Earth Day

Best Earth Day 2024 Activities for Schools, Kids, and Adults

Earth Day is one of the biggest global event observed on 22nd April every year. Earth Day activities are important not only on Earth Day but throughout the year. It was started as a protest against the activities that were devastating for the earth.


Now it has public support and billions of people gather every year to celebrate this auspicious day. But it is not just about celebrating for one day.

Earth Day Activities

The teaching lessons and activities for saving the Earth and its resources should not be just for one day. We need to treat every day like Earth Day. This is how we can really make a change and protect the Earth.

Earth Day activities are fun. They help everyone’s future. These activities are good for the Earth and for all of us. It’s not just about doing activities for a special day.

These activities should be meaningful. Everyone should learn from them and use what they learn in their lives. You can help the Earth by teaching students, kids, and people around you. Earth activities make people feel close to the Earth. Here, we have a big list of the best Earth Day activities for schools, students, kids, and adults.

These activities are divided into 3 major categories:

  • Earth Day Activities for Schools.
  • Earth Day Activities For Kids.
  • Earth Day Activities for Adults.

Let’s Look at them in details:

Earth Day Activities for Schools

Our students are our future, so we need to teach them to care for the planet. On Earth Day, spreading awareness among students can make a big difference for the planet. You need to teach them why we should protect this planet and what can be the consequences of exploiting and polluting this beautiful planet.

There are several Eco-friendly activities by which you can teach students about this planet. Engaging your students in the classroom and outdoor Earth Day activities can be a step towards building a sustainable future.

Check out some of the best activities for the school that you can practice with your students on this earth day:

Essay Writing Competition

Organize a writing competition that lets students share their thoughts about this planet. Through this, you can find out how students feel about different aspects of the environment.

There are many different ways to organize an Earth Day essay writing competition. You may ask students simply to explain following topics:

  • Topic: Why they think protecting the environment is relevant?
  • Topic: Future Earth: Students can write essays imagining the Earth in 50 years, focusing on sustainability and the environment.
  • Topic: My Role in Earth’s Health: Let students write about what they can do to help the planet.

In this way, all participants will have the chance to share their thoughts and feelings about environmental protection with others who care about the earth.

Drawing Competition

Art is an excellent platform to execute our thoughts. Schools can organize drawing competitions to encourage the students to understand the importance of environmental protection. You can also do it virtually through video calls. Following theme ideas can be further used in drawing competitions:

  • Theme: Wildlife in Peace: A drawing that shows animals in a balanced ecosystem.
  • Theme: Dream Green City: Using pencil and paper, students draw their visions of sustainable, Eco-friendly cities.

Tree Planting Activity

Tree planting is a very common Earth Day activity but a very meaningful one that has great results. Encourage students to plant a tree in their school garden and also at their homes. Even planting a single tree helps to increase the life of the earth. Schools can also do earth day activities in the following ways:

  • Adopt a Tree Program: Every Student can adopt and care for a tree in his/her school or community.
  • Memory Trees: Remember an environmentalist or dedicate a tree to a future generation.

Visiting a Science Center or Museum

Take students out of the classroom and take them on a tour of a local museum, science centers, botanical gardens, zoo, aquariums, etc. This helps them understand the rich biodiversity and impact of human activities on them. Make sure that there is a proper engagement of every student. Further activities can include:

  • Eco-Innovation Exhibits: Find out about green technologies and environmental innovations at exhibitions.
  • Wildlife Conservation Centers: Find out what endangered species are and visit wildlife conservation centers.

Organize Virtual Tour

If you are not able to take them for science tours take them on a virtual tour to desserts, forests, oceans, mountains, etc. This will help them to understand the biodiversity that exists on this earth. Teach them the importance of every species on this earth. You can also do this by:

  • Virtual Reality Rainforest Exploration: Learn about rainforest ecosystems using VR technology.
  • Online Wildlife Safari: Learn about different species and conservation efforts on a virtual tour of a wildlife reserve.

Form Green Groups and Committee

Form green groups of students and inspire them to organize and participate in activities for protecting the earth like recycling projects in school, plating school gardens, pollution control, water conservation, waste management in school and nearby localities, etc.

