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Uses of Solar Energy in Day to Day Life – Earth saving Tips

Here, we will learn about meaning and uses of solar energy along side with common technologies used in it

Presently, Uses of solar energy are on the rise but as of now fossil fuels are used as the major resource for producing energy. The advanced and modern society is highly dependent on energy that is generated by burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum.

From cooking food to driving a vehicle human need an immense amount of energy. We are living in a world where all the devices and appliances we use, needs a constant amount of charge to keep functioning. This demand cannot be fulfilled only through the fossil fuels which are limited. The burning of coal and petroleum products for generating energy is harmful to the earth as it leads to the emission of carbon.


Fossil fuels are the natural resources of the earth and available in a limited amount. The day by day increasing demand for these non-renewable resources is causing harm to the earth and its environment. Global warming, greenhouse effect, and pollution are the adverse effects of burning fossil fuels. This can be reduced by using a clean source of energy.

We are fortunate that we have Sun is the only and the biggest source of energy on earth. It has an abundant amount of energy that can be used in place of energy produced by limited sources of energy. Sun is the most reliable alternative source of energy. The use of solar energy will help in reducing the need for burning fossil fuel.

The first solar-powered calculator was invented in the year 1978.

Before we go further and discuss the uses and benefits of solar energy, let’s understand what solar energy is first?

What is Solar Energy?

Since the beginning of the earth, the Sun has been the major source of energy on this planet. The energy generated by the Sun is known as solar energy.  Solar energy is the form of renewable energy which means, unlike coal and petroleum we cannot run out of this energy source.

There is a number of technologies by which we can convert the solar radiations into energy and can utilize this renewable energy for various purposes. Through the various technologies, solar energy can be used directly to provide heat, light and indirectly in the form of electricity.


The commonly used technologies for generating solar energy include-

  • Solar power plants

Through this technology, solar energy is directly or indirectly converted into electrical energy (electricity) which can be used for multiple purposes.

Photovoltaics (PV) is used to directly convert the solar radiations into electricity using the photoelectric effect and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) system converts solar energy indirectly into electricity. The largest photovoltaic power plants are mainly situated in the USA.

“The price of solar panels has dropped by 80% since 2008, and it is expected to keep falling – World Wildlife Fund, “Getting Solar is Easy”

  • Solar Heater

Solar energy can be used for various purposes apart from producing electricity. The solar heating system can be of two type i.e. liquid based system and air-based system.


  • Solar cooker

Solar cookers are covered with a glass plate that uses solar energy for cooking. Solar cooker helps to reduce the use of fuels like charcoal, natural gas, wood etc and ultimately pollution.

  • Solar Cells

The solar cell is another technology which is used to convert solar energy into electricity. The energy is stored in these solar cells which have multiple applications.

Uses of Solar energy

There are various uses of solar energy by which we can also contribute to saving this planet and use resources optimially.

Here are some of the uses of solar energy-

  • Use of Solar Panels

This is an indirect use of solar energy and is a clean way of generating energy. The solar panel installed in the rooftops (or at any place) is beneficial as it has multiple applications. It will reduce the consumption of electricity and cut down your bills.

“As of 2016, more than 260,000 Americans currently working in the solar power industry. These number are predicted to climb to more than 360,000 by the year 2021″ – Source – Solar Energy Industries Association.

The maximum electricity is generated at the Thermal power and hydropower plants across the world. Thermal power plants emit a huge amount of carbon which is the biggest reason behind the degradation of the earth’s environment. On the other hand, hydropower plant does not pollute air and water but have an adverse impact on land, climate and natural habitat of living organisms due to the construction of dams and other facilities.

solar furnace in france

Battery life of the gadgets and appliances is the biggest nuisance in the current world. But with solar energy, all these issues will no longer bother you. Solar water heater, solar light bulb, solar furnaces, solar water heater etc are some solar energy techniques that you can apply at home and can save your hundreds of dollars. This will also reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Use of solar cooker

The use of solar cooker is very much helpful in saving the earth. A solar cooker helps to reduce the consumption of fuels that emit carbon and thus pollute the environment. The coal, wood and natural gas that is used for cooking are limited and a nonrenewable source of energy that causes various environmental issues. Thus by using the clean solar energy, you can contribute towards the betterment of this planet.

  • Use of solar cars and vehicles

Vehicles run on renewable sources of energy and thus are among the biggest reason for air pollution and earth aging. The use of solar energy in cars and other vehicles can solve this problem. However, it is not that easy as it needs huge expenditure and planning but has great future perspective as petrol and natural gas is limited and will be vanished in future. It is the need of the hour to look for a clean and green fuel for vehicles and no other option is better than solar energy.

  • Use of clothesline in place of dryer

Use a clothesline at your backyard, front yard or any other open space of your house instead of putting your clothes into a dryer.  This saves a lot of energy. By doing this you can significantly cut down your monthly electricity bill along with taking a step toward a safe earth.

Solar energy is being used for over 2700 years. During 700 BC, glass lenses were used to light up the fire by magnifying the sun’s rays. – conserve energy future


Hence, these were some of the uses of solar energy by which we can save the earth.

The government should focus on developing solar power plants as the consumption of energy is increasing day by day. Solar energy is something that can save this planet and fulfill the energy demand without damaging the natural environment. To maintain the health of the earth, for energy security and environmental sustainability it is necessary for all countries to concentrate on the maximum utilization of Sun’s energy.

Go Solar, Save Energy, Save Earth.

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