Speech on How to Save The Environment

Before you start the speech on “How to Save the Environment”:


Are you looking for a speech on the topic ‘save the environment’? Well, you don’t need to be worried. Here, we will provide you with a persuasive speech for winning any kind of speech competition.

Several programs are in progress for saving our mother nature from all kinds of destruction, and thus it’s common why this topic is given for debate.

Speech on How to Save the Environment

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Introduction to Save Environment Speech:

“Save the environment” is a well-known term to every individual present here. Many of us have also seen many awareness ads and videos about it before. Yet, do you know what this term actually means? Well, it has a direct meaning that “we have to save the environment”.

But why do we need to save the environment? The environment is getting destroyed day by day. Who is responsible for this? Of course, we humans are responsible for this.

(Ask above questions and answer them in a competent manner.)

To spread more awareness, we are celebrating world environment day on 5th June of every year since 1974.

A clean environment leads to a healthy life. We all love a fresh environment filled with greenery, but we have no time to take a step for it.

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What Are the Main Reasons for Environmental Damages?

Several reasons are there for the environmental damages, but some major issues pull it to the extreme stage.

All problems started with the overgrowth of the population. For the comfortable lifestyle of this large mass of the population, we began to damage our environment.

In 2020, the current population of the world is 7.8 billion and is expected to increase to approximately 9.9 billion in 2050.

To feed this large mass, the quantity of food needed to increase. That’s why many modern methods and chemicals are used to increase crop production.

This resulted in damage to the soil. To improve the agricultural lands and to provide a living place to the large population, we cut down the forest – declination in forest results in glacier melting, climate change, global warming, and many more.

Urbanization and industrialization lead to the exploitation of natural resources. Humans have covered all over the earth, and other animals are getting extinct day by day.

This is the main reason for ecological imbalance. Except for these major problems, the most dangerous problem for the environment is pollution.

The introduction of any harmful substances to the environment can be listed under breakdown. Pollution has spread all over the world.

Air, water, and soil have been polluted by toxins released either from industries or from our daily activities. Air pollution leads to several respiratory-related diseases along with ozone depletion, acid rain, and global warming.

The ozone layer protects our earth from the radiation of the sun, and its result will allow that radiation to fall on the earth’s surface, which is harmful to all living organisms.

Ozone layer depletion is the result of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) released into the air from either our refrigerators and AC or from the industrial cooling machines.

Acid rain is caused due to an increase in sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the air, which converts to strong acid in the atmosphere and gets mixed with rainwater. This acidic rainwater pollutes both soil and water on earth.

I don’t need to explain global warming. We all can feel it. But what is the reason behind this? Well, the main reason for this is greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide, etc.

Water and soil are also getting polluted for industrialization. We play a role to pollute these sources by spreading wastes all over the land and water.

(If you forget any point from the above then don’t take time in remembering that. Just skip that point and proceed to the next)


How Can We Save Our Environment?

  • The easiest step which we all can take is a plantation. All of us should plant as many trees as we can. We should encourage afforestation, and the government should take strict actions on it.
  • We all have come here by vehicles. Those who have their own car can share with others, or maximum people can use public transport which will reduce many toxic gases and is helpful to clean air.
  • We all use electricity, but how many of us switch off the power supply after use? Many of us leave that without turning it off. Saving electricity can save coal and water.
  • Lesser use of refrigerators and AC can decline the number of CFCs and will protect the ozone layer. Pretreatment of industrial effluents can prevent maximum amounts of pollution.
  • A little amount of consciousness can prevent our earth from plastic deposition. How? Just keep in mind to take your carry bags while going for marketing.
  • Keep your water bottle. Don’t purchase water bottles every time, which will deposit a huge amount of plastic bottles. Try to give your used plastics for recycling.
  • We should regulate sewage and other waste materials properly instead of dumping them into rivers directly.
  • Also, we can take alternatives for limited resources. We should advance in the usage of solar energy and wind power for reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Furthermore, we should protect rare species as every species plays an important role in ecological balance and the food chain.
  • With the use of technology, we can reduce paper use and ultimately can save plants.
  • Along with the contribution of individual persons, the government should take proper actions and apply strict rules against pollution.
  • We should pretreat industrial waste materials before disposing them directly into the environment. Further, citizens should obey strict guidelines to save their environments.

This is not a one-hand work. We have united for this and have to follow our own responsibilities.

Conclusion of Save Environment Speech:

In the end, I only want to request everyone to take at least one small step every day. We should keep our environment clean for the next generation.

To secure the future of our next generation, all are busy storing money but forgot about the environment.

In an adverse and unfavorable environment, they won’t be happy with your money. We all love to visit clean and peaceful places for a tour or a picnic.

Then why can’t we turn our living area into a beautiful clean place filled with greenery having fresh air?

Take care of the environment as you take care of your family, then everything will be solved.

Thank you.

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(You can also add some images or stats (if allowed) to show the environmental damage by each individual. This will not only help your audience to understand better but also make your words fruitful.)

Students should have special body commands for looking confident and energetic. You can further add something extra on how to save the environment speech according to your preference.

So, this is all about save our environment speech topic today. We hope this will be helpful for your presentation or simply a speech debate competition at school, college or university.

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