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Earth Day 2024: Theme, Activities, and Latest Events

It’s hard to imagine a world where clear skies, clean water, and beautiful greenery are just memories. On Earth Day 2024, we have a choice: act now or lose our planet’s natural beauty. The day is more than just a date; it’s a call to action. We need to put Eco-friendly practices in place and advocate for policies that protect the environment. Now’s the time to join the global movement and make every day Earth Day. Here, we will see the Earth Day 2024 theme, brief history, latest events, and activities.


Earth Day History

Earth Day, first observed on April 22, 1970, is considered the beginning of the modern environmental movement. As a response to increasing environmental concerns, like the oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day to raise awareness about how to protect the environment. Nelson and activist Denis Hayes organized teach-ins on college campuses that included various groups and organizations, drawing inspiration from protest teach-ins of the era. With this massive mobilization, the U.S. developed key environmental laws, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created.

Here’s what Earth Day means to the world:

  1. Origins and Initial Impact (1970): During Earth Day’s first year, 20 million people became aware of the environment, leading to significant environmental changes in the U.S., like the EPA being formed and landmark environmental laws like the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act passed.
  2. Global Expansion (1990): Earth Day expanded globally in 1990, involving 200 million people in 141 countries. Observing this global event contributed to the momentum for the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit by elevating environmental issues on a global level.

Earth Day Themes

Last 20 years themes of Earth Day are given below:

  • World Earth Day 2003 Theme: Water for Life Campaign.
  • Earth Day 2004 Theme: Clean Energy for a Healthy Planet. The regional Theme of 2004 was “Be the change you wish to see.”
  • Theme for 2005: Healthy Environment for Children.
  • Earth Day 2006 Theme: Science and Faith.
  • 2007 Earth Day Theme: Be Kind to the Earth – starting from saving resources.
  • Theme for 2008: Trees Please.
  • 2009 Earth Day Theme: How Do You Get Around.
  • Theme for Earth Day 2010: A Billion Acts of Green.
  • Theme for 2011: Clear the Air.
  • 2012’s Earth Day theme: Mobilize the Earth.
  • Earth Day 2013 theme: The Face of Climate Change.
  • Theme for Earth Day 2014: Green Cities
  • Earth’s Theme for 2015: It’s Our Turn to Lead.
  • 2016 Earth Day theme: “Trees for the Earth”.
  • 2017 Earth Day theme: Environmental & Climate Literacy.
  • 2018 Earth Day theme: End Plastic Pollution.
  • Theme for 2019: Protect Our Species.
  • Theme for Earth Day 2020: Climate Action.
  • 2021 Theme: Restore Our Earth.
  • Earth Day 2022 Theme: Invest in Our Planet.
  • 2023 Theme: Invest in Our Planet.

The Earth Day theme of 2024 is given below.

Earth Day 2024 Theme

The theme of Earth Day 2024 is “Planet vs. Plastics”. This is about fighting the big problem of plastic all over the world. Earth Day organization wants to bring people from different places together. The goal is to make much less plastic, 60% less by 2040. We want a future without so much plastic. This is not just about having less trash, but it is also about keeping us and the environment healthy.

Earth Day theme 2024

Kathleen Rogers, who represents, tells us that plastic is everywhere, even inside us. This is bad for our health. Small pieces of plastic, called microplastics, are getting into our food, water, and air. They can be harmful. In the last 10 years, we have made more and more plastic and this is dangerous for both the environment and our health.

Denis Hayes, another activist, says the petrochemical industry is a big part of the problem. This industry makes a lot of plastic. Often, they put their factories in poor areas. This hurts the people and the environment there. Surprisingly, most items, like plastic bags and drinking bottles, are not recycled. Also, making plastic bottles uses a lot of water.

The fast fashion industry is another problem. They make a lot of clothes but don’t recycle much. They use materials from crude oil. This makes the plastic problem worse. This industry is also unfair to workers and is not well controlled.

This is why the Earth Day organization wants countries to work together. They say we should stop making single-use plastics by 2030. They also want a Global Plastics Treaty (GPT). This is a big step toward making things better.

It’s time for all of us to understand and fight this crisis. There should be strict rules against fast fashion using plastic. We should look for different materials and new technologies. We need to tell more people about this problem. If we stop using single-use plastics and ask for international action, we can create a healthier and better world.

Earth Day 2024 Latest Events and Updates

Update 1: The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has a detailed plan for 2024, featuring many global meetings and events on different environmental topics. These topics include managing nitrogen sustainably, protecting biodiversity, and fighting antimicrobial resistance. They also plan to tackle big issues like climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. Key events are the 5th UNEP Nitrogen Group meeting, the Bern III biodiversity conference, and the 6th UN Environment Assembly. These events show UNEP’s strong focus on working together globally to protect the environment and promote sustainability.

Update 2: The Environment Energy Leader website is preparing for Earth Day 2024 by highlighting environmental achievements. They are organizing the “Environment Energy Leader Awards 2024”, where companies can showcase their sustainability work. The awards recognize innovative and impactful projects in areas like energy and the environment. This allows companies to show their commitment to sustainability and gain international recognition for their efforts​.

