How To Write an Essay on Air Pollution?

How to write an essay on air pollution?


Environmental issues are often discussed in college, university, or high school. Students should understand what problems there are in our ecosystem and be able to analyze all the difficulties of this situation. Ecology is fascinating, but it seems boring and incomprehensible to many students. To write an essay about such a problem as air pollution, you need to understand why it happens, what leads to it, etc.

Some Easy Ways to Write an Essay on Air Pollution

There is always a way that can help write an essay. Sometimes it depends on the type of written work because each needs an individual approach and a different writing style. For example, in an argumentative essay, fantasy is not included in the same way as a creative essay because its essence is to argue your point of view on the topic.

It is the same with a report on air pollution because there are many ways to spoil it if you write off-topic and do not describe the critical essence. The first thing to do is to understand why it is difficult for you to write this essay because it will be easier to find a way to make it easier to work on it. And when you feel ready to start, here are a few tips to help you write about air pollution and get a decent grade.

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Workflow Tips

  • Start by drawing up a plan in which you will need to think in detail about what you can write and what you will focus on. Thus, a holistic picture of your essay will begin to appear in your head, and you will be able to write without being distracted.
  • Don’t forget about the rest between work and inspiration. To be productive and write on such a complex topic, you must be resourceful and rested. Set yourself a working time after which you will be interrupted for rest. The main thing is not to pick up the phone so that your eyes rest on the screen.
  • Make sure that nothing distracts you. Set your phone to silent mode, so you don’t distract yourself. When writing, you enter into a stream of thought that is very easy to lose if you are constantly distracted by correspondence or news.

Essay Content Advice

  • You can build your essay around air pollution’s fundamental principles and how it happens. Write about the fact that humanity, in its production, during the combustion of fossil fuels, waste processing, etc., produces carbon oxides, which are then released into the atmosphere. It is also worth mentioning that there used to be trees that could filter the air. But then, during the deforestation for production or settlement of territories, the trees lost the required percentage of air filtration for our planet. But automotive output continues to grow, with its emissions into the atmosphere.
  • You can focus on one of the causes of pollution, such as the greenhouse effect, and describe it in more detail. Mention that the greenhouse effect raises the temperature of the earth’s surface so much that the polar caps are melting, and most of the UV rays penetrate the earth’s surface.
  • It will also be thrilling and helpful to talk about the impact of air pollution on health. Air pollution has many adverse effects on human health. It is the cause of many respiratory and skin diseases. In addition, it also causes heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, etc. In addition, air pollution reduces lung function, damages the cells of the respiratory system, and increases the rate of lung aging.
  • Do not ignore the ways to combat air pollution.

Although air pollution has reached a critical level, there are still ways to reduce emissions. You can write about:

  1. Forest restoration: Pollution levels can be reduced by planting trees as they purify and filter the air.
  2. Industry restrictions: All countries, especially the G8, must implement strict policies for industries related to gas filtration. We will be able to minimize the release of toxins from factories if fewer industrial countries stop selling their allowances and increase the risk of air pollution and ozone holes.
  3. Environmentally friendly fuel: To save the planet, we need to switch to sustainable fuels such as biogas, CNG (compressed natural gas), LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), and other sustainable fuels. And only then can we reduce the amount of harmful poisonous gasses.

Tips to Get Attention

  • Leave a hook in the introduction so that the reader, from the very first lines, can understand that during the reading, you will reveal new information to him and give him the answer to the riddle. The professor does not want to read monotonous statements paraphrased from the Internet.
  • Ensure that the text’s main body contains logical and consistent information. If you start describing the fundamental problems that air pollution causes and then abruptly start talking about the need to plant new trees, you will lose the logical chain. All paragraphs that you write should gradually complement each other.
  • Focus on one idea and describe it interestingly. It is much better to express your thoughts in detail and conduct a search for information on one topic, and then your essay will turn out to be informative and logical. This will make it easier for you to search for knowledge, and you can write down your thoughts in detail if you were not aware of air pollution before.

You can always write a great air pollution essay if you know what to focus on, have experienced, and have a lot of time. If you can’t complete your assignment, you need to find a way to delegate it to turn it in on time and get graded. You can get help from professional writers to ensure the quality of your assignment. In any case, the main thing is to take responsibility for your assessments and find a solution on time!

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