How to Save Earth From Global Warming?

Global warming is the process of an increase in the temperature of the earth due to the rise in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Air pollution is the reason behind the initiation of global warming that is considered to be a significant environmental issue. We need to save earth from global warming now.

How to Save Earth From Global Warming?

The rate of individuals using vehicles, primarily cars, is growing day-by-day. The use of fossil fuel for the same does emit carbon dioxide after utilization. It takes many years for fossil fuel formation, and thus it makes it a non-renewable resource.

Why Global Warming Occurs?

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere makes a layer in the sky prohibiting the reflection of sun rays. Sun rays are often expected to return out of the nearest layer of atmosphere to the land. The more the use of fossil fuels, the more the imitation of CO2 and the more the layer gets thicker. That also results in more traps of rays and increases the heat/temperature on the earth.

The other causes of Global Warming are as follows:

  • The greenhouse effects.
  • Radioactive release
  • Human Activities
  • Deforestation
  • Methane Cycle and many more.

The northern and southern pole of the planet comprises of ice (Cold) regions. With an increase in the temperature, the icebergs begin to melt. If the process continues for a longer duration of years, then one day, the planet could experience massive floods. Planet Earth has about 72% of the area covered underwater. If the meltdown of the polar region to water increases, it will cover the entire terrestrial area. The consequences can prove fatal for living organisms.

Also, the increase of temperature and trap of sun rays creates an abnormal climatic condition. The occurrence of respiratory problems and diseases increases. Therefore, it is vital to have control over increasing global warming.

The scope lies in the methods and habits to incorporate to avoid an increase in the rate of global warming.

How We Can Save Earth From Global Warming?

  • Plant more trees:

Trees are always the option for every environmental problem. The friendly plants do provide fresh air (O2) and inhale CO2. The existence of plants also encourages sufficient rainfall. From useful materials, food, and shelter to the atmosphere refreshing feature, plants have always been helping human beings and other living creatures. Planting more trees allows us to tackle many climatic issues: more the greenery, more the happy atmosphere, and less global warming.

  • Use renewable energy:

Energy that can be created again and again and can be used for numerous applications is called renewable energy. The energy acquired from non-renewable resources like fossil fuel does release the harmful residue in the environment. That is not a good indication or a convenient way to accept.

Replacing with Renewable energy resources like solar energy, wind energy, biomass, bio-fuel, CNG, and many others helps us to experience their advantages and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Furthermore, there is no fear of the extinction of renewable energy.

Also, the cost of utilization is less compared to fossil fuels and other non- renewable resources. The economically friendly, desirable, and useful renewable resources adaption is the need of the hour. Reduction in the use of fuels emitting CO2 contributes to level up the increased global warming.

  • Spread Awareness:

Educate the people about the concern related to depletion in the quality of the environment and happy living. Make people and individuals aware of their habits spoiling nature.

Use boards and social media to spread the messages about saving earth from global warming to make the world realize the easy adaptation to save nature and prohibit the harsh consequences.

  • Use Water sparingly:

Generally, there are two areas on planet earth. One with an abundance of water supply while one is having the deficiency of Water supplied to their houses. If considered, the amount of water content on earth is tremendous. However, the content of drinking water is limited.

We, as an individual, should understand the value of each drop of Water and prohibit the extensive use. Adapting simple habits like turning off the tap while brushing the teeth and avoiding shower can help us make a better tomorrow. Water is a basic need to survive. Thus it should be handled, remembering its value to the living world.

  • Reuse and Recycle:

Garbage accumulation is hazardous for the environment and allows the accumulation of gases in non-degradable articles and the result is not optimistic and can create adverse effects.

Using the available material again for different applications helps in the reduction of waste/garbage in the environment. There are many options to be creative and implement useful elements form every waste.

Recycle the items in making something new of out that and making it useful for the beings.

  • Use public transport:

Public transport is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to avoid the excessive use of fuels and pollution in the environment. It is a method of accumulating people traveling to a single destination using a single cycle of fuel requirement.

  • Replace Petrol and Diesel with CNG:

Compressed Natural gas is the renewable and friendly option to replace petrol and gallons of diesel in the vehicle engine. The CNG vehicles create less air pollution making it eco-friendly and useful. CNG vehicles are available in the market that could replace the existing polluting vehicles.

The invention is a new vision to bring nature in concern and work together for the same.


Global warming is a major environmental issue. It is required to be controlled before it exceeds the tolerable limit. Many of the activities initiating global warming are practiced by humans.

Indirectly with an increase in industrialization, we harm nature by releasing harmful waste out without treatment. The vehicle emitting smoke is hazardous to humans and the environment as well. Therefore, being a reliable human being, we must protect and nurture the environment for our own sake and existence.

It is just a matter of habit to learn and implement. Let us take the environment seriously and work towards saving earth from global warming and climate change. Think green grow green.


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