Noise Pollution

Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution Effects on Humans Health and Animals.

What are the effects of Noise Pollution?

The high pitched sounds caused by human beings that not only threatens the environment but also causes various health issues to animals, birds and human too. Development, urbanization, industrialization are no doubt brings comfort in our daily life in many ways but it also inflates the level of noise pollution in the environment. The most common source of noise pollution is the sound generated through vehicles. Apart from vehicular sound, there are many other sources of noise pollution such as aircraft, industrial machines, traffics, large events, construction sites, etc. The noise pollution has many adverse effects on human and animals. You can go through this page to know much more about the effects of noise pollution.


  • Heart Problem

From the past few decades, cardiovascular diseases have become quite common health issues in people across the world. There are many reasons for cardiovascular health issues and noise pollution is one of the major reason among those. According to the studies, highly intensify noise can cause various problems related to heart such as an increase in the heartbeat, high blood pressure, etc. In some cases, the heart problem can also increase the stress level in an individual, whereas in some severe cases it may cause death also.

  • Hearing Issues

Our ear has a specific range of hearing that protects our ear from damages. When the sounds become too loud and cross this specified range, it can cause damage to our eardrums and as a result, we can loss hearing power. Noise pollution caused by various modes such as horns, vehicles, airplanes, machinery, etc. minimizes the sensitivity to sounds. When our ear takes these high intensity sounds unconsciously it cause instant damages within the ear and our body too.

Effects of Noise Pollution on Humans Health
  • Other Health Problems

Noise pollution not only damages our ear & loses the hearing power but it causes many other health issues. Noise pollution at the workplace, discos, construction site, etc. can influence our psychological health. For examples- aggressiveness, sleeping problems, increase in stress level, sudden unconsciousness, hypertension, etc. are directly linked to psychological health issues caused due to noise pollution. These psychological health issues can also be transformed into chronic diseases if become more severe.

  • Sleeping Disturbances

Most of the people are facing the problem of sleeping disorder these days. Noise pollution is one of the reasons for a sleeping disorder which may lead to irritation in behavior & uncomfortable feeling in the future. We all know that proper sleep at night is very important for good health and wealth as well. Unfortunately, sleeping disorder reduces the level of consciousness, enthusiasm & increase the level of fatigue which in return affects our performance in office work. As a result, we do not concentrate & maintain balance in our professional & personal life.

  • Communication Issues

Excessive noise pollution also increases the communication problem between two people. It does not allow people to communicate properly. Sometimes communication problems due to noise pollution caused misunderstandings between people. Excessive noise pollution from a long time can cause severe headache which can hamper your emotional balance and you do not express your exact feelings while communicating with people.

  • Mental Health Issues

Noise pollution not only affects people physically but mental also. Noise pollution can also cause mental illness to you such as anxiety, lack of concentration, emotional imbalance, loss of efficiency in work, nervousness, neurosis, uncertainty, argumentative behavior, etc.


  • Affects the Reproduction System

Animals use their specific voice to attract and locate their partners. Not only animals but birds also send a signal to their mates through low pitched volumes. Some of these volumes are very low pitched which cannot be heard by human ears. This extremely low-pitched voice can only be audible to birds but due to excessive noise through various sources, these species fail to hear those sounds. This leads to to the extinction of these species of animals & birds due to failure of the breeding process.

  • Affects Production

Noise pollution also affects the productivity of animals. For example- cows produce less milk comparatively if there is excessive noise around while milking process. They feel discomfort and withdraw to produce milk. If we take an example of chickens, they are also affected by noise pollution and the production of eggs has reduced to a drastic level.

  • Causes Behavioral Changes

As behavioral changes have been observed in humans due to noise pollution, similarly behavioral changes have also been observed in animals. The aggression level in animals has been increased due to noise pollution. Noise pollution also causes communication problems in animals so they start behaving differently such as cannibalism. One extreme case of behavioral change in animals has been observed in beetles that they are extremely disturbed with noise pollution that they eventually start killing each other.

  • Affects Hearing Ability

Water animals such as Dolphins, Whales, etc. regularly visit the shallow waters in the ocean but gets affected by the loud noise of mining underwater. The excessive noise of drill machines is causing hearing problems in these animals.

  • Affects Feeding Patterns

Noise pollution is affecting the feeding patterns in animals. The animals such as bats, dolphins, whales, etc. use their hearing power for movements and protection from animals hunting for prey. Noise pollution is affecting the hearing power of animals quite badly. As a result of this, these animals are migrating to another habitat for comfortable feeding. Sometimes these animals migrate to another ecosystem which is completely differing from their natural habitat, as a result, they die due to an unsuitable environment.

  • Causes Adaptation Problems

Adaptation is another effect of noise pollution. The animals are migrating to other habitats to survive peacefully but when they fail to adapt in the new habitats they end up dying. The animals are finding it quite difficult to survive near urban areas whether it’s an animal or bird.

  • Causes Uncertain Deaths

In the case of water animals, the bigger animals can survive in noise pollution as compared to small animals. The small animals get annoyed with the movement of ships and submarines in their habitats which eventually leads to the death of these innocent small animals.

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