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Sunday Activities for Kids to Keep Them Fit and Active

Is your child addicted to technology? Are you bothering about the child’s health on Sundays due to inactivity? Is it healthy for your kids to stare at the screens all the time without any physical activities on holidays like Sundays? Well, we have solutions to all of your dilemmas. Yes, It’s Sunday activities for kids.


Children have five full days plus a half-day of school in a week. So, they have free time on Sundays. And nowadays, the workloads on children are increasing, and they can’t take part in any physical activities. Thus, kids must follow other activities, besides studying at school.

In this modern era, smartphones and technologies are grabbing the attention of everyone, including kids. But they should be involved in different screens for a limited period.

That can’t be possible without the guidance of parents. However, a busy modern schedule prevents parents from guiding and taking care of their children properly.

The study is critical, no doubt, but exploring new things and finding inner talents are also essential for kids’ bright future. We all know no one is meant to study all the time. Further, studies show, physical activities help students’ brains to grasp information effectively.

Instead of sports activities, you can create a learning environment for kids with some Sunday fun activities. Their Sunday schedule should be filled with a lot of energetic and intelligent exercises.

And therefore, today, we will discuss both indoor and outdoor Sunday activities for your kids. Let’s dive right in.

Indoor and Outdoor Sunday Activities:

Usually, kids love outdoor activities except for some introverts. But indoor activities are as important as outdoor activities. Especially on rainy days or on excess hot days, indoor games are most favorable.

Outdoor activities are beneficial for the physical growth of the kid. These activities also increase self-awareness in the child.

When the kids play outside, they get more exposure to bright light. A study suggests bright light enhances mental performance and reduces the risk of myopia. They will be more active both physically and socially while playing and spending time with other children.

There are varieties of indoor and outdoor activities available for kids. These include sports and games, fun and entertainment, extracurricular activities, and other physical activities.

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Sports and Games Sunday Activities:

Don’t be confused between these two words. Sports and games are different. Sports are usually having a defined set of rules created for the competition. In contrast, a game can be a physical or mental fun activity to perform alone or with more players.

Indoor Sports and Games:

You can engage your child inside your home with multiple sports and games like carrom, Ludo, chess, table tennis, hula hooping, trampolining, and regular yoga and exercises.

Carrom, Ludo, and chess can be played on their respective boards. The table tennis game is played by bouncing a ball on the table by two or more than two players by a racquet.


In a hula hoop, a circular toy called hula is twirled around the waist, limbs, and neck. It seems challenging at the beginning, but after learning, it gives fun.

Trampolining is an acrobatic skill in which the kids renounce on a trampoline. Children enjoy jumping on a trampoline. Yoga and exercise should be done on a regular basis, which will keep your kid healthy.

Outdoor Sports and Games:

Outdoor sports and games include cricket, baseball, hide and seek, kite flying, tug of war, run status, treasure hunt, kho-kho, etc.

Cricket and baseball are played by two opposing teams having a certain number of players with the help of a ball and bat.

In hiding and seek, a group of kids hides, and one kid search for them. Run and statue include a bunch of kids running and standing like a statue when heard this word.


The treasure hunt is a game that will increase the thinking power of your kid. Just hide something like a treasure and prepare an artificial map with clues and let them find it.

Tug of war will teach them to work cooperatively with a group. In this game, two groups will pull a rope towards them. The team which will get the rope will win. The last one is kite flying. Children can learn to focus on work by flying kites.

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Fun Sunday Activities for Kids:

Sports and games require energy. So fun is also necessary to boost that energy.

Indoor Fun Activities:

Indoor fun activities include playing school at home, building card castles, movie night, making crafts, collage making, video gaming (within limit), etc.

Pretending as they are in school will lead them to behave appropriately in school. While playing the role of a teacher in the drama, they can feel the importance and responsibilities of a teacher. So, they will respect their teachers even more.


Card castle building, crafts making, and collage making prepare their mind to be organized.

Outdoor Fun Activities:

Building a treehouse, cycling with family members, and going out for a picnic with family are outdoor fun activities.

Building a treehouse and playing imaginary drama, there will be a boost in the imagination power of the kids.

Cycling and going to a picnic with the family will provide an opportunity to spend more time with the kids, and they will get close to the family.

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Extracurricular Activities on Sunday:

Every kid is not fair in their studies. Many kids are very bright in particular extracurricular activities. Parents have to figure out the extra talent in their child. To provide every possible chance for your child to figure out their interest.

Indoor Extracurricular Activities:

Music, dancing, gymnastics, drawing, painting, calligraphy, learning new languages, and many other activities come under this category.

Music is not only about singing; it also includes playing various musical instruments. Dancing can be both indoor and outdoor activity. Learning gymnastics from an early age will make your kid more flexible.


If the kid is interested in painting, then let them do that. Calligraphy is an art that becomes perfect by practicing. Learning new languages will make your kid’s mind more active.

Outdoor Extracurricular Activities:

The kid can do dancing, clay modeling, swimming, skating, martial arts, and many more outside the home.

Dancing is dynamic, It can be done outside of the home in the fresh air. Clay modeling will help kids to become creative and solve tasks smartly. Swimming will make children fit physically and they will be much stronger if they swim regularly. Martial arts will teach children patience and discipline. Also, make them stronger physically.

Extracurricular activities will help children to identify their inner talent in school life. If they are exceptionally good, they can pursue a career in their respective fields.

Other Physical Activities on Sunday:

Besides fun, teach your children to do the household work. When they will do these works, they can value their efforts. Ask them to help in cleaning, laundry, organizing houses, etc. In outdoor physical activities, they can do gardening, making groups to do social works, enjoy time with pets, etc.

Conclusion of Sunday Activities:

Education is an integral part of a child’s life. However, providing education in the right way is also crucial. Parents should keep a proportion between study and other activities so that kids will not run away from learning new things along with their academic studies.

Besides Sunday activities, encourage your kids to innovate fun ways of studying. This will keep their mind fresh and active for grasping more knowledge without thinking it a burden.

The physical and mental health of kids is precious and can only be nourished by doing different activities other than studies.

This article is a vast description of the Sunday activities for kids to perform besides school works. We hope you liked it. Let us know if you have anything else to make your kids’ Sundays more fulfilling in the comment section.

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