Earth Essay for Kids from class 3 to 6

This essay on earth is for kids from class 3 to 6 to understand about our planet.

Earth is the only planet of the solar system that provides all the necessities required to survive. In short, it is the only planet that has life on it. It is the third planet of the solar system and the fifth largest planet among all the planets. This earth essay for kids is quite helpful for classes 3 to 6. Students will get to know more about planet earth. Kids from ages 6 to 15 will easily understand it. This essay will also help them to achieve good marks in exam or essay competition.

Earth Essay For Kids

Earth essay for kids

Introduction to the planet “The Earth”

Earth is an integral part of the solar system. It gets heat and light from the sun. If you look at the globe, most of the surface is covered with water i.e. approximately 71%. The rest 29% is covered by lands. Among this 71% water, only 3% is fresh water and the rest 97% is salted water of oceans and seas.

The Earth is surrounded by 6 layers known as its atmosphere. Earth’s atmospheric layers are- troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere, and ionosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere is composed of various gases like nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon (0.97%) and CO2 (0.04%), water vapor, etc.

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Origin of the Earth

The origin of the Earth is believed to be almost 5000 to 6000 million years ago. The Earth came into existence in the form of condensed cloud and other gases. The Earth was made up of mainly iron and silicate and some other elements in its origin. Some of these elements were radioactive.

After millions of years from its origin, the Earth becomes hotter and hotter due to continuous energy release through radioactive decay. As a result, the iron started melting and eventually, it reaches the center. Finally, the iron accumulated at the core of the Earth.

As far as the Earth’s crust is concerned, it is made up of mainly two types of rocks granite and basalt. The granite rocks are typically found in the continents and basalt rock is found in the sea bed.

earth essay in English for classes 3rd to 6th

Composition of the Earth

The Earth is covered with gaseous material known as the Earth’s atmosphere. We live under this atmosphere on the surface of the Earth. Earth is composed of a number of layers. The kids for class 3 to 6 can get the answer for the composition of the Earth here. They can further add it to the earth essay. The different layers of the Earth are as follows-

  • Crust

The crust is the outer layer or surface of the Earth where we live. The Earth’s crust is a thin layer as compared to other layers. The Earth’s crust is approximately 5 km thick in ocean bed and almost 70 km thick in the continents.  The crust layer of the land or the continents is composed of silica & alumina, hence called “sial”.

  • Mantle

The next layer under Earth’s crust is known as the mantle. This layer is quite thick as compared to Earth’s crust, approximately 3000 km in depth. Mantle layer is composed of different silicate rocks consisting more of magnesium and iron.

  • Tectonic plates

This layer of Earth is quite sensitive. Tectonic plates are actually a kind of combination of both the Earth’s crust and outer mantle layer which is commonly known as the lithosphere. When there is any kind of tension created through the movements of these plates, it leads to natural disaster i.e. earthquake.

  • Outer core

The outer core of the Earth is composed of iron and nickel. This layer is very hot approximately 4400 to 5000+ degrees Celsius. The outer core of the Earth plays an important role in protecting us from the powerful solar wind. The outer core creates a magnetic field that acts as a protective shield around the Earth.

  • Inner core

The composition of the inner core is similar to outer core i.e. nickel and iron. The inner core of the Earth is under too much pressure. This layer is present very deep from the Earth’s surface. The inner core of the Earth is too hot almost 5000+ degrees Celsius quite similar to the surface of the Sun.

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Essay on mother earth for children for classes 3 to 6

Why Earth is called a blue planet?

When you look at Earth from space, it appears like a blue marble. One of the main reasons for our planet to appear blue is that almost 71% of its surface is covered by water. This is the only planet of the solar system that contains a huge amount of water. This is why a huge variety of plant and animal species live together on this planet making a wonderful ecosystem. Students can write it in earth essay to gain extra marks.

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Importance of Earth’s Motion

The motion of the Earth depends on the gravitational forces of the Sun and other heavenly bodies of the space. Basically, the Earth has two motions- Rotation and Revolution. These two motions are very important for different phenomena. Students can write about it in their earth essay –

  • Earth’s Rotation

When the Earth rotates on its axis it is known as the rotational motion of the Earth. The Earth’s axis is an imaginary line. The Earth rotates in an anti-clockwise direction i.e. from West to East. The Earth takes 24 hours to complete one rotation which causes day and night.

