecting birds, especially in the areas where trees are available in fewer numbers.
  • You can use a frosted window or decals instead of a transparent glass window because it confuses the birds. Birds often crash with these transparent windows and die, unfortunately.
  • Do not over speed while driving. Sometimes birds crash against vehicles when flying at low heights.
  • Keep your pets properly so that they cannot harm birds. 
  • Do not purchase birds as a decoration piece for your home as it encourages fowler’s to catch birds.
  • Recycle to minimize the amount of waste to protect birds.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides because sometimes birds consume these toxins accidentally.
  • Trees provide habitat to thousands of bird species. Hence, we should plant more and more trees to provide shelter to the birds.
  • You can also join a conservation group that works for the protection of birds. 
  • More importantly, make your children aware of the importance of birds to the environment. Also, make them aware of the threats causing the extinction of birds and how can they contribute to saving birds, etc. 
  • As our children are the future of the planet, hence they should be aware of our environmental issues and the preventive measures for the same.

How to save a baby bird?

First of all, you need to find out which type of baby bird is this i.e. nestling or fledgling. Nestling is a baby bird having a very thin layer of skin with no feathers, whereas a fledgling is a young bird that has developed feathers and looks quite similar to an adult bird.

If the baby bird is nestling, you should return it to the nest because it might have fallen accidentally from the nest. Take care of the nestling unless its parents come back.

  • Make sure you are helping the nestling with clean hands as it is a new born bird.
  • Find the nest and gently place the nestling inside the nest. Do not forget to wash your hands after handing the nestling.
  • Now watch the nestling from a specific distance and wait for the parents to come back.
  • If the parents do not return then you have to take care of the nestling with proper care until a rehabilitator comes to help the nestling.
  • Arrange a comfortable nest for the nestling using proper material like cardboard, non-slippery material for bedding, etc.
  • Make sure the nestling is completely secure from the pets (if you have any) and also keep the nest out of the reach of the children.
  • Also, do proper arrangements to keep the nestling warm. You can place a heating pad or hot water bag under the nest.
  • Take proper care of the feeding of the nestling. It also provide water to drink.
  • With proper care and love the nestling will soon be able to walk. Now if you want then you can raise the bird as your companion or you can shift it to a rehabilitator for further care.
how can we save a baby bird

On the other hand, if the baby bird is a fledgling then handle it also with proper care. Fledgling is a stage where a baby bird learns to fly in the sky. If you find a fledgling, it might have fallen while it was trying to fly. You can save the fledgling with little care and attention.

  • First of all, check the fledgling whether it is safe or injured. If it is not injured, leave it alone as it will be fine after some time.
  • Look around if you find any nest with few more birds with a similar appearance. These birds may be their parents or siblings.
  • You can place the fledgling in the nest with safety.
  • Unfortunately, if the fledgling is injured then you should help it for soon recover
  • You can get in touch with a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator to take care of the fledgling.
  • Check whether the rehabilitator is coming to pick the fledgling or not. If he is not coming then you do the necessary arrangements and handover the injured fledgling to the rehabilitator.
  • Further medication and care will be carried out by the rehabilitator.

Radiation is not only a serious hazard for the birds but also to other species. The unfortunate thing is that the common person doesn’t even realize the harmful effects of radiation from cell phones & mobile towers.

Now a day cell phones are the primary means of communication. We are using this means of communication widely across the world. Millions of people are using cell phones worldwide, causing massive radiation in the atmosphere. 

Every day there is a new invention in smartphones that are quite enough to attract people. People are crazy about buying a cell phone, and they use it at a higher rate. The situation is like we can live without having food for one day but cannot live without our cell phones even for one hour.

This is the right time to realize the hazardous effects of radiation through cell phones and mobile towers (especially for birds). We should make all possible efforts to protect birds from radiation and extinctions for the upcoming generations. 

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