These activities are not just meant only for Earth Day. Every school should have a green committee, and faculty and parents should be involved. Some ideas include:

  • Eco-Ambassador Program: Throughout the school year, students can become Eco-ambassadors, organizing green initiatives.
  • Sustainability Workshop Leaders: Workshops on sustainability topics are led by students for their peers and younger students.

Science Experiments

Science experiments are the best way to give real-world experience to your students at the school. Pick different classroom topics related to the environment and encourage students to learn and find a relation between the experiment and the earth. The experiment makes learning fun and easy. Following ideas can further help:

  • Renewable Energy Projects: Solar and wind power experiments focused on the creation and use of renewable energy sources.
  • Recycling Science: The benefits of recycling on the environment is demonstrated through experiments.

Bottle Planting

Plastic bottles are the basic or default items found in the trash or landfills. Instead of throwing the waste plastic bottles, we can use them for planting. It helps to reduce waste as well as to decorate your garden. It will be a great add-on for school activities.


Some activities can include:

  • Vertical Garden Using Bottles: Use hanging plastic bottles to make a vertical garden.
  • Bottle ecosystems: Make mini-ecosystems inside cut plastic bottles to learn about plant growth.

Inspire your students to take the initiative to help our earth. A school is a place where you can make thousands of environmentalists with proper teaching tools and encouragement. These Earth Day activities will generate a sense of responsibility in them towards Mother Earth.

Earth Day Activities For Kids

Have kids at home and want them to learn the real significance of Earth Day? Then some Earth Day activities will be perfect for you. Inspire kids to take action for protecting Mother Earth with the help of Eco-friendly activities. Take a look at these earth activities for kids. They’re sure to be fun:

Plant a Tree Activity

Trees are a lifesaver and a source of fresh air, food, home to half of the world’s living beings, the source of energy and many more things. Through this activity teach your kids about the vital role that trees play in protecting this earth.

  • Fruit Tree Planting: Educate the kids about the benefits of trees and provide them with fresh fruit.
  • Biodiversity Garden: Plant a variety of native trees to create a small garden that supports local wildlife.

Cleaning Drive

Encourage kids to keep the environment clean so that they can enjoy the fresh and clean surroundings. Organize a cleaning drive to clean nearby localities, beaches, and river shores, and teach them the importance of keeping the surroundings clean. Following earth day activities can be included:

  • Beach Plastic Collection Drive: Visit a local beach to collect and recycle plastic.
  • Community Beautification Project: Utilize artistic activities led by students to beautify local areas, such as parks and public spaces.

Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse Activity

With this activity let your kids understand the need for recycling, reduce and reusing the waste to save this planet from turning into a garbage bin. Teaching kids about recycling is crucial from a young age. They’ll learn responsible habits and help the environment at the same time. You can do following activities:

  • Up-cycling Workshop: Encourage students to create new items from old or used materials.
  • Zero-Waste Challenge: Organize a week-long challenge to motivate students to not generate waste.

Endangered Animal Games

This game is not a regular game but a game to teach kids the importance of preserving the endangered species on this earth. You can do some research and enjoy this learning game with your kids. You can celebrate Earth Day by following activities:

  • Endangered Species Role Play: During the role-playing activity, students take on the role of various endangered animals and learn about the challenges they face.
  • Conservation Board Game: A board game aimed at saving endangered species and habitats should be created.

Paper Plate Earth Day Craft

Crafting with the waste material is another way of celebrating Earth Day and giving honor to Earth. Through this kids can understand the need for reusing and can show support for the protection of this environment. You can do following activities:

  • Paper Plate Animal Masks: Use paper plates and recycled materials to make masks of endangered animals.
  • Paper Plate Ecosystems: Use mixed media to create different ecosystem scenes.

Mosaic Earth Craft

Here is another crafting activity for your kids. Try to use some waste colorful paper for making this craft and save paper. Below are two ideas for the same:

  • Recycled Material World Map: Create a world map mosaic using recycled materials.
  • Nature Mosaics: Make mosaics showing natural scenes or animals using seeds, leaves, and other natural materials.