  • Earth’s Revolution

When the Earth revolves around the Sun in its fixed orbit it is known as the revolutionary movement of the Earth. The Earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to complete one revolution around the Sun. However, we consider only 365 days as one year and save the leftover 6 hours. These 6 hours become one day i.e. 24 hours over a period of four years. We add this extra day in the month of February after every four years interval. In this year the numbers of days become 366 and it is known as a leap year. Earth’s revolution is also responsible for the change of season.

Why conservation of Earth is important?

Environmental pollution is one of the major problems everyone is facing across the world. From the past few decades, we have achieved a lot in terms of technology advancement, industrialization, urban development, etc. Apart from all these developments, the sad truth is that Mother Earth has to pay for these advancements. Environmental pollution is increasing day by day becoming a big threat to the existence of lives on the planet.

We need a healthy environment to breathe fresh. An unhealthy environment caused due to pollution is affecting the health of humans and animals too. Different pollution like air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, thermal pollution, radioactive pollution, etc. are causing majorly due to various human activities. Ultimately every organism has become the victim of environmental pollution. Hence, it is very important that we save the Earth to save life.

How we can save the Earth?

Points on save earth essay for kids of all classes from 3rd to 6th

Conserve water

  • Water is an important natural resource for us. We need water at every step of our life such as drinking, bathing, washing, dish-washing, cooking, etc. Hence, it is very important that we conserve water for our future generation.
  • We can save water just by doing a few changes in our lifestyle. For example– fix the leakages (if any), turn off the taps while brushing your teeth, wash & dry full loads of dishes and laundry, try to take a shorter bath, etc.
  • Try not to use heavy chemical-based products for washing, bathing, etc. In the end, this chemical gets absorbed by the soil or ends up mixing with the water supply. Eventually, this water supply reaches us causing various health issues.
  • Do not dispose of waste like paints, industrial waste, sewage, motor oil, etc. in an improper way into the water bodies. These chemicals and toxins decrease the quality of water.
  • You can volunteer to clean the river banks and sea beaches to protect the water bodies. You can also join an environmental protection group to save our planet.
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Take care about the quality of air

  • We need pollution-free air to breathe. Unfortunately, air pollution has increased a lot that it is causing various health problems for us. We should implement some necessary steps to preserve the quality of air.
  • The use of a large amount of electricity is one of the major reasons that cause air pollution. We can implement a few changes to minimize the use of electricity. For example- you can use solar energy, power off the equipment when not in use, install energy-efficient electric equipment, etc.
  • You can also plant trees as trees play an important role in controlling air pollution. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen for us to breathe.
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Preserve the land

  • Produce less garbage to avoid landfills. Landfill decreases the quality of soil affecting the fertility of the soil. As a result, it affects the productivity of the soil very badly.
  • Plastic plays a major role in land pollution. Hence, we should minimize the use of plastic or at least stop using single-use plastic products. Try to buy reusable products to avoid unnecessary landfills.
  • Agricultural waste like fertilizers, pesticides, etc. also causes land pollution. You can use organic compost instead of harmful chemicals that decrease the quality of the soil.
Earth essay in English for kids

Conserve energy

Conservation of energy is also important to save the Earth. We all should take some necessary steps to conserve energy. Some useful tips to conserve energy are –

  • Use solar-powered rechargeable batteries.
  • Switch off the lights and other electric equipment when not in use.
  • Use the heat of the sun to dry clothes instead of a machine dryer.
  • Use energy-efficient electric or other home appliances, etc.

Mother Earth has given us many natural resources to use for our benefits. Unfortunately, we are misusing these natural resources and spoiling nature. We are destroying the natural cycles and the Earth’s environment by causing pollution.

It is time to take some necessary steps to protect mother Earth. We all should come together and work together to conserve the Earth’s environment to save the planet. This essay will also be helpful for class 1 kids because everything is explained in simple words. If you like this essay on earth for kids then share it with your friends and family.

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