Types of Environmental Pollution

Check here various types of environmental pollution which affect our Earth and its natural environment.

What are the different types of Environmental Pollution?

When the pollutants get entry into the environment which causes harmful effects not only to the living organism but to the environment also, this is called as environmental pollution. These pollutants can be present in any form such as substances or energy in the environment but when found in excessive amount can contaminate the environment. Pollutants or contaminants play a vital role in polluting the environment. The pollutants hamper our eco-system by interfering the natural activities of the environment. The day by day development across the globe is increasing the level of pollution in the environment. The environmental pollution has many hazardous effects on mankind and on our planet itself. In this article, we will discuss the different types of environmental pollution so that we can find out solutions to get rid of these pollutions.

Different Types of Environmental Pollution

There are many different kinds of environmental pollution such as air, water, noise, light, etc. The rate of environmental pollution through all these means is increasing quite rapidly which is a situation of great worries. The condition of our planet is very alarming. It is very important that we know the problem in detail to find out a good solution to the problem. Hence, let’s discuss the different forms of environmental pollution to find out the preventions to save the environment and our planet.

  • Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the major kinds of environmental pollution that results in extremely hazardous effects on mankind and environmental as well. The rate of air pollution is increasing day by day with the increase of urbanization & industrialization. When harmful substances such as dust, various harmful gases (such as SO2, CO, NO2, etc.), smoke, etc. released in the atmosphere, the air gets contaminated automatically. Both human and natural activities cause air pollution. For example – emission of pollutants from factories are human activities that cause air pollution, on the other hand, forest fire causes air pollution which is a natural activity.


  • Industrial Pollution

When the industrial waste, chemicals, toxins, contaminants, etc. are releasing in the environment by means of air, water or land it causes industrial pollution. The air gets polluted through industrial fumes, water gets polluted through deposal of contaminants in water bodies and waste from industries get accumulate in landfill making the environment polluted. Industrial pollution may cause an imbalance in the ecosystem, hampers the health of plants, animals & humans and disturbs the ecology of water bodies, etc.

  • Water Pollution

Water is our primary need. We cannot even think our life without water but unfortunately the water bodies such as rivers, oceans, lakes, groundwater, etc. are contaminating at an alarming rate. Water gets polluted when the contaminants such as harmful chemicals, industrial wastes, fertilizers, etc. entered into the water bodies. Water pollution is mainly caused by various unhealthy activities of human beings such as dumping industrial waste, sewage disposal, dumping wastes, mining, oil spills, etc. These pollutants affect the eco-system underwater by spoiling the life of numerous plant & animal species underwater. Water pollution not only harms aquatic life but affects the entire food chain directly or indirectly.

  • Noise Pollution

The high-pitched sound that seems unpleasant to our ear causes noise pollution. When the intensity of sound crosses 85 dB it causes discomfort to us both mentally & physically.  It also comes under types of environmental pollution as noise pollution not only affects human health but is also harmful to animals. It may cause hypertension, blood pressure problem, increase in stress level, anxiety, etc. to human, whereas in the case of animal’s noise pollution causes reproductive problems, breeding problems, production issues, etc. In some severe cases of noise pollution, an individual can permanently lose hearing power. There may be several reasons for noise pollution such as loudspeaker, disco, marriage functions, industrial noise, etc.

  • Land Pollution

When the quality of Earth’s surface decreases it is called as land pollution. Land pollution is majorly caused by human activities. The main causes of land pollution are improper disposal of wastes, garbage, chemical products, etc. Fertilizers, pesticides, toxins, etc. released from factories and as agricultural wastes also cause land pollution. The main causes of land pollution include rapid construction, mineral exploitation, acid rain, chemicals used in agriculture, etc. Land pollution eventually hampers the health of living organisms.

  • Thermal Pollution

The release of extreme heat in the environment is called thermal pollution. The major reasons of thermal pollution are vehicles & industries or factories. The excessive heat released from vehicles & factories may cause unwanted changes in nature. Thermal pollution is also polluting the water bodies on the Earth’s surface. In short thermal pollution is also a reason for water pollution. Earth’s temperature is increasing day by day due to thermal pollution and eventually causing climate change, global warming, wildlife extinction, etc.

Land and soil pollution in types of environmental pollution
  • Soil Pollution

Soil pollution occurs when unwanted toxins and chemicals get dissolve soil. The pesticides or insecticides used for agriculture makes the soil unfit by absorbing the nutrients. Deforestation is another reason for soil pollution. Soil degradation (through excessive grazing, excessive farming, excessive mining activities, etc.) also causes soil pollution. Soil pollution is contaminating the surface of the earth and hence the environment is also getting polluted.

  • Light Pollution

Light pollution occurs when the artificial light is used excessively that enlightens the skies at night. The cycle of natural activities gets upset due to light pollution. As a result of light pollution, wildlife is also getting affected by causing an unnecessary nuisance. The light pollution is mainly observed in metropolitan & busy cities.

  • Radioactive Pollution

Well, radioactive pollution caused due to irresponsible disposal of nuclear waste, unwanted upset happening in the nuclear plants, etc. Radioactive pollution is termed as the most hazardous pollution due to its permanent effects on living organisms & environment too. Radioactive pollution may cause blindness, skin allergy, infertility, etc.

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