Watch Movies, Documentaries, and Videos

Watching movies, documentaries, videos, and reading books based on the environment and earth are some of the best activities to teach your kids about the impact that human activities have on the environment. Some ideas include following:

  • Eco-Innovations Documentary Series: Explore documentaries about recent innovations in sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Virtual Reality Environmental Experiences: You can watch interactive VR movies about different ecosystems and their challenges.

Earth Day Recipe Activity

You can surprise your kids by making Earth Day unique recipes like Earth Day Dirt Pudding Cups; Earth shaped Jelly Balls, Green salad, Earth shaped cookies & cupcakes, etc. You can also involve your kids in the making of these recipes to make it more fun. These activities can further include:

  • Sustainable Cooking Class: Using local, sustainable ingredients, teach students how to make dishes.
  • Plant-Based Earth Day Feast: Promote sustainable eating habits by preparing plant-based dishes.

Go for a Sound Hunt

Let’s connect with nature closely. With a random sound hunt in any season, you can observe, listen, and note different natural sounds. This is both funny and creative. Following activities can give you ideas to start from the base:

  • Nature Sounds Recording Project: During a field trip, record and identify the sounds of nature.
  • Eco-Music Creation: Create a musical composition using recorded nature sounds.

This way, your kids will learn to be more aware of nature. Educate and spread awareness among kids with these Earth Day activities. Let their little hands contribute towards shaping a bright future for the earth.

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Earth Day Activities for Adults

Adults are the ones who have a maximum contribution in polluting the earth and exploiting it. Take a moment to appreciate and honor the earth by performing these earth activities for adults:

Plant a Garden

Turn your backyard into an organic garden. Plant some trees and seasonal vegetables and help the environment by using that space. Plant a garden and go green and organic. You can further do:

  • Butterfly Garden: Plant a garden specifically to attract and support butterflies.
  • Medicinal Herb Garden: Establish a medicinal herb garden and teach the benefits and uses of the herbs.

Make Recycled Crafts

It is a beautiful way to recycle household waste and protect our environment. You can save money and be Eco-friendly by recycling crafts. Friends and family will love receiving recycled crafts as gifts. You can also do the following earth day activities:

  • Eco-Fashion Accessories: Create fashion accessories from recycled materials.
  • Recycled Art Installation: Collaborate on a big art project using recycled items.

Pet Snuffle Mat

With the help of waste plastic bags and clothes, you can make these comfortable and cozy snuffle mats for your pets. More ideas include:

  • Recycled Toy Workshop for Shelter Animals: Recycled materials can be used to make toys for shelter animals.
  • Eco-Friendly Pet Care Workshop: Educate pet owners about Eco-friendly pet care practices.

Clean Your Locality

Start a cleaning drive along with your family and clean up all the mess around your neighborhood and locality. Also spread awareness with the Motto of “Clean Earth, Green Earth”. More Ideas for the day include:

  • A Clean-Up Program called ‘Adopt a Spot’: Regularly clean and maintain a specific local area.
  • Recyclable Scavenger Hunt: A fun activity where people look for specific recyclable items in their locality.

Bring Home a Solar Device

The use of renewable energy like solar energy can reduce the usage of a conventional source of energy. This Earth Day, install a solar panel, solar water heater, solar oven, etc, and save your electricity bill and earth energy. You can also do the following activities:

  • DIY Solar Cooker Project: Learn about solar energy by building simple solar cookers.
  • Solar Energy Science Fair: Demonstrate different solar energy projects created by students.

Volunteer for An Earth day Event

Volunteer in an Earth Day event and serve the noble cause. There are lots of NGOs and other organizations that are seriously working on protecting this planet. Take some time and support such organizations by participating in them or by doing some sort of charity. To take things next level, you can do following activities:

  • Organize an Earth Day Festival: Host an Earth Day festival that’s fun and educational.
  • Environmental Art Exhibit: Participate in or create an art exhibit that focuses on environmental issues.

