How To Be More Environmentally Friendly?

How to be More Environmentally Friendly – The environment is the survival place of humans and other living creatures on the planet earth. As it takes care of us by supplying every vital necessity, it is our duty too, to not harm the environment by any of our mischievous activity.


It is found that the quality of nature is degrading day-by-day. The increasing pollution, significant depletion of the ozone layer, and the frequent unpredictable changes in climate are signs of environmental damage. If somewhere we are responsible for it, then we have to make things familiar.

By changing a few of our daily activities, it becomes easy to undertake and resolve the issue. Our investment and gestures in useful things that suit nature and enrich its quality should be increased. We should take care of the environment/nature around us for its and our benefits too.

Here, we will put a sight on the easy changes and habit acceptance to preserve the friendly relationship with the environment. The more we will maintain it, the more it will help us back. The fresh breath, food, and living is the ultimate aim and satisfaction.

Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly

The necessary habits of – how to be more environmentally friendly are as following:

  1. Plant trees and stop deforestation: Plants are the source for food, water, and shelter. Where there are more trees, the rainfall rate at such places is high. When you chop off the tree or a single small plant, you are subjected to significant losses. Plants also help in decreasing the deadly air pollution as it inhales carbon dioxide. Planting a tree is in itself a good deed and a step to nurture the environment.
  2. Stop wasting food and electricity: Food and electricity are vital requirements for humans. Meanwhile, these days it is not possible for a human being to stay without electricity. Many are deprived of food and electricity. Try saving both. Give the extra food to the animals rather than disposing of them in the dustbin—switch-off the lights when not in use.
  3. Try using renewable sources of energy: These sources can be generated again. Examples of renewable sources include bio-fuel (Cow dung and plants remain), solar energy (sun), wind energy (windmills), and many more. Replacing petrol and diesel vehicles that emit highly smoked gages to the CNG vehicle is a good gesture in being eco-friendly.
  4. Prohibit plastic and recycle: Plastic is hazardous for the environment. It is a non-biodegradable material responsible for causing land pollution. Plastics have been tremendously used in the world, from the shopping bags to the articles. Try using already purchased plastic again and again. Try not to throw it out. Furthermore, from today onward stop buying and using plastic items. Reside more on the wood and other degradable material available in the market.
  5. Minimize meat consumption: Meat is the other environmental element. Consumption of the same is not very acceptable. There are many other vegan food items available that could supplement the proteins and vitamins provided by meat. Try relying more on the vegan foodstuffs.
  6. Prefer public transport than your vehicle: Off course, everyone dreams of having their car, but in case you are traveling alone, try using public transportations. This can reduce fuel consumption.

Some of the daily life activities to accept for being eco-friendly with the environment:

  • Switch off the lights during day time. – There is enough sunlight available to make you feel visible. Open the curtains and feel the fresh light and air.
  • Walk a mile else use a bike rather than using your car – A single-vehicle for a single person leads to extreme waste of resources. Using public transport or walking also gives your health benefits.
  • Use paperless bills for shopping. Paper is made of trees. – The higher the requirement of the paper, the more the trees will be cut. Use the paperless billing for every article you purchase. You can also try reading books, newspapers, and magazines online. The daily requirement of the papers should be decreased.
  • Use the metal or any reusable water bottle than using the plastic water bottle. Rely on articles that give multi-purpose outputs and use.
  • Turn off the spilling water tap while brushing your teeth, and as soon as the bucket is full. Using a shower also consumes a large amount of water. Use water sparingly. Take only required water in a glass for drinking purposes and avoid throwing the same in sinks and basins.
  • Minimize the chemical uses in your day to day life. Use chemical-free cleaners, shampoos, and conditioners. Use the products which are free or less equipped with chemicals.
  • Keep the food in a cold place before it gets spoiled. You can share your excess food with needy people and with animals.
  • Don’t throw the garbage or trash at places you visit. Avoid throwing the snacks packets out of the vehicle while traveling in train, car, or public transport. Follow 3 R’s to save resources and to be more environmentally friendly effectively.
  • Use more homemade products. Homemade products are generally eco-friendly.
  • While building houses and buildings, make sure you design keeping nature at a priority level.
  • Implement rainwater harvesting and situate solar cells on your terrace. The energy supply and water supply provided by them are of higher value.


Therefore, using the above changes in behavior and thinking will help us to improve the quality of nature. Environmental accessibility or affability is the need of the hour. If we continue to behave the same way as earlier, there are chances of things going much wrong.

Awareness among the people about the same is expected. If we exhibit some good friendly habits towards our environment tomorrow in the same manner, we can tell others to follow it as well.

Many helping hands could help to bring the purity and beauty of the environment back. Let us make a pledge and start working to preserve the reason for our survival. The atmosphere is and will always be the ultimate power in this universe. And we should understand the same.


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