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Electricity Conservation – Ways to Conserve Electricity

How to save electricity?

Electricity becomes our most needed thing in this modern era. Every day, we use electrical energy for operating various electricity-based appliances, which makes our life simpler. But have you ever thought, how much electricity should we use and how much we are using uselessly? This makes us think deeply about the ways to conserve electricity.


From the 19th century, electricity is accessible to various regions of the world. The electric power we are generating today is primarily based on Faraday’s principle, and thus he is known as the father of electricity. During the early days, less than 2% of fossil fuels were being utilized for generating electricity, but nowadays, the number reached 65% worldwide to offer us comfort.

We don’t know how much electrical energy we are wasting every day without any reason, which is ultimately dragging us towards the danger of being lost as our society is mostly dependent on it. That is why we should be concerned about various alternatives to generate electricity and different ways to conserve electricity every day. Thus, in this article, we will know multiple steps to save electricity by knowing why saving power is essential. So, let’s begin.

Importance of Conservation of Electricity

Before grasping several measures to save electricity, we must understand the importance of preserving electrical energy. When anyone talks about conserving electrical power, our mind becomes curious, “why should we save electricity?”. Thus, below are some essential reasons behind the idea of saving electricity, that will help us to follow the ways to conserve it efficiently;

Limit usage of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels such as carbon, petroleum, and natural gases are the primary source of producing electricity in power plants. The electrical power we are using in our home is mainly generated by burning oil or coal-like fossil fuels through turbines and have a high chance of exhaustion shortly.

That influence us to adopt numerous ways to save electricity at home as fossil fuels are non-renewable. We must consider the diverse use of other fossil fuels alternatives to generate electrical power.

Reduce environmental pollutants

Environmental pollutants are the cause of various kinds of diseases, and thus multiple projects are going on for eliminating pollution from our surroundings.

Using coal and oil in the electric furnace produces many pollutants and is thus the most significant cause of air pollution. Furthermore, the ash generated after burning coal is disposed into the water, which ultimately contaminates our drinking water.

Thus, taking preventing measures to save electricity will help to reduce pollution and its impact.

To protect the ecosystem.

Oil spillage in oceans creates a hazardous situation for the aquatic ecosystem. This is a primary reason behind the loss of marine creatures and destroys the food chain and food web in the ocean ecosystem.

Reduce the use of fossil fuels can eradicate such problems as oil transport through ships will reduce, and we can save our precious aquatic species. Besides oil spills, most furnace wastes are disposed into oceans and spread toxicity, which leads to water pollution and disbalances our ecosystem.

The smoke released by coal burn polluted our atmosphere, affecting not only humans but also the other living organisms.

To minimize our carbon footprint.

Another importance of electricity conservation is to reduce the extent of our carbon footprint. The carbon footprint calculates the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases released into our environment due to our daily energy use.

The greenhouse gases like CH4, CO2, water vapor, O3, Nitrous oxide, CFC, etc. has various adverse effects, such as global warming, climate change, acid rain, ozone depletion, and much more.

So, it’s evident that the application of various ways to conserve electricity can minimize the carbon footprint at the individual and the organization level.

Ways to Conserve Electricity


The upper fold of this article shows the importance of preserving electrical energy, and now we must be familiar with 20 numerous ways to conserve electricity at home and other places:

20 Ways to Save Electricity at Home

  1. Turn off the lights and fans if you are away from the room or going out. This is the most unnecessary use of our valuable energy.
  2. By cutting shower time by one minute, you can save up to 30$ per year in two people’s homes.
  3. Use sunlight during the daytime. Most people use light during day time also, which increases their power consumption.
  4. Use a Laptop instead of a computer. The computer needs power supply every time you use, but replacing it with an energy-efficient laptop can save that much electrical energy.
  5. Detach the plugs from the circuit if you don’t need, because it consumes unnecessary electricity.
  6. Avoid useless running water during brush, bath, shaving, washing dishes, and vegetables, etc.
  7. By using window coverings, you can take advantage of fresh air and block hurting sunlight during the summer. It can reduce your fan and AC bills as well.
  8. Use the washing machine only when a high load of clothes is there and replace the use of hot water to cold. It can save up to 22$ per year.
  9. Decrease the temperature of your thermostat by 2-5º to cut electricity costs easily.
  10. High-temperature cooking can be a cause of heating effect, and thus reduction of heat not only helps saving your gas bills but also can minimize the AC cost.
  11. Reduce the electricity consumption per dryer usage by putting a dry towel in it. You can also consider sundry to minimize drying costs.
  12. Use energy-efficient kitchen appliances such as microwave, and toaster and you can save your time as well as energy cost.
  13. Remove unwanted electric appliances from your home. They are not only making your place crowded but also a reason for increased electricity bills.
  14. Check of leaks and fix them because this can prevent you from uninvited power fees.
  15. Utilize your freeze and freezer in their ideal temperature, which is 3 to 4º and -18º respectively.
  1. Insulate your home correctly because it has a significant impact on your home’s cooling and heating effect. Thus, it causes high energy expenditure.
  2. Utilize LED bulbs or Compact Fluorescent lights (CFL). They are more functional than the regular incandescent lights and thus last longer and help you lessen light costs.
  3. Switch off your fridge once in a month to avoid the problems that occur due to over frosting. This can save power consumption at the same time.
  4. Avoid the water heating cost by disposing of garbage in cold water rather than hot water.
  5. Use Lids for keeping your food hot for a long duration, so that you can replace the energy cost per heating.

More Steps to Save Electricity

Instead of the primary electricity-saving tips at home, there are various other steps to save electrical energy;

  • Remove plugs if you are ready to go back home from the office.
  • Regularly monitor your appliances if working correctly.
  • To reduce the cooling charges of your home, plant more trees all around. This will not only reduce your air conditioner costs but also supply you with natural fresh air.
  • Use solar chargers to power up your mobile, PC, and other electronics.
  • Teach your kids to play outside rather than playing video games for an extended period.
  • Install low flow showerheads, dual flush toilets, and similar water-efficient fixtures to diminish energy costs through excessive water usage.
  • Clean light bulbs from time to time as dirt and dust reduces their lightening capacity.
  • Fish tanks need electrical energy to operate, and thus you should buy an energy-efficient aquarium to minimize energy cost.
  • Go for a walk regularly with your family if possible. This is efficient for your health as well as for saving the energy of your home.
  • You should also consider regularly cleaning of other electric appliances to increase their efficiency and less electrical consumption.


This is the fact that we are addicted to electrical power since it has been accessible to us. The reason for such addiction is straightforward, and that is the simplicity it offers us to live a productive life. Therefore, we must stay aware of unnecessary use, as excessive utilization can drive us to destroy the sustainability of our mother nature.

This article is a warning sign for us regarding the unmeasurable usage of electricity in our day-to-day life. Here we covered essential measures along with the fact that why we should save electricity for spreading awareness. Comment down below what you are thinking about saving our natural resources and ask your queries if any.


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