Make a Compost

Organic compost is the best way to keep your biodegradable waste away from going into landfills. Put all the organic waste of the house into a compost. This waste then turns into a natural fertilizer that you can use in your garden. You can also do following activities on Earth Day:

  • Community Compost Initiative: Make a community composting project at school or in the neighborhood.
  • Vermicomposting Workshop: Teach how to compost using worms, especially for small spaces.

Proper Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plant will help in the proper utilization of water by removing impurities and making it safe to drink for anyone. Try to make it in your home and locality. More ideas can include:

  • Rainwater Harvesting Project: Put a rainwater harvesting system in your school or community.
  • Water Filtration Model: Understand the workings of water filtration systems by designing models on a personal level.

Organize an Environment-Friendly Dinner at Home

An environment-friendly dinner is a unique idea to celebrate Earth Day. You can plan a candlelit dinner using biodegradable utensils at home. More activities can include:

  • Zero-Waste Dinner Event: Organize a dinner using only compostable or reusable materials.
  • Local Farmer Showcase Dinner: Create a meal using ingredients from local farms and producers.


Carpooling is a brilliant idea to celebrate Earth Day. It can be an excellent Earth Day activity this year to minimize vehicle emissions. Carpooling will also help to reduce fuel consumption to benefit the environment. The following initiatives can also be taken:

  • Carpooling Incentive Program: Encourage students and staff to carpool by developing a rewards program.
  • School Carpool Week Challenge: Organize a week-long carpool challenge for students and families. Track the reduction in emissions during that time period.

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Adults can easily create beautiful containers with Popsicle sticks left after eating ice cream. You need to stick the Popsicles with glue by stacking them in a fashion to create a vase-shaped structure. Make some holes in the treads for tying them together. Fill it with bird food and hang it up to attract different birds. You can also do following activities:

  • Upcycled Birdhouses: Create birdhouses from recycled materials.
  • Wildlife Feeding Point: Utilize sustainable materials to build a feeding station for birds and other wildlife.

Go On a Trek and Learn

On this Earth Day, you can arrange a nature camp with your friends or family. Plan a trek and walk.

Along the way, you will see a lot of new creatures, plants, and other creative things. It’s really refreshing to do this every now and then. Plus, such rides make us feel more compassionate towards Mother Earth. Also, they can:

  • Eco-Photography Hike: During a nature hike, learn about photography and capture the beauty of nature.
  • Plant Search Adventure: Organize a trek where everyone can identify and learn about different plants and trees.

Earth Day reminds us of our responsibilities towards the environment. However, it is not mandatory to go out to participate in Earth Day activities rather you can be a part of this event by staying at home.

Here are some more ideas for Earth Day Activities at Home for Kids and Parents:

  • Turn off the electronic equipment like lights, TVs, etc. when you are not using it.
  • If possible avoid using lights during day time instead try to use natural energy resources.
  • Use energy-efficient products to save energy.
  • Make a habit of turning off the water taps while brushing your teeth and also after washing your hands.
  • Reuse the items to minimize waste disposal.
  • Recycle items such as paper, plastic, cardboard, etc.
  • Prefer to use fans instead of using AC to reduce carbon emission.
  • Sharing is caring! You can share those items that you are not going to use further. It will help to reduce unwanted waste accumulation.
  • Try to minimize the use of cell phones to reduce radiation effects.
  • You can watch short films inspiring environment conservation with your family or friends.
  • You can spend your valuable time staying at home to raise awareness about environmental protection. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to interact with people by sharing knowledge about Earth Day.
  • Fix leaky faucets and choose a shower over a bath.
  • Buy local (local products consumption will reduce carbon footprint by minimal transport requirements)
  • Minimize plastic carry bags by keeping a cloth bag handy.

Make a note as a reminder: Make notes or reminders at home to change your habits. For example– “Don’t forget to switch off the light”; you can make this note and stick it near the switchboard to encourage your family members to change their habits.

Act, encourage, inspire, engage, and take a step ahead to save the earth. Any activity that leads to the betterment of the environment never goes to waste. It will help nature in one way or another. If you like these Earth Day activities 2024, share them with your kids, and friends, and on social media.

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