Global Warming Essay for Kids From Class 3 to 6

This article is for children from class 3 to 6 on Global Warming Essay and how they can control it from happening.

Global warming is affecting the climatic conditions of Earth. In this essay, we will discuss the causes, harmful effects, and solutions to treat global warming. This is the best global warming essay for kids because we have focused more on children ages 6 to 15. The students from class 3 to 6 can refer to this essay to understand global warming in a better way. This essay will help them to write more points in the exam and achieve good marks.

Global Warming Essay for Kids

global warming essay for kids for class 3 to 6

Introduction to Global Warming Essay

In simple terms, global warming is a rise in the average temperature of Earth. Well, many people have a perception that global warming and climate change are similar terms, but actually, these two terms differ from each other. Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s surface. In contrast, climate change is an effect of global warming and other reasons that increases greenhouse gases level in the atmosphere.

What is Global Warming?

The phenomenon of increasing the average temperature from the past two centuries is known as global warming. Global warming profoundly affects the change in a climate near the Earth’s surface. 

There are many causes of global warming, but greenhouse gases are one of the significant reasons. As per the scientist, almost 95% of global warming has been caused due to greenhouse gases. 

The greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc. absorb and release heat radiation. As the level of greenhouse gases increases in the atmosphere, it starts absorbing & releasing more heat from the Sun. 

What are the Causes of Global Warming?

In this essay, Kids and students will understand global warming’s significant causes.

  • Deforestation 

Trees are vital to maintaining proper balance in the climatic conditions of the environment. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen for us. The increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air plays a vital role in increasing the temperature of our planet.

Due to the cutting of trees, the level of carbon dioxide is increasing a lot in the atmosphere. As a result, the environmental balance is getting disturbed, causing global warming. 

  • Burning of fossil fuels

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas, etc. release a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We emit carbon dioxide every day through various activities such as using vehicles, generating electricity, etc. 

The number of vehicles is increasing every year with the increasing population of the world. The use of vehicles results in the emission of a massive amount of harmful gases like carbon dioxide in the air.

Burning fossil fuel is one of the significant causes of carbon dioxide emissions. When vehicles burn fossil fuel, the amount of carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere causing global warming.

global warming essay for children
essay on global warming for kids
  • Ozone layer depletion

Ozone layer depletion is a severe problem for the environment. The ozone layer plays an essential role in protecting us from the harmful rays (ultraviolet rays) of the sun.

The ozone layer acts as a protective shield between Earth’s surface and the sun, but this protective layer is depleting day by day with the release of CFCs in the environment.

The major causes of CFC emission are the use of air conditioners and refrigerators. The CFC emission is affecting the atmospheric ozone layer and hence causing an increase in the world’s temperature.

  • Industrialization

Industrialization is one of the big reasons for global warming. Earth’s temperature is increasing rapidly from the past few decades after industrial development. Many harmful gases emitted from different factories are causing global warming.

  • Agricultural activities

Many farming activities release greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. For example- Certain fertilizers emit nitrous oxide in the air. Too much of livestock grazing also releases carbon dioxide in the air. Both carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are greenhouse gases.
When the amount of these gases increases in the atmosphere, the temperature of Earth also increased and caused global warming.

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What are the Effects of Global warming?

In this essay, students and kids will understand global warming effects in detail.

  • Increase in Earth’s temperature

One of the significant effects of global warming is the increase in the temperature of the Earth. As per the studies, since 1880, Earth’s temperature has been increased up to 1.4 degrees. As we discussed above, various reasons increase the Earth’s temperature, which affects the environment very severely. 

  • Melting of glaciers

Increases in Earth’s temperature are causing the melting of glaciers. Melting ice has become an enormous problem for the penguins in Antarctica. They are losing their natural habits slowly that is causing a big problem for their survival.  

  • Rising sea levels

As the ice is melting from the glaciers, hence the sea levels are also rising. As per the studies, since 1870, the level of seas across the world has raised to 95 MM. It is expected that the rate of rising sea levels may increase in upcoming years with the increasing rate of global warming.

  • Causes imbalance in the ecosystem

Global warming has become a big threat to the ecosystem. All the plants and animals are affected by global warming, whether it is about land or water ecology.

For example – The coral reefs are hugely affected by the harmful effects of global warming. The fragility of the coral reefs is disrupting due to the increased temperature of the Earth. Hence, the entire aquatic ecosystem is disturbing due to coral reef damage.

  • Causes climate change

Global warming has changed the climatic conditions of the world. Climate change is affecting the weather conditions to extreme levels. This is why we observe drought in one place, and to another site, we can see flood is destroying everything.

  • Increases the chances of extreme weather events

As we discussed above that how global warming had changed Earth’s climate. The climate changes lead to the occurrence of extreme weather events in different parts worldwide. The summers are becoming hotter than before, and winters are becoming colder due to the impacts of global warming.

The level of precipitation, like rainfall & snowfall, has been increased from the past few years. Due to heavy rain, the chances of flood increase a lot. However, some regions experience extreme drought conditions. These type of extreme weather events disturbs the environmental balance. 

  • Disturbs the biodiversity

Global warming has affected the climate of the Earth. As a result of this, many animals have to suffer from loss of natural habitat. Due to global warming, many species of plants and animals have been extinct. It has affected the complete biodiversity of the planet.

What are the Solutions to Treat Global Warming?

We can still control global warming. Kids can go through to global warming essay solutions below-

  • Go with renewable energy

In the first step to prevent global warming, we can minimize the use of fossil fuels such as coal or gas. Instead of fossil fuels, we should start using electricity from natural renewable resources such as solar and wind. 

  • Energy efficiency

We must take some necessary steps to save energy. If we can start using energy-efficient products, we will be able to treat global warming somehow.

For example- we can use LED bulbs instead of traditional bulbs that consume much energy. The LED lamp is more energy-efficient than standard bulbs.

Global warming essay for children – Hope is everything
  • Switch to sustainable transportation

As we all know that carbon dioxide is one of the major causes of global warming. So if we can cut down the amount of carbon emission, we can solve the problem of global warming to some extent. 

We should prefer to take public transport, carpooling, etc. for traveling. If there is less number of vehicles running on the road, there will be less carbon emission in the air.

  • Say yes to sustainable infrastructure

To minimize the amount of carbon emission in the atmosphere, we can also switch to sustainable infrastructure. We are releasing a massive amount of carbon from our buildings through different activities like heating, using air conditioners, various lighting, etc. 
We should start constructing buildings that consume less energy to protect the atmosphere from carbon emission and global warming.

  • Stop deforestation

We all know the critical role of trees in our environment. They act as natural purifiers because they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give us oxygen to breathe.
Trees are essential for our survival. Hence, we should protest deforestation and implement the concepts of afforestation & reforestation to treat global warming.

  • Adopt recycling

We should minimize our consumption. Less consumption will lead to less emission and less temperature. However, it is very tough to limit our consumption, but at least we can adopt the process of recycling.

Recycling helps to minimize wastes from the environment. It will also help to mitigate the effects of global warming.

We are facing one of the significant environmental issues, i.e., global warming, but this essay’s conclude that it has been caused by us only. We have raised the level of pollution to extreme levels. As a result, the global temperature is increasing every year and affecting the Earth’s climate also.

Due to climate change, all the organisms (including plants and animals) have to pay a lot. The ecological balance is getting disturbed through global warming. Now we should understand our responsibilities and contribute to slow down the process of global warming. 

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