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 Earth Day posters

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earth_day_postersThe waste is the biggest problem in the plant and Every human being should take positive and effective efforts to reduce the percentage of throwing garbage in public.

earth_day_postersEarth has provided many resources to human and we are still asking for more and more and there will be a time when this resource will become extinct, so we should think about less using them now and protect and preserve it for the future.

earth_day_picturesAir and water are the more important fluids for the human to survive and humans are polluting the banks of rivers and the air in which we are breathing and indirectly it is affecting the health of every human being and animals.

earth_day_imagesWildlife is the most precious element of forest and we must protect and not harm them and there many people who kill an innocent animal for their skin for other motives.

earth_day_postersThe human being has to stop throwing garbage in nature and stop polluting it and garbage consists of some bad elements like plastics which are very harmful for animals and for the soil because it’s a no decomposable waste.

effects-of-pollutionDO OR DIE. Now is the Time where we have to take some important and strong steps to increase the level of the soil and avoid soil erosion because it is a major source of a production of food.

earth_day_imagesEnvironment biggest concern is how they can control the pollution which is in water, and soil and we the humans are solely responsible to increase the level of pollution in the environment. If we don’t understand now, we will lose everything in future.

earth_day_picturesThe melting of Glaciers is serious concern for the mankind today because it is increasing the level of the ocean which affecting us in many dangerous ways.

earth_day_pictures“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. -Lao Tzu. Nature is a beautiful creation of God and for our benefits, we harm it and destroying it and if we don’t protect it now, then it will only exist in our dreams.

earth_day_imagesA glass of water will satisfy the person who is thirsty but it is important to note that person should get the clean water to-drink and Earth has less percentage of clean water left…

earth_day_images“Good planets are hard to find. don’t blow it”. Forest and trees are the important part of our environment and an important source of oxygen and we should protect them not harm them.

earth_day_imagesClimate change is responsible for rainfall which is lead to flood and people lost everything in floods and loss of human life and animals. We should take some important steps to control the rise in temperature.


Save earth save yourself. We are responsible to save the earth because if we don’t do it now then it will be too late to try and we don’t have any new planet to go.

earth_day_pictures We are responsible to change the earth condition because if we don’t then end is near.

earth_day_picturesThe earth is our home and we are living here so we all have a responsibility to conserve it, protect it, and always clean it because what we throw out in the environment will come back to us one day.

earth_day_picturesThe solar energy is a gift of God, which Every person can store and use every day it will help to save more power.

earth_day_picturesOur actions are responsible to save the environment of the planet earth because if anything we destroy related to nature then it will affect in a negative way to our environment.

earth-day-photosThe flower is a happy smile of earth and which provide best and positive energy and spread happiness in the environment.

earth-day-picsDon’t let our future go up in smoke. Every smoke which goes up is contaminating our environment and human being are taking it in every breath and effecting their lungs and health.

earth-day-imagesTrees are giving us everything in the form of fruit and oxygen to breath in and shade for rest and we are destroying it in the name of development.

best-earth-day-postersNature has given many things to human and we should take some important step to protect our nature because nature is a home of animals and we are destroying the house of many animals.

best-earth-day-images-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We should recycle our day to day house waste which will help in the reduction of garbage in the area and will clean the environment.

best-earth-day-pictures“Some trash is recycled, some are thrown away, some end up  where it  shouldn’t  end up”- Carlo Ratti . Throwing garbage in your surrounding will do nothing productive just increase the level of pollution in the area or if we recycle it then it helps our environment in a productive way.

best-earth-day-posters_uniqueRivers are the lifeline for some human and everything for the animals which live inside Every sea if we are polluting it then we are destroying the lives of aquatic animals.

earth-day-posters-uniqueThe windmill is working day and night to produce wind energy and it is for humans to use and on another hand smokes out of the industry and vocals are polluting the air.

best-earth-day-photosWhen you go out in nature and help nature in a way to conserve it then you will hear the music in the wind and happiness and smile in every flower and tree.

new-earth-day-postersEvery soul has a right to live and God has created everyone with love and affection so we don’t have any right to kill animals for our basic benefits.

unique-earth-day-posters“Silence is better than unmeaning words”. Polluting our environment will result in Decrease in the level of food for the animals and sometimes animals eat the garbage we throw around and the plastic content can kill an innocent animal.unique-earth-day-postersThe change in the current climatic condition can affect the investment of human which can save the earth environment.

