Save Nature Save Future Essay For Kids

This essay is for kids and children of classes 3 to 6, but anyone can read and apply it in their life. Students can write this essay to give a big impact by putting their voice for nature. In exams or any competition, nature is the way to go. Read save nature save future essay, and only then would you know about ways to change your and other’s lives.


Introduction to Save Nature, Save Future Essay

This Save Nature Save Future essay will help kids in understanding the reasons why our environment is at risk due to humans and how we can save it.

We are in this age where we need to understand the importance of nature. We have been focused on short term and selfish goals that are only limited to ourselves and mostly just extended to our relatives or friends.

The emphasis on the American Dream or the definition of the perfect lifestyle is so much that we forget to pay attention to the things we get for free. Just because we get them for free, we tend to take those things for granted.

Some of these things include the components of nature, such as air, water, energy, and trees. Our needs have been insatiable and unlimited to such a great extent that we keep exploiting these components. And we still haven’t stopped doing it. As it is such a subtle and slow change, no one knows where we are heading to.

Do you ever think that am I the only person who is responsible for it? You think that others might be doing something for it; This is called the bystander effect. It is a concept of social psychology where just because the responsibility gets divided amongst many individuals, no one ends up doing it.

There is the need to distribute this responsibility amongst everyone objectively. Let us further try to understand why it is so important and urgent to save nature. Through this essay, our young minds will gain some awareness and motivation to thrive towards saving nature and hence our future.

Why Do We Need to Save Nature?

We need to save nature because future generations are surely counting upon us. We are receiving it right now because our ancestors maintained and saved beautiful natural spots for us to see.

The need to save nature is very urgent because there is continuous degradation every moment. On top of it, there are human activities to a large extent, accelerating this degradation even more. It is important as all living beings are interdependent on nature. The ecosystem will not work without nature. And we, Homo sapiens, as a species will become extinct. 

If you are thinking of nature’s importance to be only limited to our bellies and throats, then you are wrong. Humans need a favorable climate to survive in and also to reproduce.

There are certain temperature, climate and season, air, and natural components that make you comfortable and stress-free right now. The peace of mind that you experience right now is very priceless and precious. Isn’t it the reason enough to save nature? Then you should continue to feed your rational mind by understanding the connection between nature and our future. 

How Does Nature Affect the Future?

nurture nature for our future

Do you want your kids to buy oxygen cylinders just to be able to breathe or simply breathe in the air openly?

Do you want future generations to see tigers, lions, and other pretty species of animals and birds only in photographs or in reality? 

And do you want them to consume as much water as they want or just eat a water pill? 

This very well paints a picture in front of us wherein we only see that the standard of life of future generations might be very excellent. But do we care about the quality of their lifestyle? 

Nature nourishes us physically and mentally. This will have an impact on their health, mortality rate, and fertility rate. 

With the more amounts of greenhouse gases and acid rains in the environment, melting of ice in snowy regions, changes in the seasonal cycles, and no tree shade, their lives are going to be miserable and full of inevitable threats. Will our plastic dump decompose and let them have some space for their own? Will there be any fuel left for their vehicles?

Since we have seen such a serene image of nature as always in places where we go for trekking, mountaineering, or just to take a stroll, we don’t have any idea of how much influence our lives are due to nature. And the lives of our future generations will be equally influenced by nature; This is how nature and our future are so intricately connected that even technology cannot refuse it. Following “Save nature Save future” concept can help you in saving nature. 

Ways to Save Nature

Can you do anything until the government decides to make certain actions mandatory? Surely, you can do various things without having anyone to impose them upon you. You just need to be mature and think ethically and morally of future generations.

  1. You can start by using eco-friendly products and segregate your dry and wet waste. 
  2. If you have a garden or backyard, you can use the wet waste to create a biogas plant. You will save a lot of money on cooking gas and fertilizers. This will make your home a self-sufficient unit. The segregation of dry waste can lead to the habit of recycling.  
  3. In addition to all these, you can replace plastic products with other materials such as jute, paper, and cotton. 
  4. The sanitary napkins and tampons are made of non-biodegradable materials, and it takes years to decompose. Hence, you can replace it with the menstrual cup. Using fans instead of AC will decrease the CFC emission in the environment and therefore will reduce the greenhouse gases emitted in the air. 
  5. You can save fuel and save nature for your vehicles by using CNG or by taking the carpool or traveling through public transport. 
  6. Saving water and energy is equally important. Taking a shower doesn’t make you realize how much water goes down the drain, and hence, it is important that you use buckets and tumblers. 
  7. Cooking with having a lid on and switching the lights and fans on when you are not using them are some of the ways of saving energy
  8. You can also use appliances that work on solar energy, such as solar cookers the solar heater, to save electricity. 

Importance of Nature

Nature is very important as it keeps on giving things to us which are necessary for our survival. Nature is also known as Mother Nature as it keeps on giving without any expectations in return but can also lash back at us when we don’t obey her. Many religious rituals include worshipping nature and natural components such as snakes, trees, and mountains. 

However, orthodox this might seem to the advanced, scientific generation; it was an intelligent way to safeguard the ecosystem and ourselves. Respecting nature also includes securing animals and birds. Instead of buying expensive foreign breeds of pets, you can adopt street cats and dogs. 

Connecting with nature is considered spiritual. Being in nature brings about emotional stability. Thus, nature is very vital as it nurtures us emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The importance of nature is beyond verbal explanations, even in this “save nature save futureconcept. 


Saving nature is saving us from the threat. Hence, you should do anything and everything for your good. It won’t matter how many crores you have or how much developed your country is. Some harm done to nature are irreversible and beyond repair, even by the most advanced technological tools and methods. Hence, we all still have time in our hands before we witness a dystopian world.

We can begin by being the change we want to see globally—even the smallest of the actions, such as walking more instead of taking your car, matters.

You save the future of millions of individuals who will see this beautiful world and bless you for your actions. So, haven’t you yet decided upon the step to be taken towards a better future?

Students can also write this essay on the similar topic – nurture nature for our future essay. If you like it share awareness with other people.

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