How to Write an Essay on Saving Mother Earth?

How to Write an Essay on Saving Mother Earth?


An essay on “Saving Mother Earth” is often assigned to elementary, middle, and high school students. First, it is good exercise. It helps you learn how to formulate sentences and overall demonstrate your writing. And secondly, it is considered one of the easiest topics to write about, but it is still very important with the ever-changing climate and the constant news about environmental pollution. After all, a student is unlikely to have trouble describing how much nature is suffering and how humans can affect this situation.

The Beginning

What should be the introduction to an essay whose topic is “Saving Mother Earth”? There is no exact answer to this question. Defining the subject of the essay accurately is of utmost importance. As a matter of fact, the introduction will introduce the reader to the main point and prepare him or her for the content to come.

You can start like this: “Our nature is unique. It is exceptional. Many places in the world surprise you with their diversity and strangeness. Hot deserts and snowy valleys, humid jungles, and picturesque mountains – all this is a heritage that we must preserve and hand down to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This is why we must take care of the cleanliness and preservation of our planet. Being selfish consumers, human beings mindlessly use the resources of nature, forgetting that they are exhaustible and this attitude toward all living things will sooner or later lead to a great catastrophe.”

The essence of the introduction is to bring the reader smoothly into the problem and convince him or her of the importance of the actions and initiatives you propose. If after rereading this part of the essay you find it intriguing and disturbing, then you can be sure that you have done an excellent job here. If you are not able to cope with this task, then we recommend that you ask the write a essay for me service for help.

Such an introduction would be a good start for an essay on “Saving Mother Earth”. And after it, you can proceed to the main part – the content.

Main and Major Part

It’s a good theme because it doesn’t need any specific context. A direction must be established – it must be the broadness and beauty of nature, and for the rest, there must be complete freedom for creativity. Well, the best and most appropriate option would be a beautiful description of the landscape of those places that have touched the soul of the author. Thus, it will be possible to convey the true mood and to talk about it in such a way that the viewer’s eyes would have a picture of this nature and understanding of the importance of its preservation.

Further on, the student can describe the problem in general terms, focusing on those aspects that he or she sees as the most problematic. It could be the pollution of the oceans, or it could be over-consumption. In addition, it is important to emphasize your vision of combating the problem, this is the point of such essays because speaking of conservation, you need to understand that everything begins with us and even a middle school student can start sorting garbage for example.

Describe your approaches to the problem. Of course, to a large extent, the blame lies with large enterprises and corporations, daily making a huge number of emissions of various chemicals that harm the environment, the animal world, and even each of us. But even the smallest actions by each of us can affect the situation, and everyone must understand that.

The more people understand the importance of the problem, the more likely future generations will be more careful and conscious. This is the idea that you should show in your essay. If you are good at this task, the teacher will surely appreciate your efforts. If you start expressing your thoughts in the essay in this way, you will be able to write a very expressive paper.

Its Stylistics

Speaking about how to write an essay “Saving Mother Earth” it is impossible not to say a couple of words about the observed stylistics. As you can already understand, both the artistic description and the scientific one are important here. The author in this case should operate the words so that artistic description touched the heart of the reader, and the scientific rationale and proposals for improvement explain the logical importance of the problem.

Each sentence should be like a mirror, reflecting the picture you are imagining. But it is important not to overdo either the first or the second style. It’s not a novel, but it’s not a science paper, either. Everything must be in proportion and there must be a balance. Writing an essay that is harmonious from beginning to end can only be accomplished this way.

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“Saving Mother Earth” is an essay that should have a conclusion in addition to an introduction and the main body. What should it be? Many people ask themselves this question. Some have difficulty with the beginning, while others have difficulty with the last paragraph. Well, here it’s simple. The essay should end with a few meaningful phrases that could “put a point” in the text.

By writing it, you should make sure that everyone now understands why this topic is important, what is going on in the world today, and how much of the damage brought on by human beings is global. Then from a more general understanding of the problem, you smoothly bring the person to the specifics and then suggest solutions. Only after ensuring that all of the above is done is it possible for you to end the essay nicely.

It is worth noting that it is better to end it in an artistic style because that way you will leave an aftertaste and a ground for reflection for the reader. Another tip is to take an optimistic view of the problem. After all, we are writing about a real problem that needs to be dealt with, not a hopeless situation where nothing makes sense.

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