Save Environment Essay for Kids and Students

Essay on saving the environment and how to conserve it

Save Environment Essay for Kids and Students

Environmental protection is a global issue that involves everyone’s attention across the globe, including kids, as they are our future. Conservation of the environment is an important topic that has been included in the environmental Science subject of the students these days.

Save environment essay

Best Save The Environment Essay for Kids

This is an essay on environmental protection written in English for students from age 6 to 15 years. Kids can take help from this article to score good marks in the examination or any competition. It will help them to enhance their knowledge about environment conservation along with scoring good marks.

Introduction to Save the Environmental Essay 

In simple terms, the natural surrounding where we live is termed as the environment. The environment constitutes of biotic and abiotic components. Both biotic and abiotic components support each other to maintain proper balance in the environment. 

The environment is a treasure of various natural resources such as air, water, wood, oil, natural gas, minerals, fuel, energy, etc. Unfortunately, the misuse of these resources and hazardous emissions through various sources are polluting the environment. 

The harsh reality is that most human activities are involved in environmental pollution. These activities are damaging nature day by day rapidly, which leads to a problem in the survival of living beings. 

Conservation of Environment

A few decades before, our environment was quite healthy, including lush green landscapes, fresh air to breathe, peaceful and natural places to live. On the other hand, today’s environment is packed with industries, factories, urban areas, huge buildings, multi-storied apartments, etc. 

The entire outlook of the environment has been changed just for the sake of facilitating human needs and comfort. However, despite this drastic change in the environment, the importance of natural resources cannot be denied to humankind. For example-

  • We use air for breathing. It is an essential requirement of all living organisms without which we cannot even survive for a few seconds.
  • Trees play significant roles in the environment, whether it is about maintaining oxygen & carbon balance in the atmosphere or preventing soil erosion
  • Water is one of the crucial resources. It is of utmost essential for the survival of all living organisms, but some places on Earth are facing the problem of scarcity of water.

Apart from this, many more natural resources fulfill our needs. We should take the initiative for the security of these natural resources. Hence, save water, stop polluting the air and water, stop deforestation, etc. to protect the environment from getting positive benefits from it.

What Causes Environmental Degradation?

These environmental degradation essay points will help you to understand why it is important to save the environment.

  • Air pollution is one of the major reasons for environmental degradation. The air is getting polluted through various means such as the burning of fossil fuel, emission from industries, greenhouse gas effects, etc.
  • Water pollution is affecting the environment adversely. A massive amount of chemicals, wastes, pesticides, oil spills, etc. are polluting the water bodies of the Earth.
  • The land is getting polluted majorly through agricultural activities. Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides minimizes the quality of soil, which leads to poor productivity.
  • Sound pollution from various sources (such as vehicles, factories, parties, discos, pubs, etc.) is hurting the health of humans and animals too. 
  • Deforestation is highly affecting the environment. The benefits of trees are countless. Deforestation is hampering the natural balance of the environment.   
  • Urbanization and industrialization are big-time responsible for the exploitation of the environment.

Ways to Help The Environment

How we can save the environment is always the question in our minds. There are many ways in points which are as follows-

  1. Sustainable living is a valuable idea to save the environment. We need to be well aware of what, how, and why we are using the resources, especially non-renewable ones.
  2. It is an art to live sustainable where you understand the way of using resources, keeping in mind the requirement of upcoming generations.
  3. Planting trees is a fruitful idea to protect the environment. Make a group with your friends and plant new trees as much as you can. It also promotes reforestation and afforestation.
  4. Minimize the pollution level in the atmosphere by controlling high-level emissions through various sources.   
  5. Prefer to use public transport or carpool to reduce carbon emission in the air.
  6. Apply the 3 Rs (i.e., Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce) concept to minimize the waste landfills.  
  7. Control the emission of toxic chemicals and hazardous fumes coming out of the factories and industries.
  8. Limit your energy consumption as most of the energy sources are non-renewable resources. 
  9. You can save energy by making some efforts in your daily life. For example- switch off the electronic equipment when not in use, switch to LED bulbs, buy Eco-friendly products, etc.
  10. Save water for our present and future generations as well before it’s too late.
  11. We are losing the green gold of the Earth, i.e., trees for numerous purposes, and paper usage is one among those. The more we use paper, the more trees will be deforested to fulfill the demand. Hence, we should reduce our paper consumption so that it causes lesser tree deaths.  
  12. Plastic pollution has become a big disaster for the environment. Minimize the use of plastic (especially single-use plastic) to protect the environment from danger.
  13. Efforts should be taken on the remarkable reduction of disposal of domestic as well as industrial waste into water bodies. 
  14. Waste management plays an essential role in the conservation of the environment. There should be proper waste disposal to protect the environment from its hazardous effects.  
  15. Minimize the use of pesticides and fertilizers for agricultural purposes to stop polluting the water and land.
  16. Prefer to use jute or cloth bags instead of plastic bags. 
  17. Minimize the use of wood to stop deforestation. 
  18. Switch to renewable energy sources like solar panels. 
  19. Ask for strict Govt. rules, and implement these rules with severe punishments if broken.

Save the Environment Essay Conclusion 

Degradation of the environment starts with the exploitation of natural resources. Hence if we want to save the environment, we need to stop exploiting these resources. Everyone needs to put their best efforts to help the environment to heal again. 

However, this healing process will take time, but our continuous efforts will surely make a difference. If you want to breathe fresh, then come forward and contribute to protecting the environment for ourselves and the upcoming generations also.

Save Environment Save Life!

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