unique-earth-day-picturesNature always inspires us and consists of many colours of joy and happiness and provide us many thinks but the question is what we are doing in return for nature and mother earth.

how_to_control_pollutionRecycling of garbage is important for improving the level of pollution in the area, the things we throw may be useful for some.

unique-earth-day-imagesWater is an important element for life on this planet because we need-it not only for a-drink but many more things, please use it wisely.

unique-earth-day-picsWaste and the impurities which come out from industries chimneys are thrown in the water banks can harm the health of every human beings.

unique-earth-day-picturesPlanting trees are important for the smooth working of the environment and Every human being should contribute to it, a small plant can make a difference.

unique-earth-day-postersNature is the only place were human can find peace but we are just killing the peace by killing nature.

new-earth-day-posters“Earth is the only known planet to have life, save the life “. When we have a wonderful place to live, why to destroy it, just protect it. We don’t have any other planet to go and also, we are not going to mars anytime soon so protect earth.

new-earth-day-imagesMore trees will increase the level of oxygen in the environment and will have more clean and fresh air for everyone.

new-earth-day-picturesReuse and recycling of paper can save many trees, what is important? paper or oxygen…so we should save not cut trees.

new-earth-day-postersKilling a small animal for satisfying the-need of other is not right, just try to save a life one day and in the night, you will sleep with satisfaction.

earth_day_posters_newThis planet is our home so it’s our responsibility to clean it daily and respect and protect Every living thing’s and protect our nature.

earth_day_pictures_newEvery human being has a right and duty to protect and preserve the environment and atmosphere of planet earth because we don’t have any other planet.

earth_day_pics_newWhatever we see in are surrounding is a creation of God -animals, birds, nature and we humans. So, we don’t have a right to kill or destroy anything that God has created.

earth_day_images_newIf you want-to have a food, conserve the soil. We should respect the soil which has given us food to eat as we respect our parents who have given us a nice life.

good_earth_day_posterAny tree that we cut or destroy has a past history of a person who has planted it or preserves and had watered it for years after cutting it we have just destroyed the whole emotions.

Earth_day_photosMelting of the glacier is the biggest concern for the planet because it is increasing the water level and also some time course of natural climaties like floods and avalanches in the hilly area.


good_earth_day_picturesThe things which-we throw out in surrounding can be useful to other and waste food can be used to destroy many people hunger.  With little kindness and care can make their life better.

good_earth_day_images“Love is the air but the air is highly polluted”. Air and environment are filled with pollution, not of love these days and its affect the health of every human being.

good_earth_day_poster_new“I only feel angry when I see people throwing away things we could use” – Mother Teresa . When you throw away something like a garbage which is not useful for you but that can become gold or usable product for other person, we just need right vision to understand that.

good_earth_day_poster_uniqueThe trees are an important source of oxygen and every plant gives out oxygen for the human to breath.

good_earth_day_pictures_new“Nature always wears colours of sprit” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nature always speaks and teach us the lesson of contribution and art of giving.

good_earth_day_pictures_new“Don’t make trees rare, keep them with care”. If we cut trees in regular interval then trees will be rare and if every human plant tree on his birthday it will change world “trees are rare”.

good_earth_day_images_newWe should take some positive steps toward this problem or else time is near when you can’t change anything.

good_earth_day_pictures_newWhen it turns blue that means we are done in this world. Melting of a glacier will increase the level of water and more water, more problems for everyone.

good_earth_day_pic_newGlobal warming is a problem for everyone because we all are feeling the heat daily but can’t do anything to reduce the level of temperature.

environment-earth-day-postersFuture of some birds as If we distroy the nature and house of some birds then the birds will only exist in the photograph in the wall and not in real.

environment-earth-day-postersEvery human has a responsibility towards mother nature and we should plant more trees and protect and preserve them for the betterment of every living organism.

download-earth-day-postersTrees are the source of fresh oxygen, never cut trees…We get oxygen from trees and but in return, we did nothing for them.

download-earth-day-pictures“Water is life, and clean water means health”. – Audrey Hepburn. Every person needs water to drink and there is Less clean water to drink.

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download-earth-day-imagesWater is life don’t pollute it. There are lives inside of water and for human water is life so please stop polluting water. Take steps to clean More water that helps us in many ways.

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