Update 3: National Park Week is also being celebrated April 20-28, 2024, in honor of Earth Day. It is National Volunteer Week this week, which encourages people to get involved in community service and enjoy the national parks. There’s a free entrance day for all National Park Service sites on April 20, 2024.

Update 4: On Saturday, April 20, 2024, the City of La Mesa is hosting a family-friendly Earth Day Fair at MacArthur Park, 4900 Memorial Drive, La Mesa CA 91942. This festival celebrates the city’s commitment to the environment and showcases Eco-friendly businesses. Festival hours are 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and there’s something for everyone. Sponsors and vendors who support the city’s vision of a clean, sustainable future are welcome to apply.

Update 5: The University of Scranton Earth Day Essay Contest 2024 is a free opportunity for area students in grades five to 12. “Sustainable Living, Caring for Creation” is this year’s essay topic, which explores topics related to caring for our shared environment and changing our lifestyles to make them more sustainable.

Update 6: Children from Kindergarten through Class 12 can now enter the City of Hayward’s Earth Day Poster & Writing Contest. For a chance to win $200 in gift cards, participants are invited to submit original posters, poems, or essays about Earth Day. The contest gives students the opportunity to express their views on sustainable food, composting, active transportation, water and energy conservation, litter prevention, renewable energy, environmental justice, recycling, and similar topics. There are two ways to submit: in person at Hayward City Hall or electronically. Submissions are accepted until March 15.

Update 7: Earth Day Youth Art Competition announced by MTA. Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA) is inviting young artists to showcase a bright future. Limited edition MTA Earth Day bus illustrations will be created by Maryland kids ages 5-17. The deadline for submissions is March 8. Public transportation must be emphasized as a climate solution in the artwork, which must not exceed 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall. It must be an original design. The competition does not accept photos or computer-generated images. There are rules and instructions for entering the competition at

Update 8: For the third year in a row, the “Abilene South Branch Library” is collaborating with Neighborhood Forest to give away trees to children on Earth Day. Last year, the number of trees given away exceeded 42,000. The South Branch Library located at 4310 Buffalo Gap Road is offering free tree saplings during Earth Week in April. To get a free tree for your kid, register them online or at the library by March 15.

Update 9: Audubon is organizing Earth Day 2024 events in different parts of the U.S. to celebrate wildlife and birds. Activities include habitat restoration, learning about climate change, birdwatching, and conservation puzzles. Highlights include climate education in Greenwich, planting in Los Angeles, a puzzle trail in Maitland, outdoor activities in New York and Oyster Bay, Earth Day celebrations in Naples and Florissant, a native plant sale in Audubon, PA, and free entry in San Antonio. These events support bird and habitat conservation.

Update 10: On Earth Day, LCGC International is set to host an online event focused on the latest in environmental study and sustainability. Chromatography, vital for analyzing environmental samples, plays a key role in tackling environmental issues and ensuring the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants. This April 22, expect to see a range of interviews and articles highlighting the significance of chromatography in environmental efforts.

Update 11: You can always help the environment, but Earth Day 2024 in Cleveland, which is on Monday, April 22, is a great chance to plant a tree, clean up a river, or do whatever else you can to make a difference. You can take part in: Community Tree Planting hosted by Ohio City Incorporated, Invasive plant removal at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Earth Day Hike with the Cleveland Metroparks, “The Big Clean” trash collection contest – Euclid vs. Collinwood, Tree Planting at East 63rd in St Clair Superior, and many more.

How to celebrate Earth Day 2024?

Since the theme of 2024 is “Planet vs Plastics”, there are also activities based on it that everyone can follow:

  1. Opt-Out of Printed Plant Catalogs: Reduce paper waste by stopping mail-order plant catalogs.
  2. Plant Native Species: Enhance your garden with local wildflowers and native plants.
  3. Garden Recycling: Use bulk buying and biodegradable pots in your gardening.
  4. Essay Competitions: Students can participate in Earth Day essay competitions to raise awareness. Essay topics can be based on earth day 2024 theme.
  5. Organic Gardening: Adopt chemical-free gardening methods.
  6. Water Conservation: Use efficient watering systems and collect rainwater.
  7. Join “Planet vs. Plastics”: Participate in initiatives to reduce plastic usage. You can also organize Earth Day activities in school.
  8. Create a Rain Garden: Build a rain garden to manage water runoff.
  9. Engage Kids in Nature: Get children involved in Eco-friendly activities.
  10. Upcycling Craft Classes: Get creative by upcycling used items into new products through craft classes. Recycling activities help kids learn about our planet.
  11. Sustainable Home Practices: Implement energy-saving habits at home.
  12. Read Environmental Books: Educate yourself with books on environmental topics.
  13. Earth Day Poems: Kids can learn and recite poems about Earth Day, which helps them feel more confident and appreciate the environment.
  14. Clean Up Your Neighborhood: Participate in or organize a local cleanup event.
  15. Earth Day Speeches: You can educate and engage your classmates with Earth Day speeches in school. Speeches can focus on plastic alternatives.
  16. Promote Eco-Friendly Transport: Encourage the use of bicycles, walking, or public transportation to reduce carbon emissions. To show the benefits of reducing vehicle dependency, you could organize a bike or walk ride.

Celebrating Earth Day 2024 is just the beginning. As we work together to protect our planet for future generations, let this day serve as a stepping stone toward greater environmental activism.

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